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    Gico :

    If not for this limitation, you would hit level 8 after 4 days and be stuck for 10 days.

    Advice : try to connect a second city with your association, less populated, so that you can go into that second city when the first becomes too difficult to level up. It will get better in a few days.

    Yeah ok,

    I understand your aproach.

    My angle of view is, that right now there is no reason for these individuals to act differently. Because we, like majority, and i dont think our corporation but whole city, just don't have any tool in our hand to do something with it. He can brake golden hour, he can increase load of the factory before competition of the cities etc. and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

    For Golden Hour : you can time the level up, to be exactly at recalc time, so that you get the golden hour. (it takes much more planning, but it is feasible).

    For factory load : you can increase it to 300% and empty the goods 2hours before the competition, and bring goods back 10min before the competition of cities (or 20). And if your people aren't connected, their "normal" schedules will increase the factory load more than a single player.

    Yes, it is an annoyance, yes you will be slowed down, but no, you have some ways to play your game. And if he sees that he is not a nuisance anymore, he will have to do something else.

    I would say :

    probably too many people right now, we will see in a few days (I would love playing a SoE or USA scenario with that many people, but for a classic I don't think it's really necessary, + we risk seeing 10 cities group into 1 (because people are used to do that in a "regular" scenario with 1000 people, so they will do it here, but we are 3000, so the number of people in some cities will be ridiculous).

    the origin map is quite nice, I don't think the new goods will change a lot the game >>> why not use this map as a "rotation" for the classic map ? It's the same rules, etc. We could have a server with rotating classic maps from game to game for example. Once the normal map, once the origin, etc.

    Apart from that... It's a new classic map. What else is there to say ?^^

    While I love this idea (being a math lover and all), and find this an interesting way of making multi-cultural servers a more attractive thing, I wonder how much success this would have long term.

    I realise day after day that I'm one of the lucky few that can do a conversation in two languages (english + mother tongue), and that this is not the case of most players. I'm not sure an international server would be viable long-term for all those people that are not fully fluent in english.

    And we have seen recently that an international server where everybody can speak his own language somehow loses some of this closeness between people. Because half the town doesn't understand each other.

    all the servers have been dead for close to 1 hour I believe

    (the forum also had issues the first 40min).

    But yeah 1 short message on social media would be great ! ;)

    I'm a level 29 5 star player, so I know what I talk about as well. But my stars don't really mean anything in this discussion, nor does my CV (even though we could talk for a while about who is the best at this or that, with differing numbers, but I don't like politics for that reason).

    You will agree with me, having twice as many points as the second association (meaning an edge of what, 300'000 points?) over the course of 12 weeks, is completely irrelevant in comparison to the 500'000 points or more you will make in 2 days. That's simple maths.

    Everyone connects to most megacities, don't worry. It's also a piece of cake to bet on the winning ones on most servers. Nevertheless, I wouldn't call myself "being part of the winning city" when I haul to 5 of the megacities... Because IMO, being part of a city is more than just having it as a home, there is some feelings associated with that. Hard work, perserverance, etc. That you just don't have when hauling for PP. But that's another subject entirely.

    For the money issue. You can still try to tell me how you make 10M/hour while being offline and still gaining PP. For having done 2 very active games (my 2 top1), it is simply not possible. And that's the beauty of the game, you have to make choices.

    I would even say this bank limit is actually very nice, to force people to diversify to some extent. If the most profitable way to gain PP was to make infinite amounts of money, as you claim you can, and just invest those, then I feel the top1 would become very very very boring. Right now, you have to maximise multiple factors. For example : gain a maximum of PP while earning exactly 59M $ during your offline-time. If you didn't have those upper limits, where is the optimisation ?

    (by the way, I don't talk about the bank limit without + account, that one is just impossible to play competitively with, because of the cost of leveling the bank, but then so is playing without researcher).

    haha.... you do understand that a motivated player who is earning many many prestige points IS working for the team because the all points he earns count also as association points!

