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    For my association (strongest corp on my server for 1 year now) : people send a message to the chairperson if they are interested in joining us. Then, the chair discusses with them, and if they are in agreement over the conditions (common goals, communication and motivation are the 3 key-points for my chair for example), then we might recruit.

    We have founded the association almost 2 years ago, and it took 3 servers for us to get all the key-members, and over the past year, We've recruited 5-7 people that became key-members as well. 3-4 people joined this round, but they probably won't stick around.

    The thing is, my chairperson is doing an amazing (and tiring !) job of "interviewing" candidates. And then, you have to have some luck as well (sometimes the association is full, and even though you could be a great addition, there is just no space anymore).

    IMO, the easiest time to get into a big corp is right before EG (they already know who isn't gonna continue) or just after restart (some people don't show up). And of course, write to the chair and discuss with him/her.

    the income of deliveries are reduced during the time. And is with every round less. Pax is reduced the most. It is hard escpecially with only pax on classic servers to earn enough money to build two very expensive station buildings simultaniously (train station and lab) those costs are really out of proportion compared with income. In later era's it is going a bit easier but in the first 3 era's it becomes harder and harder almost impossible.

    The incomes for passengers are a bit different than normal incomes. It depends on factors such as the number of people that do the same route you do I believe. That might be why you feel the incomes were reduced, even tough they haven't been touched by an update. Just someone else running the same route you do.

    My main idea is to not force the players to accept the update they do not wish.

    For example, I saw one update for iphone iOS from someone I know phone and I did not like. So when the window comes saying that the update is available, I just click on stop.

    When you have an update available, the game staff could present it to the players and those who like it/wish it will make the update and those who do not like it, can continue to play the way they like.

    And after 2-3-6months, if you don't have the update installed, the app just no longer works. Or your entire phone if you don't do the iOS updates.

    Let's all take a few days to start getting used to the new interface, and then we might criticize it, for something else than simply "it's a change to what I'm used to".

    I know it can be difficult to adapt straight away to an interface change (God it took me 2 months to get used to the SoE interface when it got implemented everywhere, now I couldn't do without it).

    And I'm sure some improvements are gonna be made, on critical issues. I haven't had the chance to look at it from somewhere else than my smartphone, and I have to say I love the fact that you now see 3 workers instead of 2, in advance !

    I presume from what you are saying that something is red and/or green. Is it the outer edge of the circle or the number?

    the outer edge of the circle. ;)

    The number is only about your position in deliveries. This outer circle gives info about a finished or unfinished good.

    I believe some colours would be better for color-blindness, wouldn't it be possible (blue and red or smth like that is used in LoL for example, instead of green and red).

    I don't know about your kind of latecomers, but usually the ones that join at the end of era 6 log in just to be sure they get the carrier points, and then never come again. They don't even bother starting to haul with their carrier engine.

    It's not them that spoil WT, or EG in general. The issue about the 100'000 PP bonus that disturb the rankings is another issue, but it's less about those guys that join at the end, and end up with 100'010 prestige, than about the ones that played actively and manage to jump into the top10 at the end. Honestly, who cares about ranking, when finishing with 100'000 PP or something like that ? (rank 300-500 roughly)

    And to reach top 10 - 100, you need to play more than "a few days" anyway. I personnally love that someone playing actively for the region can end up in the top10-100 at the end, because his region finishes first. Even if he started in era 3, and decided to be very active.

    The fact that some people do not want to play the same way you do, has nothing to do with the time they join the game. Thinking you would remove the problem with this suggestion is simply wrong. +, if they want to fuck up your EG as you claim, they would do it regardless of the 100'000 PP bonus.

    My message is exactly on point, your attitude is "someone annoys me, let's punish some people for the hate I have against those idiots that ruin my efforts". But you punish one group of people instead of the guys that annoyed you. You enter a cycle of hatred. Why can't people wish good things to others, instead of this kind of suggestion which brings NOTHING to some, and removes something to others ?

    maybe we can switch focus. Instead of seeing this reward as something very important, and decide to remove some of those rewards to some players for X or Y reason, we could see it as a gift from RN to the best region and all its members, regardless of the time they spent.

    I don't really understand why you would be happier to win, if the guys that didn't fully collaborate in your opinion earned less prestige. I mean, you got your prize, congratulations to you, why would you want some people not benefit from it ?

    + the fact that the carrier points is the thing most people that start later are after anyway.

    I believe it was mentioned somewhere, and Samisu raised the issue that any translation provided by RN would be supposed "true" by users.

    While we all know that any translation is subject to interpretation >> legal issues mean that will never happen. But aside from those legal issues, I believe it would cause more harm than good.

    (I've got the issue on the festival server. Someone believed I was being rude to them, because they used a translator to understand what I just said. And when typing in french (from google translate), their messages were also rude. Even though neither of us intended it to be).

    maybe make it easier to lvl the LM. they need way to much money to invest in them. So players tend to haul to the city to make money after all the RG r in the LM.

    Maybe go back to the old system where the LM could be lvled up without having to lvl the city 1st. It used to be u could get the LM to lvl 15 without leveling the city so no passengers were needed at the LM till the city hit lvl 5. that made it easier to lvl the LM and less players hauled to the city.

    The landmark levelling was fine already before they divided the required amount of money by half. And after that, they removed 1/4 of the wagons necessary for EG.

    At some point, you gotta stop making it easier and easier to play this game. The landmark is not supposed to get to level 15, it's not something easy to achieve. You gotta earn it. Otherwise, what's the point of this server ? Soon, I'll be able to fully finish my train station by era 2 at this rate, because the money is easier and easier to make, and you have less and less ways to spend it.

