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    Dear players,

    We hope that you registered to the Fast Forward servers and are looking forward to discovering the grid!

    Here it is:


    To participate, you just need to answer below with the tile you picked. But remember: if you submit a screenshot, full screen, of you playing on Fast Forward scenario, you can select 3 extra tiles!

    To show us your picture, you can attach it to your post or host it online:

    Reminder: the rules of this contest can be found right above.

    Good luck!

    Your Rail Nation team

    I've asked before, in one of the threads on the subject, and I just got a reminder it (and not having had a reply):

    Will medals and/or Career-points be updated?

    Today I got medal #193 "Special bonus V" for "watch[ing] 1000 video's in te Tran station".

    That took me 11 days, so I'm 'foul' of the 56 video's a day limit :-)

    I have no information on changes planned for the achievements at the moment, but I will bring it up internally.

    Hello everyone!

    We hope that by now you have already snooped around on our official Discord server. It's a place where you can get to know players all over the world!

    We are very happy with the launch and the progression so far, that we want to celebrate it with you. On Sunday, March 7th 19:00 utc +1 we will host our first Discord quiz!8)

    If you have not yet joined our Discord server you can do so by pressing here

    :!:Important Informations:!:

    The quiz will be held in English

    The quiz will consist 15 multiple choice questions

    For every question you receive 45 sec. to answer please note: answering the questions faster will give you more points

    :!:Prizes: :!:

    1st place: 250 gold

    2nd place: 100 gold

    3rd place: 50 gold

    4th-10: 5 lottery tickets

    Hope to see you all there!:thumbsup:

    Your Rail Nation Team,

    I maintain that this change is motivated by Travian giving up on spending money to fix a broken system that over the five years since its introduction has proven unfixable and unprofitable.

    I don’t believe the limitations of videos is due to Travian looking after the health of their players. If this was the case, why is there no limitation on the time one can be logged into the game? I know many players who stay up during EG. Is that healthy, no, but certainty is allowed.

    If capping the advantages that a bot can secure is the real objective, then why not give support the tools to identify bot users. I don’t mean to be an armchair developer, but I would guess data can be collected on the time intervals between game events. Find they are always x seconds apart, you have found a bot user. Another thought is to randomly shift the center of the building screen when moving to the next player. I can’t think of a non annoying way to do the same on the widget, but certainly there are things that can be done to counter bots that do not make make legit players collateral damage.

    Developers, time is a competitive edge that can be enhanced with the bonuses provided by videos to keep up with those who spend vast amounts of money. If players are willing to sacrifice their time to watch 30 sec timers count down for a larger collection of bonuses, why restrict their access? A couple of things that I think has been failed to anticipate. How much revenue will be lost because there will be less videos to watch and therefore less discounted lotto tickets to be purchased? If you are taking away the competitive edge of players with time, will those with money spend less in the game because there is less competition?

    Thank you for your analyses. We have already made a statement on some of the points you made and they are not correct.
    You can read the statement here: Your Video Limit Concerns: Rail Nation Team Response
    Also, we are looking into options to provide a fun way of catching up to spenders as a free player, as we don´t think looking at videos is fun.
    There have been already some nice concepts from the community, we are still looking for feedback, so feel free to get creative.

    The login issue is now resolved and players can now log in without issue.

    If you continue to have login issues, please raise a support ticket.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    Our technical team is investigating the reported login issues preventing players to log into game worlds.
    We will keep you posted.:engine:

    We apologise for the inconvenience.

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Starting on 01/03/2021 there will be a community event on the Rail Nation Forums and Discord, to celebrate the return of Fast Forward.

    The Fast Forward Festival will feature 6 prize bundles full of in-game goodies, hidden in a 12 x 12 grid.

    From 01/03 till 05/03 you have one chance to pick a tile on the grid to guess where the suitcases are hidden. If you guess the correct tile, you win the prizes. Some bundles can be won multiple times by players. However, the tiles are won on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t miss out!

