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    Where is the answer for me?

    Maybe you don't see what I'm writing?

    How can you treat people like that ?!

    My colleague Flawless is handling your topic.
    He will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
    Our apologies it´s taking so long.

    Have a nice day,

    I have answered your and other questions with 1 reply.

    I´m also here to enforce the forum rules, if you break them, you get punished. It´s not threats, it´s simple rule enforcement.

    I have forwarded all feedback and main questions for the thread to the management in my report and will get back to the thread when I can post more clarifications from the management.

    Wish you a nice day.

    Incredible, yet challenging new features:!:

    Take a look at what features will be available in the next Platform X: Titans of Economy:

    1. Players can now collaborate with each other right from the beginning of a gameworld as

    associations now start with 25 member slots. There is now a new 4th worker slot, and only 4 headquarter levels are needed to unlock this additional worker slot. Plus, the prestige and investment levels have been adjusted to support leveling up

    2. Trains will now be faster as the tile length has been reduced. This means that traveling greater distances to avoid high waiting times closer to home, might now be worth trying. Tractive force has been reduced for all trains, excluding the Pollux and the career engine, to counter the higher speed, which means that both engines are even more useful.

    3. The station shopping mall now costs gold to upgrade but you now earn gold from it

    4. Bonus for some workers will be increased the full list of workers can be found here

    5. Workers Auction will occur more frequently, every 60 mins instead of 120 mins

    6. Home cities now award you 50k PP for winning the end game (it was 10k). (45kpp for winning + 5k for the city being connected)

    7. We have increased both the licence bonus (10->20%) and the max workload for industry (300% -> 500%).This increase makes licenses more helpful, and also means industry’s will have the opportunity to grow a lot faster, additionally it means there can be increased waiting times in situations such as the Endgame.

    8. The number of license available in the auction at the same time has been doubled so that more players can have license and experience the improved bonus

    9. The bank limit in the lower levels has been increased making it easier for new players to do more initially

    10. We've reduced stock limits after a city levels up, from 33% to 0%. This is to earn more money after level-up and makes it more of a challenge to level your city.

    11. The prestige received for competing in competitions has been increased by 50% making competitions significantly more important for your overall ranking

    12. (Additional information) In the Endgame the tonnage calculation for each competing city will be based on the level of the first ranked city instead of the cities own level

    We cannot wait to invite you through the portal and into a world of new and exciting challenges that are waiting to be explored!

    You will be able to access the latest features in Platform X gameworlds, from 16.06.2021 at 14:00 CEST. See below for details on when your regional gameworlds will be starting


    Your Rail Nation Team

    Understood. I asked because in a previous reply (and not necessarily only here in this post) that any accusation in particular towards Travian Games and its staff will not be tolerated but I see now that the rule is more general.

    The rule is there for all accusations. It can be someone claiming the other player is a cheater, multi, or that the person is doing something else which is not true and also for unverifiable accusations such as "support is treating gold payers better", "RN is making rules in favor of a concrete persons gain" etc.

    Have a nice evening.

    "Tell us who is so important playing on a multi-person account that you even introduced point 1.3 for him, despite the completely banned from transferring login data."

    This is clearly an accusation of changing rules because of a player who should be favored by the staff or the game developer itself based on your opinnion.
    That was what I have referred to and I still stand behind it. You might have an opinion, but you are limited on online platforms and elsewhere too, at the end, on what you can and cannot state without facts behind them.

    Having an opinion is fine, stating opinions without attacks and accusations are fine. Making unproven accusations is not fine and there are even laws against this ( not just forum guidelines or T&C).

    My Pollux is stuck and I am unable to get it moving, change it's schedule or anything. It has been making 0 profit for days now. I can't park it, or send to the museum or anything.

    Please open a support ticket and our Customer Service Representatives will check this issue with you.

    What I referred to was again repeated in your post.
    Any accusations towards Travian Games, Rail Nation, Their Staff, and employees of being impartial making favors to someone is against the forum rules and will not be tolerated.

    The opinions you shared and confirmed in the last post shows, that you believe something should be against the rules, but in fact, there is a rule for it already.

    Therefore the user following these rules is not doing anything against the rules for which we should punish them.

