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    what about the gold we accumulated and held over from previous rounds how about compensating that back to every player who is affected or is travian going to screw us over with there so called fix taking that too along with the last 3 months wasted not good customer service closed a ticket before problem was solved and then screw over 40 players who they affect with a so called fix by not rectifying there screw up so the problem still is not solved

    took me time to understand correctly as well.

    I believe they will give every player back all the gold they had when the bug occured, + whatever they used during that round.

    The only thing I can think of right now is, I hope it will never happen on a server I play in. And the day this happens, compensation or not, will probably be the end for me. Those 40 players (many of them chairs) invested probably hundreds of hours each into this game, for nothing at the end. The city that just lost the callers won't stand a chance.

    IMO, the EG doesn't really have any sense any more. I would have voted for a roll back, and if more bugs were to happen due to that, just cancel the round. It's already fucked up for everybody anyway.

    But at least something would have been tried. In this case, 40 players is 10% of the active player base... It's a LOT.

    my 2 cents on the situation :

    2 days of era 6 mean, for an active player, at least 300M $$, maybe 400M, quite a lot of prestige (especially on those USA scenarios). A lot in terms of city preparation for EG, and so on.

    Personally, if I was playing on that server, I would like a roll back to the time when people started having troubles. All other options would, IMO, destroy all those efforts people invested for the whole 5 eras.

    I finished 1 game in Detroit. Now I have to choose a different city and start over. Is this how the game works? Start over each game?

    Yes. the only 2 things that remain from one round to the next is your carrier engine and your gold. (and obviously your association if you pre-register, and the friendships you make !)

    From one round to the next, you will also be able to experience how to improve your gameplay, your strategies, and so on.

    Well, I will talk about why I prefer EG in the weekdays personnally :

    - weekends are often used as time with family. How often have I heard people telling me they wouldn't be available for the city competition on sunday afternoon because of a lunch with friends / family.

    - RN included a fraction of elderly people (retired for example) that we haven't in other online games. Which means that, a lot of people are actually available during the week (someone in the company probably has the stats I suppose). Add to that the students, that are much more available during the week.

    Overall, an EG for me is : first evening, then 1 full day and the second day until 1pm-8pm (depends). So, 2 working days, the second one often not important because the EG is over. And, people can use the smartphone to participate to rushs as well in the first day if needed. But it would take the entire week-end, especially the evenings (where most people are available for rushs), which is the best time for going out with friends / loved ones (friday - saturday evenings are probably the times where the least players are available).

    I have some data for a few mega-cities, but not in the same format. If I find the time I'll make sure to translate it to english, convert it to this format using your template and send it to you so that you can upload it.

    It would be awesome to get this information (and maybe more later) available to all players and I'm glad you started this topic !

    Quite a complex sheet at first sight. Always good to see people willing to share their tools though ;)

    I've used sheets for calling for the past year as well, but never something as sophisticated as that. Well done, must have taken you a while !

    Sofia is better situated than Bucarest for EG, if Sarajevo isn't heavily populated though ;)

    I think that, instead of a cut-off, the limiting factor for those team-ups should be a real increase in tons / consumption, with more active players.

    Right now, the added consumption with 50 extra players is completely unsignificant. If you change that, and make it so that the consumption actually increases the difficulty of having to play an EG with 200 players, to the kind of same difficulty as playing one with 60 players, then maybe the strategies will move.

    As long as playing the EG with 35-40 active rushers will mean you can 1-shot every good, while 15-25 rushers can't do shit, then people will continue to group into groups of 40-60 people, which in most servers (for example the french ones I play in), means 2-3 "real" EG cities, and only 1 with a shot at winning.

    I especially loved the few propositions that exposed the possibility for new strategic options (the China silk road, implying you might have to transfer goods from one corner to the other).

    I personnally need new challenges in the game, and I know a few friends who feel the same. The harbour mechanic in Steam over Europe is way under-used, so some goods lacking in parts of the world is the next step already half-implemented, that I would love. (basically having to trade those few rare goods with another region, while you give them the ones they need in turn).

    Something that forces cooperation as well as competition. Another depth to the game.

    But I know this is difficult to balance (especially since some players have a 5yo mentality and cry when they cannot play with their friends, just like in the nursery when you and your friend were assigned opposite football teams...).

    Highly unlikey as the genuine players in the region will support the existing mayor. One rogue player cannot take over the Mayor's position.

    you would be surprised of how many level 1 accounts can appear on one city in the blink of an eye, when some specific players decide they want the mayor position... ;)

    President : organises the region into one big strategy, decides on the landmark and city consumption bonuses, alongside some deputies. As a role of mediator in the region between the different corps. Has to prepare the endgame strategy as well (or ask someone to do it). (in which city, the general level of the cities, which industries to grow, etc).

    Most tiring job, when done fully. Has to know that he must rely on his 10 helpers, otherwise he will just spend endless hours trying to handle everything.

    Mayor : chooses the next goods and reduces consumption on one good. Does the main strategy-calling.

    City council : chooses the next goods and reduces consumption on one good, when the mayor himself is not there. Particularly useful in the EG.

    Chair : founder and main person of reference for the corp. Will decide of every matter, alongside some deputies. Basically a diplomat, and has a lot of messages to handle.

    Deputy : assist the chair in some specific roles. You are a person of reference for anybody outside the corp as well. If the chair is not present, people can talk to you for matters related to the association.

    Member : follow the rules of the association you are in (some are "free for all", some are "city-oriented", others "region-oriented", and so on). But you don't have as much weight as a deputy in the corp, for outsiders.