    In theory you are correct. In practice, since you can earn 500'000++ association points in EG, you understand that PP are useless for that ranking ;)

    For the money issue, you are correct to a point. Actually, as long as the money stays in the association, it benefits your team. If you deliver to many cities, and want to make as many PP as possible as you claim, I already told you why the night isn't an issue. To make PP, you NEED to deliver low-paying goods, because that's where most PP is possible (nobody wants to carry them, it's golden for PP players). And you do it at night, so that when you wake up, the bank is still quite well furnished ;)

    Required goods to any city won't ever cause issues to your bank (too many people transporting them, etc). And non-required ones (especially to the warehouse, that's how you can go above your bank limit super fast) require you to be online to make most profits anyway. And don't bring PP.

    Can I mention that I miss the days when endgame actually made people want to level their cities? The current algorithm encourages everyone to keep all the cities as small as possible. I am not a city grinder, but I do feel they should have at least a little incentive to keep leveling their city.

    I've never known the "old days".

    But we have strategic opportunities to explore with this ranking as well. (Right now on my server we are pushing one city to 50, to punish the rest of the server and make them all start EG during the night, while our main city will start in the evening).

    Opportunities exist, we simply need imaginative people to think of some new ways to beat the cities that stay purposefully at low levels.

    This is a very good question....and here is the answer:

    Because more vauable goods bring more profit, more profit brings more PP (more/better buildings, invest...etc.)

    Isn't it the goal to get as much PP as possible to win the game ?

    Don't get me wrong, but the winner is not the guy or girl, who is citicens of the highest developed's the guy or girl with the most PP.

    Oh trust me, if you try to run for 1st place, the bank limit is high enough as it is, by far ;)

    you won't ever have any issues with your bank, because you won't ever stay offline for more than 8hours straight, and you will deliver to low-paying deserted cities for PP during the night, so that you can deliver to active cities during the day, while doing competitions, waiting (or not, depending on your own schedule) for golden hour, etc.

    But still, your answer is totally inaccurate, because this game is not only about individuals running for 1st place. It is mostly about corps of friends trying to level up a city. And that means, sharing the best income, as well as the worst ones, so that everybody can keep up pretty well for the late eras / EG, where single players tend to get destroyed by coordinated cities.

    And you can trust me on that one, but a guy running cotton, then wool, then textile, etc (you get my point) because nobody else wanted to, will be completely out of the game by era 6. That's why, you accept to carry one low-paying good some days. So that your corp, as a whole, can do profits. It's a teamgame after all ;)

    IMO : if, after playing the server (or part of it) for your region, you decide to help someone else because you clearly cannot do anything in your own region, then yes the question is worth thinking about.

    I would say there are arguments for both pros and cons.

    But, what I've seen : people that couldn't start in the region they wanted, started in the neighbouring region, and played the whole server as if they were in the region they wanted at the start >> this is unfair, against all common sense, and sabotages the small region (the player takes a slot without helping the region).

    The only difference is the intent at the start. But that's the whole point IMO. If you decide during the game, then that's adapting from what the game gave you. If you decided early on, then it's just cheating to get to a point the game wouldn't let you for balancing issues.

    (I've seen that on USA servers as well...)

    Will it be retroactive ? (like, if I finished a round 2 months ago, will it count)

    I suppose not, because it would be too difficult to implement, but we never know :)

    Of course there will still be weaker regions.

    But having 3 regions that have half the people of the most crowded ones is simply not possible, IMO. Because all the new players will end up there, and then desert when they have nobody to answer their questions.

    It should be pretty simple to add an extra rule to never have a region with more than 20% of the population of the lower populated ones, meaning no region is ever left out. >> no region is a dump for new players.

    And the actual number of people is 668 (lobby is saying 809). Apparently, some people that don't finish the registration (and therefore don't arrive in a region) still count (maybe pre-registered people + the one that sign up but close the tab before choosing a region?)

    Thanks to RN Skadi wie now know the actual numbers for the overcrowding rule (german source). For steam over europe:

    A region is blocked if it has 10 more players than the average AND has 5% more players than the average (Both condidtions need to be true. The latter is alway true until over 2000 players are pre-registrated on a server).

