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    Hello dear players! :thumbsup:

    We are happy to announce the restart dates and times for the upcoming weeks

    :engine: Game world restarts 12.8. 2021 12:00 UTC / 14:00 UTC+2 :engine:

    - COM-203 Tower Bridge

    :engine: Game world restarts 13.8. 2021 12:00 UTC / 14:00 UTC+2 :engine:

    - M1.101 Golden Gate

    Best regards,

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    As we mentioned recently, our backend team are looking for alternative solutions to the CDN technical issues. These technical issues are causing players to experience long loading times and graphical issues.

    The backend team are currently implementing a solution on some servers, that appears to resolve most of the CDN issues. Whilst implementing this solution, some players may be asked to re-log into the game.

    Many thanks for your continued patience and do not hesitate to inform us if you are still experiencing the graphical issues and long loading times once the CDN solution has been applied to your game world.

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear Players,

    We are happy to say that you did it! All communities came together and unlocked the 1st week bonus code.

    :!: You can redeem the code: TripWeek1 :!:
    The code can be redeemed on any server for the duration of next 30 days. Excluded are the iOS devices (due to Apple not allowing such a feature in their apps).

    :?: Together with this announcement, I am also thrilled to announce the Week 2 tasks! :?:


    Will the community be able to come together once again and solve all tasks?

    We definitely hope so! :thumbsup:

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Join our Community Communication Manger (Nikki) on the 9th of August 18:00 CEST, for the next exciting live-stream on YouTube!

    She will be running us through the details of the upcoming second round of Platform X Titans Of Economy and be join by a special guest, the Rail Nation Game Designer!

    You'll get the chance to learn more about this key role within the Rail Nation team and also given the opportunity to ask questions directly during the Q&A session!

    So don't miss out, set a date in your calendar and who knows, maybe there will be another special surprise too ;)


    Technical issues with gameworld graphic loading

    Dear players,

    For just over a week now, it has become apparent that the system used to load gameworld graphics (the CDN) has been experiencing technical difficulties. As a result of this, some players are seeing long loading times and graphic delay when loading assets in their gameworlds. Our CDN is provided by a third party supplier, who is currently investigating the cause of the issue and hopefully rectify it soon.

    In the meantime, our backend team are working on alternative options such as switching to a new provider. We apologise for the technical issues currently being felt by players, though rest assured we are working to get this resolved asap and will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Rail Nation Team

    Platform X: Titans Of Economy Round 2

    Dear players,

    First of all, thank you for your patience in waiting for an update around the second round of Platform X Titans Of Economy. We understand your excitement and eagerness to know more, we too cannot wait to start playing again!

    We can now confirm that the second round of Platform X: Titans Of Economy will go ahead, with gameworlds starting again between the 18th – 20th of August.

    However, as many of you have already pointed out, we needed to make a few changes due to an obvious balancing issue which heavily impacted the overall gameplay experience of players.

    After much review, we have reluctantly made the decision to remove the “Gold for the Shopping Mall” feature as it became clear that this feature needs to be rebalanced and was not working in combination with the other features, as planned. This means that in round 2, the shopping mall will be reverted to the standard upgrade for currency mechanic so it can no longer be upgraded for gold and will no longer give bonus gold. The gold earned in round one from the shopping mall, will remain and players are free to transfer it as per the normal gold transfer process (for more details on the gold transfer process, click here)

    Furthermore, with second rounds often hosting less players, players will not experience the fully intended platform X environment. So, to make the game more enjoyable, we will be reducing the number of servers in round 2, from 6 to 3. As a result of this, the server start package and pre-registration will not be available during endgame on any Platform X servers.

    The remaining servers will be as follows:

    18.8 : Comm-401 “Rosen” – International

    19.8 : DE-401 “Schrödinger” – German

    20.8 : RU-401 “Хокинг” – Russian

    If you played round one on a server that will not be restarting in round 2, we recommend that you join “Schrödinger” for DE players or the “Rosen” international server.

    Full information about the features and changes to the second round of Platform X: Titans Of Economy, will be published on the 9th of August and also discussed on the upcoming livestream planned for the 9th at 18:00 CEST. Further details of the livestream will also be announced soon.

    We hope for now that this information is helpful for those of you eager to get started.