    I don't want a classic server where you spend 2 eras leveling a landmark to level 15, I want a challenge on SoE. A server where you can think. Apply strategies.

    IMO, reversing to the old investment system (basically 1.5x more money needed) would also be fine, and I'd love it.

    Maybe, instead of taking as a given this strategy of 1-1 until the end of the server, people could start applying a strategy that would work better with what brute-force they have in the city. It's normal for a city of 25 active people to reach landmark level 15, it's not supposed to happen for this dead city that has 1 active player and 3 free-haulers. Stop expecting it to be possible for that case too, if you don't take specific actions.

    Something you are looking for, could be :

    go to the regions overview >> click on a region >> click on the points total they have >> you have a "help" link at the bottom. There, the ranking system for the regions is explained. (and therefore, why you need to level the landmarks up).


    I don't like the rivality option in the final either personnally.

    If you rival someone, even with 5 min WT, he will be able to do a lot of damage on specific goods (the hardest ones). And you gain nothing, except pissing him off.

    It never works, rivality is truly a lose-lose option in the EG.

    And again, you don't think that an association of rich people that were harassed the whole game might take hold of that single chips industry in a 20-tracks radius, and tell you "good luck with those 5min WT friends".

    As always, the problem :

    - you give tools to combat destructive players (troll) that can be used against anybody. 5min WT is just enormous. What if people start using it against non-trolls ?

    What if I decide with my team of active players to rival another team, and steal their majorities on their city ? They are dead, that's right.

    Before suggesting those punishing tools, you should all start thinking that people with bad intentions might use those as well.

    I know its dynamic, but estimated for a given moment would be much of help.

    Experience does not help at all Sniffa. We are during End Game and You never know what the waiting time will be for next hour, so You can Call and be surprised or need to wait for recalculation and then Call, what we haul, but then You lose some time of hauling.

    Actually, you can know with 100% accuracy, just by looking at the tons hauled before the hour and at the end of the hour.

    I've often called goods in the EG 10-30sec before recalc, when calling far-away goods, using this method. Gaining those 2min of reactivity compared to other cities gave the edge to mine.

    If they find a way to implement it without making the game even more unstable, why not. Otherwise, you already have ways to know the WT in advance, as long as you hav the time to keep track of all industries (and that's why you have helpers during EG).

    You will have to collect 2 other coins.

    Once you have those 3, you will receive a choice between 3 "big prizes" :

    - 50% of the maximum RP your laboratory can store

    - some money

    - some prestige

    Once you have the 3 coins, you can redeem them straight away, or wait for another time. If you decide to wait (what most people do, because the RP are awesome at the beginning of a new era), you can click on the lottery building, and then "show prizes".

    A mayor block ("increasing the consumption by 20-30%) could be interesting.

    Probably wouldn't change much in your case (the consumption of a level 10 city in era 4 is negligible, even if increased by 100%). But it might give some more choices to a mayor, and therefore more strategic options (more consumptions means more $$ possible on the city, because lower goods overall).

    Something that is actually done a lot of times when there are many different groups that have to choose 1 project out of 30 :

    - step 1 : choose X cities (maybe 4?) you would want your association to go into, those have to be in Y different regions (3?). That is done by the president of the association upon pre-registration. If it is not done, (pre-registration done has of now, only 1 city), then the program assumes this choice is the first choice, but if not possible to attribute, second to X choices are assumed random >> You can end up in any city.

    - step 2 : an algorithm is selecting which city each team goes into "randomly", trying to accomodate as best it can the different choices. You should always get one of your choices. But you don't know which choice the other teams will get.

    The algorithm is made, so that each region is fairly represented upon restart. This allows the algorithm to cross-check, so that the strength of an association is also taken into account (avoid the issue of having 4 5-men associations in one region, 4 25-men association in another.

    Obviously, X and Y have to be small enough, that people don't get angry. But large enough, so that you don't have issues where 1 association ends up in a city it did not choose.

    I've seen this process used a lot, especially to attribute projects to groups at uni for example. Mostly, it avoids complaints. Because it is not fully random. Obviously, sometimes you won't have your first choice, but still you will be happy. We can also think of implementing a memory to that process, so that when your team gets its third or last choice, it is guaranteed a first or second choice the next game, or something like that. If that is done, you would have to force first and second choice to be in 2 different regions though.

    We can even suppose a pre-registration "group" of 2 associations. But more than 2 associations playing together on SoE is toxic for the game and the competition, on most servers. So I would put that limit at 2 maximum.

    Sadly, I don't speak german well enough to explain all of what I just wrote on that topic.^^

    oh no, there is definitely a problem.

    Or should I say, if you want prestige in the EG, you are strongly encouraged to play by yourself, and not in an active team.

    On my server, not having all the bonus trains or missing the call by 30sec meant going from 1st hauler to 6th. That actually encourages people to "bet" on the next call in advance, to gain those 10sec that will mean earning 1st spot, instead of 6th.

    I would definitely prefer a fairer prestige distribution (and a rework of the association points at the same time. Kinda stupid that the 6 eras are worth nothing compared to delivering to all megacities in the EG).

    As simple as getting the pre-registration limit down from 4 associations per region to 2 per region, until every region has at least 1 association in it. And again with the limit to 3 association per region, until every region has 2 associations.

    Because the situation, as of now, is : 3 regions with 4 associations each. 7 regions with almost nothing. I give an example from my server, but most "low-populated" ones are similar. Exceptions would be .de servers.