    I've been active on the french servers, I'll ask around if my old teammates are in the same region as you on 202 Hammyr

    Okay, the people I know are mostly in the East, South West and North West sadly. I've seen 2 people from your region on other servers and they know the game pretty well. We are not in especially good terms and I don't know if they speak english, but you can give it a shot : Jon Doe and tytyzee. They might give you a few tips.

    Else you can contact me (here, by message on the forum, or there on the server). I won't be online often on that server, but I could answer any (almost) of your questions. You will have to ask what you wanna know though, since I don't really know what you are interested in, and telling you everything I learned the past 2 years on Steam over Europe would take 40 pages, most of it useless to 99% of the people :P

    Last option : join us on FR-201 in Moscow. Sadly, the server is in era 3, and is not an express. But otherwise, you could be part of an active corp and we are always looking for active members. You might have a difficult time catching up though, and it might not be very fun for you. Your call.

    In any era, you can multiply by 2 the title to get the "true" income of the best players as a rule of thumb (restaurant, competitions, videos). And that's without any lottery influence (where you can get a few millions with just one lucky -20%).

    I don't think firing workers is an issue (even though we could implement a slight cooldown, 4-6 hours?, since now we can see 5 workers ahead).

    The issue, usually, is rather that one or two corps are so ahead of everybody else, that they get all the workers without even trying, because everybody is participating. Whereas the 5th association usually has maybe 3-4 active players, on lower populated servers.

    I think anybody discussing workers should go see german or russian servers, and how they bet, to realise we are far from any issue on our servers. And that maybe, the top corp gaining all the workers, is simply them being too good for the rest of the competition.

    I'm genuinely ignorant on this topic, what's the deal?

    The idea of a farm account is an account that sacrifices itself for the well-being of the corp (for example, someone who would burn his 10'000 gold of the festival server in the first era into lottery tickets to buy alone the workers his corp needed, to ensure some teammates get a better ranking by not using any $$ for such workers). That's why you could see some Boulton workers being paid 30M+ the second / third day.

    By extension, "farm-accounts" is the term used to define the second and third account of a group of players, to gain the benefits explained above (so, a multi-account basically). Since the winter event basically handed those extremely active players a lot of gold (20k + per account I would say for those guys), they could register with the farm accounts for free as well.

    By the way, those players using "farm-accounts" are in the top 0.1% of the players in RN, skill-cap wise, I would say (extremely active, know everything, execute almost perfectly), so the farm-accounts give them the final edge. The issue being (for support as well) if the farm accounts are real people, or second / third accounts. (and that's impossible to prove, even if some people have suspicions).

    You had a chance not long ago)))

    There was a Birthday Festival, remember?)) No donations, everybody in equal conditions, 20K gold for every player)

    Is that the moment we start talking about farm-accounts ? :saint:

    (nothing against that, it's very clever and totally the way to go, as long as it's actual persons sacrificing their time and money for the farming, and not a second and tertiary account)

    After 7 days of inactivity, one of the other members will automatically be named chair I believe.

    Après 7 jours d'inactivité, il me semble que le jeu nomme automatiquement un délégué président.

    Trying to reach her via discord anyway. Hopefully I might get in touch with her so that she can come and name another person for the role.

    Salix , while I completely understand your point (it's basically what I said regarding the proof etc), you must realise that what you just said to Yuki and his teammates is basically "yeah sorry, can't do shit for you, have fun against those bots investing millions abusing the catch-up package we just installed". Your point about churns is valid, but those churns don't know how to invest, even less how to all invest in a new industry specifically and with the same amount of money (the whole bank account), without doing the tutorial first. And it's easy to spot they don't do it with the PP they have (0 I believe Yuki said).

    But then, rock solid proof can only be provided by support, that can see patterns in login times, login IPs, etc. And probably needs a tough investigation. I don't know about that. Anyway, players can't give you any proof, because we have no tools at our disposal (except against dumb players that say in pm that they have multi-accounts, but then those usually aren't that trolly, they just want more people in their city because they are only 4-5 or so).

    In their place, I would be very, very, very mad. 1 guy is basically ruining the game for them all, the most active corp on the server (by far apparently).

    And if I look at my server, and think "oh, if the top corp can't fight this off, who could?" I realise the answer is extremely easy : if the top corp cannot fight it, the server is dead, because they regroup the most active players, and the few corps below have just one goal : to take out the top dog, to win fairly against them.

    If you can't do anything against them (and I KNOW it's very difficult to fight this), then maybe you should consider removing the catch-up package that was a great idea, but is being abused by Assholes (just like most great ideas...)

    I've seen multi-accounts also, and they are rarely banned --> why ? because it is difficult to prove the multiple accounts are from one person only (usually, they are quite clever with their IPs, so that support cannot trace them back).

    I've never seen fake accounts used to such an extent though, and I completely understand your frustration (I would be so pissed if I was in your place...). The only fake accounts I've seen being used are :

    - farm accounts (used to get workers) --> this issue is the one I would like to get solved ASAP, but well...

    - fake accounts for the mayor and president votes (those we managed to counter-act by asking for votes from any active player around, and after 30 people voting, the russian guy became bored and moved on to another city to finish his farming of career points).

    But the situation you are exposing right now, fake accounts to disturb an entire city, is just crazy... And needs actions taken to prevent it from ever happening.

    So, what would I like being done personally from RN ? >> we know it's difficult for you to prove anything, so maybe you should think of ways to make it harder to create accounts (such as what streitaxt proposed), instead of relying on the guys to make dumb mistakes and leave a trace.

    the few tricks I try when that happens (if one doesn't work, try the next) :

    1/ reload the game

    2/ park the train to a city and then schedule

    3/ park it into the museum, and get it out again

    4/ clearing cache and cookies ( I do it as a last resort, because I love my cookies^^)

    usually, it is fixed after 2, always after 3.