    You can make suggestions for changes, but accusations towards Rail Nation, Travian Games, and their staff/employees are not acceptable.


    Hello everyone, once again.

    We value everyone's feedback on the topic and I will forward this thread and the points made in it to HQ in my report.
    I would like to remind everyone, that for suggestions and ideas, we also need constructive arguments in them. Several of you were expressing the same thing (mostly their own opinion on the case ), over and over.

    The statement made by me before about the criteria for allowed account sharing can be found in rule 1.3


    Why are there two sites, on my game in one I am at the beginning at the other I am. In level 7

    and 6 for engines and rail development. The other I am 4 and 3. How I adjust the game so its at the same level on both.

    I am unable to build two structures in both. Just one. I have total number of rails in one the other I am buying new rails develoment?

    I'm not sure I understand your question.
    Each gamewolrd is a "separate game". There are so called rounds ( sever runs for mostly 1-3 months as 1 round, after which everything is reseted. )
    If you play 2 different gameworlds you will have different progress in both games.

    WOW ... well, the question was posted twice ... so some moderator or CM must have chosen to remove the thread with the answer, so my link to it is now invalid.

    neww or flawless ... do you think, that was the perfect move, not to merge the two threads, but to move the one with the answer into the hidden basement of the forum?

    Good that likkaon posted the helping answer a day later too.

    I did not realize your answer there my bod fixed it with edit to your message here.

    And you call these huge prizes?

    Hello Conrad Baker,

    I´m glad for your post and I hope you will also post an answer to the competition.
    We consider the prizes awesome ( as sent in IGM´s to gameworlds ). Based on player feedback the prizes are appreciated by a big part of the community and we have already raised the amounts and number of winners this year in comparison to previous years.
    We also have more contests and events than before, and we will continue to reward activity and participation within Rail Nation community.


    As the Rail Nation Train Month draws to a close, we have one final challenge for you. This won’t be easy, and no doubt will need you to do some thorough investigating.

    :!:The Great Train Hunt:!:

    Following an intense night of negotiating trade routes, Adam’s extensive train collection has been misplaced and he needs help taking stock of what trains he can find.


    :!:Contest details:!:

    The contest takes place on forum in each RN community, and on Discord in English section. You can participate in one community, by posting one single answer.

    Start date: 04 June 2021, 14:00 CEST (12:00 UTC)

    End date: 16 June 2021, 14:00 CEST (12:00 UTC)

    Task: Make a list of all the trains you can see within the image provided (Click here)

    • You do not need to name their location or highlight them on the image
    • Submissions are allowed in English and/or in the regional language where you participate (E.g. If you participate in the Spanish community, you can write the name of the trains in Spanish or English).
    • We will not tell you how many trains are in the image, there are a lot and some of them are hidden in mysterious ways
    • In-game train name or the technical name of the train (as per in-game description) are both acceptable

    You can find all the Engine names in-game so make sure you visit a game world for clues. (click here)

    :!: Prizes::!:

    Available per each community (COM, CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, RU), in 3 categories:

    1st place: 200 gold, 5 lottery tickets, 5 days Plus Account (1 winner per community: the first player who wrote the most correct train names)

    2nd place: 100 gold, 5 lottery tickets, 2 days Plus Account

    3rd place: 5 lottery tickets, 1 day Plus Account

    Note: 2nd and 3rd place winners will be determined based on the total number of participants per each region, and will only be communicated after the contest has ended.

    Your Rail Nation Team :thumbsup:

    Hello everyone,

    By the rulebook at this moment, account sharing is allowed with several criteria though.
    1. The people sharing an account on gameworld 1, cannot have access to any other account on game world 1.
    2. The same account is played by 2 different people in 2 different game worlds.

    If the players keep these criteria they are within the rules.

    I will leave the discussion open, but I ask you to keep it nice to each other. We are constantly monitoring all the discussions and as stated by some of you before, adjusting the rulebook as the game evolves. At this moment we don´t consider this to be a problem, any other player by using gold or lots and lots of time in-game without sleep can make the same effort. ( We are not talking about multi accounts but 1 account being active, let's say 20 hours a day as 2 players play on it)


    That´s a really nice gesture towards your fellow player, and we can only commend this.
    You will be allowed to transfer the prizes to someone else. We will contact you for more details privately.