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    I am very sorry but the decission is already made. We have to do our best to work with discord and see where this leads us.

    ''Made' without even reaching out and researching with your customers (the community) to understand no matter how much lipstick and mascara is put on Discord at the end of the day it is still a Discord .A medium that is viewed as unsafe (phishing schemes/account take-over), unparticle and unusable. A social medium/platform used by hardcore gamers. It is interesting how both Steam and Blizzard continue to have their own community/support forums. Even more so Blizzard does not have any official representation on Discord. We can only hope Travian Games will reconsider after they realize all the recourses spent on Discord are not attracting more players.

    Can you not understand that Discord is infested with problems which many of us are not prepared to put up with.

    Apart from the noise, the disorganisation and the meaningless, pointless chatter which wastes my time, I also have technical problems with the app itself. My firewall goes not like it.

    I know I am not alone. And, what is worse, RN knows and does not care!

    Discord does have a 'web' interface, which is even worse than the App. Sadly it seems it has already been decided by Travian Games that Discord is the best medium/outlet, even though much of their player base likely thinks otherwise.

    Before making any changes to the number of videos, consider going back to only Travian Games GmbH videos. These 3rd party videos introduced over the weekend, 85% of the time refuse to play and have to close and restart the video multiple times to get the video to finally play. The "videos' which are audio only play just fine. Also wonder of the appropriateness of the Hero Wars ads....

    Interestingly, I'm currently in the UK and see many more adverts from other providers, not just Travian. None are longer than 30s and many have a skip button after 5s.

    Seeing those in the US as well. However, many of them that aren't skipable stall out and have to shut down the video and restart the video multiple times. to get one that will actually plays. This started last night and sadly is still an issue this morning. Rather they kept the Travian Games GmbH ads instead of these 3rd party ads.

    What I find ironic is they send out surveys about purposed new game features, yet they didn't (least not that I was sent) do the same about support/community options (Blog, Forum, Facebook, Discord, etc). Plus there was never a thread in this forum asking for our feedback about shifting to exclusively Discord. Instead we are told this is what is going to happen on X date and if you don't like this, 'you're being selfish' (by far the least professional and/or appropriate response made by a company representative).

    We are in Europe, we have to obey the GPDR and this morning I checked the papers, the many questions, that must be answerd to privacy data authorities, if my company would want to use discord officially for the main customer communication. I went through the form, checked all the questions ... and decided: if my company would ask me to fill out that form, to officially use discord .... i would run. And I would be quick and fast.

    Understandable, but Discord is not replacing the support ticket system which is where players would be required to provide sensitive information (Avatar Name, Email, Logs, etc.). However, in part of shifting to Discord they are shielding themselves from liability of GPDR (and CCPA) as when (not if) something goes afoul on Discord it is Discord's issues not RN/Travian Games GmbH/Bright Future since it is not their platform (they too would also be victim of any data/security breach/compromise of Discord's) Nonetheless, Discord and Facebook are no place for support. Social, promotion and advertising yes, support no.

    Agreed. I suppose the move is to shift RN responsibilities. By moving to Discord, RN is no longer responsible for maintaining a standalone discussion forum. By moving to Discord when there is a data breach RN won't be responsible since it was not their platform which was compromised.

    The only time I used Discord was for World of Warcraft with the various guilds I played in and/or communicating with add-on developers. However, I stopped using it because it was so hard to navigate and always seemed to be performance issues. IMO Discord is more of a social site not really user friendly as an informational site. For RN it is great place for contests and social activity, not for technical support/assistance. The only time is used the RN Discord was for quiz contest several months back and even then just trying to figure out how to get to the quiz contest was a pain and took way too much time.

    Have to reload numerous times during a game is SAD. Fast to take the $$ slow to fix the problems of which there are many.

    That is pretty much inherent for any browser based application given the nature of web browsers. Not just games, any web based app. Unless they build their own game client/engine )like Blizzard or Steam) to run on non-mobile platforms. However, I am sure that would require yet another massive re-write of the game and likely wouldn't be free to play anymore either as they would have the overhead of having to maintain and distribute a client. Plus, I think it would turn off a lot of players who don't want to or can't install a client on their machine(s).

    Also ,start EG for all cities at the same time... LA got to start an hour & 1/2 before the rest. NO way to catch up...

    It has always been that way. Couple rounds ago my Megacity Albuquerque had started and we were getting help from our 'sister' corp until a few hours later when Dallas came online and they abandoned us and went on to help out to win with Dallas. That end game lasted two days, the previous rounds since then have only been a single day.

    I did win the "spot the difference"-contest earlier this year (what was it, spring?) and so I did get the request for my name and adress after the fact. (oddly enough a request for my phone-number followed after I had given those, which I refused to give, which led to me being given the message that if I wasn't willing to give my phone-number, I might not receive the prize!)

    At least in the US requesting phone number is not odd as the shippers (UPS/FedEx/DHL) usually require that piece of information. The shippers can send courtesy notifications regarding the delivery (expected date, out for delivery, delivered, etc.) or have a means to contact you in the event of an issue (delayed due to weather, traffic, civil unrest, etc.) or a driver unfamiliar with your area and relying on GPS is hopeless lost and is unable to locate the delivery address (very common in the rapidly growing Phoenix metro area).

    Well physical prices need to be sent somewhere, so yeah in case you win a physical price these infos are required.
    But as far as I know in Germany you can also give the adress of an anomynos postbox or after winning contact the team and talk about other possible ways of distribution.

    That is understandable and is fine if the participant wins a prize. The issue at hand is requiring this information just to participate in the event.

    I do nor believe the poster is talking about a monetary cost(as in needing to purchase gold), rather privacy cost. Based on the Google (un-official) translation of the snippet the poster has quoted earlier, it appears the poster has an issue with the quoted "Terms and Conditions" (T&C) indicating they need to disclose personal information (name, postal address, shirt size) for prizes. Though may be something is lost in translation as the odd wording seems to indicate this information is required to participate regardless if a prize is won or not. My guess is this what the poster takes issue too. However, I do not see such a clause in the English version of the T&C and can't view the actual Dutch version of the T&C.

    Personally, I'd would prefer a virtual prize (plus game time, gold, etc.) over a physical prize.

    Do not forget your (possible) participation comes with a price. Just read the terms and conditions. It's not 100% free.

    Still not even understanding what we would (possibly) participating in even after seeing the announcement the other day. I was under the (incorrect) impression this was another type of event such as the one from this past summer, but based on this post I gather it is not.

    Members in my corp are commenting the videos count did not reset with the nightly sever reset. I've noticed the same thing as the count is the same as it was when I signed off for the night about 10-hours ago. I am currently sitting around 76 left and only watched a handful this morning. The video buttons on the train station screen (and widget) are currently green, instead of Purple for the Pollux upgrade videos.