    You can also select 3 extra tiles by playing in the Fast Forward scenario and submitting a full screen, screenshot, to confirm it. :engine1:

    The prize bundles and how many times they can be won are as follows:

    • 1x Tycoon - 200 gold, 5 lotto tickets, 5 train coupons
    • 2x Fortune - 50 gold, 3 days account plus
    • 3x Train - 5 Rail coupons, 5 train coupons
    • 4x Lotto - 5 lotto tickets
    • 5x Building - 3 reduction prices of buildings
    • 5x Mystery - randomly given item (5 lotto tickets, 3 days account plus, 50 gold.)

    As an extra prize, the player who guesses the most correct prize tiles, will win the March Community Conductor title and have their name engraved on the Community Conductor Trophy. For more details on the Community Conductor Trophy, take a look at the forum post here:

    🏆 Rail Nation Community Conductor Trophy

    If you want to take part in the Fast Forward Festival Community event, you can do so via the upcoming forum posts or Discord on the 01/03/2021.:!:

    More details of how/when you can take part, will be given on the day of the event.

    Dear Players,

    :!:We are rolling out the new updated version in the next few days. :!:

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed a bug that would trigger the "Internet connection lost" error message

    - Fixed an issue that would cause login problems when the character < was used in text fields in the game, like association descriptions Fixed an issue that would display a watchable video that wouldn't give any rewards

    - Fixed an issue that would prevent you from watching the bonus video

    :?:Please note, that the Pollux Video Engine update will be applied only after the gameworld restarts.:?:

    24.02.21 09:45 UTC - 11:15 UTC

    25.02.21 09:45 UTC - 11:15 UTC

    The following servers will be updated at later date

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    We have decided to delay the start of COMM 26 Fast Track server start by 2 hours on 27.2. 2021, to avoid overload of our login servers.

    :!:New start time for COMM 26 is 27.2.2021 16:00 CET. :!:

    You can read more about the newly announced server mode here.

    Your Rail Nation Team.

    :engine1:The long wait is over! :engine:

    After a long and exciting competition with hundreds of participants, we are proudly presenting you our first Monthly Community Conductor of 2021,:!: KTX 2013:!:

    KTX 2013 participated in our OJ Prestige Party Event and was selected at random as one of the players able to earn 3,000 prestige on an Origin Journey server until the end of 1st era. :thumbsup:

    Don´t miss your chance to take part in our upcoming exciting "March Contest" (Keep an eye on

    Events & Contests section), and engrave your name into the 🏆 Rail Nation Community Conductor Trophy

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Thank you for your constructive feedback.
    As you know, I'm new at RN, not only my name is nEwW.

    I checked internally, and there are no plans at the moment to limit other game functions due to health risks.
    Please try to look at the change as a whole, with the additional information provided in our statement included, not only information released in one of the early blogs.

    First update of 2021: A new feature is coming! - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

    Article "Video Watch Limit", first paragraph, let me citate:

    "As we introduce the incredible Pollux, we need to make sure that we keep video watching fair for all, whilst discouraging unhealthy behaviour like watching several hundreds or even more than a thousand videos per day."

    Thanks for the quote.
    The original post talks about the unhealthy part of watching hours and hours of ads, not that anything above 56 is unhealthy.
    As said in the official announcement, we are open to changes, which will be decided via the feedback we receive in March Global Survey.

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to introduce myself shortly, although I have already posted several announcements on the forum and discord.
    My name is Csaba, I'm 27 years old Slovak "hardcore" gamer as many would say. I currently live in Prague, Czech Republic, but I´m originally from southern Slovakia. As many might know, the population there is mixed a lot, therefore I have also ancestors from Hungary.

    I play video games since my early childhood, and I must confess to you, I always loved all Tycoon, building, and strategy games, even though in the last years I have worked and played with the most popular game titles. I found out that Rail Nation brings back a lot of memories of the endless hours I spent in one TTD.

    The selection for the position of Community Manager for the International and Czech servers made me happy, and
    I´m looking forward to our joint journey on this moving train called Rail Nation.