    If that is true, then maybe there is some hope after all. But from what I've seen on FR-202 (restarted yesterday), the changes didn't hit yet. (most crowded regions 85-90 people, less crowded = 45 people).

    I would say the "average" is a biased indicator though. The smallest region should be a limiting factor as well. Otherwise, just remove some regions, they have no chance anyway.

    What is abnormal on the start on the ARC of Triomphe (FR202) is : one region is populated with 4 corps at least 15 members due of pre-registration, an the others region couldn't do it


    And 2 large corps (18 and 21 members) on the same town

    What can RN says with that ? Oups ? It's a bug ??

    This shouldn't, IMO, be possible. I mean, 3 regions are populated by 45 people, 20 of which won't even play after 2 days. How can it be possible to have a system that doesn't block the top regions at 60-65 people (2 25-members corps and one with up to 15 members), until every region gets at least 40 people (2 good-sized corps, and 4 small ones).

    I've said from the start that this pre-registration system DOES NOT WORK for any server, except the .de and .ru ones (where they get 80 "active" people in smaller regions as well). Because the limit is put way too high.

    The only chance people have, is to do the exact same thing. And we end up with 3 mega-regions, that try to have more and more people from server to server, and 7 regions that are useless, get all the new players (because the 3 top regions are full for 5 days at the start), and just don't have a point in playing.


    that's right, you can't keep them playing, because it's just boring for them. Nobody to talk to, nobody to teach them the game, etc. Maybe, one day, you will finally get that, on any SoE servers outside of .de and .ru, the new players don't stick because you haven't changed one thing in 2 years to the broken pre-registration feature.

    I know the subject pretty well. When I decided to run for president, and have a shot at winning, 2 mega-regions were in place (both 4-corps strong). I contacted 2 corps (+ mine), and had the chance to find a 4th in the region at the start. Once we won the server, we received messages from 4-5 corps to join our "mega-region", and even though I insisted on changing partners from game to game, the only "balanced" game we've had, was when we did play by ourselves (we are by far the most experienced corp on the server), against a mega-region 4corps-strong.

    All that to say, because of that system in place, the only chance for the 2nd-5th is to group together to try to become bigger than the 1st. Positive feedback. The problem gets bigger and bigger, because the big regions try to get more and more active people with them, and that leaves the smaller regions totally deserted. Because nothing was done 2 years ago, now you need a dramatic change (cut some regions in half basically) that will make many people complain (look at Toots), but that's the only way for the SoE to keep some interest. Otherwise, in 6months, or 1 year, every competitive player will leave that scenario (it has already happened).

    Hey all,

    I've seen some people having the bonus engine before 1'000 prestige points, which shouldn't be possible right ?

    So my question now, if there is a way to get the bonus engine (I've heard of a website where you could buy it and some + account, kind of another "starter pack"), shouldn't it be implemented into the game ? And this "limit" that apparently isn't one be removed ?

    Because I think it is unfair for some people to start right from the beginning with the bonus engine, while most of us must wait up to 24hours to reach those 1000 prestige points (they get free titles the first and second day basically).


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    Hi :)

    I merged your two comments together since they were the same. Birthday code is the latest one, no new codes after that but let's hope a new one will arrive again soon!

    I'm pretty sure I received an email in February about an upcoming code for the diamonds event thingy in december. Any news on that ?

    Most of us acknowledge that players want to play with their friends, that's where the fun lies in this game, so why has pre-registration been changed so that it's not going to be possible for players to play in the same region as their friends?

    I think some allowance needs to be made for the EU version of the game regarding pre-registration.

    And I hope that devs won't ever think like you.

    There is no fun whatsoever in the mega-regions. It's boring for the megaregion, because they have won day 1, it's boring for the other regions, because they have no way of winning, and at the end everybody leaves after a few games.

    And the sad thing is, the pre-registration feature already allows those megaregions in the lower-populated servers...

    you can play with your friends, you just cannot play with half the server in one region. I personnally don't have 150-300 friends on one server, and I've played for 2 years.

    You can still play with 70-90 other people. Should be enough to accomodate all your friends and most of theirs.