    Look forward to seeing you in the next round,

    Rail Nation Team

    Dear Players,

    We will be performing tests on our firewalls tomorrow Wednesday 28.7. from 6:00 UTC / 8:00 UTC+2 till 6:30 UTC / 8:30 UTC + 2.

    These tests can lead to small outage on our website, forum, lobby and some game servers.

    We apologise for the inconveniences caused by the test.

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    the trains are well on track to roll through a sunny journey. You can now purchase our Summer Bundles in the Shop and use them for faster progress in game.

    Choose one of the three packages that include great content and useful resources!


    The Summer Bundles are available between 24 July 2021 at 14:00 and 31 July 2021 at 23:59 CEST, on all game worlds.

    You can purchase one bundle per avatar. The bundles are available only in browser, not in the mobile application.

    Your Rail Nation Team

    🛤️ Summer Event: Trip Across The Nations 🛤️


    Summer is here at last.

    The once dormant greenish trees are now swaying in the distance as a cool breeze passes through your home, refreshing you in the early morning. You peer outside your window, excited. Another beautiful day full of opportunities and choices.

    Whether you took a vacation outside or a staycation inside, it did not matter as long as you followed the usual safety procedures. Then, with a final deep breath of fresh air, you move from the window to your train-themed calendar, circling another date in red pen.

    Your exciting trip was about to begin.

    Dear players,

    We are delighted to announce Rail Nation – Trip Across The Nations; the new exciting event packed full of in-game rewards earned by working together as a community. So, where will you be going?

    :?: How it works :?:

    From July 23rd, 14:00 CEST to August 13th, 14:00 CEST, you will see a milestone map with various iconic tourist destinations. Each landmark represents a community region and will be unlocked once each community has completed the required tasks to unlock it by the deadline provided. This will happen once a week, for 3 weeks. To find your tasks, head to your regional Discord or forum to get started.

    To complete the tasks and get the rewards, you will need to work together with your region to progress and meet the various milestones. Once a region has completed their tasks, the milestone map will be updated. If all regional communities complete their tasks before the deadline, the rewards will be unlocked for everyone! Further details about the timings, deadlines for task completion, and rewards are below.

    During this event, outstanding recognition will be given to one player who has contributed the most and will become the Community Conductor for July. As this is a community event, players can compete and support multiple regions if they want to!

    ✨ Rewards

    Here’s what you’ll be able to earn as a community each week for three weeks should all regional tasks be completed!

    Week 1: Bonus code unlocks - Deadline - July 30th

    • 24 hours Plus Account
    • 3 track vouchers
    • 3 lottery tickets

    Week 2: Bonus code unlocks - Deadline - August 6th

    • 48 hours Plus Account
    • 3 engine vouchers
    • 3 lottery tickets
    • 1 bonus engine upgrade

    Week 3: Bonus code unlocks - Deadline August 13th

    • 72 hours Plus Account
    • 5 lottery tickets
    • 3 engine vouchers
    • 3 wagon vouchers
    • 1 bonus engine upgrade

    ✉️ Send us your postcards! ✉️

    Back in 2017, we asked you to send us your postcards from all over the world, and received an unbelievable amount of them, resulting in one of our favorite videos being created (Rail Nation - Postcards). So, with all the travelling that can happen in certain countries worldwide, we're bringing it back, but with a slight twist. As always, please make sure that if you are travelling during this time, you take care.



    Can’t travel or would simply prefer a staycation? No problem! You can either send us a postcard from where you live or design a digital postcard of your own using the template provided: ➡️ click here ⬅️.

    If you decide to design your own postcard, be sure to email it to ➡️ ⬅️ before the date of the August stream (still to be announced).

    During the upcoming August live stream, Bruno, our Game Designer, will be selecting his top 5 postcards! His number 1 choice will become the Community Conductor for August! Postcards that have not been chosen during the stream will be made into another one of our lovely video showcases. Players wishing to mail their postcards should send them to the below address:

    Bruno - Game Designer

    Bright Future GmbH

    Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 56

    50968 Köln


    We hope you enjoy the event. We look forward to seeing your postcards, and more importantly, seeing where your travels take you during this time.

    Have a safe onward journey!

    Your Rail Nation Team :thumbsup: