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    Let's calculate all the different options :

    First, the travel time if the Jumbo Jupiter can do the trip at full speed : 620km at 300km/h takes 2hours and 4 minutes to complete.

    Option 1 : A four hour delay would mean they miss their train in Hicksburg (4h + travel time > 6hours)

    >> no point in going for option 1, better to simply cancel than perform the emergency fix to no avail.

    Now let's investigate option 3 : 90min delay + travel time >> they would arrive before midnight and would get their connection. The price of the new motor is 12'000$, much less than the 30'000 needed if they miss their connecting train.

    Finally, option 4 : 40% of 300 km/h = 120 km/h. It would now take 5hours and 10min to do the trip. This would mean the passengers would arrive at 11:40pm, 20min before their connection departs. This also doesn't cost anything to the company.

    Therefore, option 4 is the best option. People would get their connection, the company wouldn't have to pay anything, and could even use part of the economy (12'000$ for the motor) to give some compensation to the passengers (a drink or sandwich in the train for example).

    You can ask the support once to reset your career engine.

    Personally I think acceleration isn't as important as other upgrades. I have followed the rule of thumb that 20 seconds to top speed is fast enough (Speed divided by Acceleration ist the time to accelerate to top speed).

    I personally use 1:10 instead of 1:20. But yeah, same idea.

    Anything quicker than 1:10 is probably not worth it for the carrier engine until very late into the game (speed already at 175).

    IMO (SoE player) : find other incentives than $$ to encourage us to deliver to the Home City. We only have way too much $$ in SoE.

    Please stop making it easier to earn cash, the game is already way too easy right now (from when I've started, we have had : addition of trainspotters, 100 less wagons, better trains, half the cash needed for landmark).

    we reached 35 on a french server (already quite difficult there^^), but yeah I don't think there is any limit, except the number of people that can haul from it in a given time.

    One small comment : you should probably have the list posted somewhere visible, once we have chosen it, so that people know what every title stands for.

    I've come across one or two people that thought I was a staff member with my title (don't remember what it was, platform supervisor maybe?).

    My favorite region - where my friends are :)


    Usually we change every round and I will soon have played 1 round in every region.

    And I can definitely say some are better than others. My top 3 would be SSE - N - NW. With NW going top1 in more crowded servers due to the harbour placement. The 2 worst regions would be E and S IMO. The rest are basically in the middle.

    As a f2p competitor that has reached top1, I don't really care about your propositions (I won't buy them), but I agree that they are not game-breaking.

    The lottery is. And the lottery is probably the only true game-breaking p2w feature of the game (the packs are also huge factors, but they are affordable to f2p players if you play actively enough and with the purpose to earn gold).

    So of course it will make it easier for people, but that won't be an issue, the game is already basically 100% won if you pay enough gold.

    The proposition 6 I don't like though. (this gives an edge and might be a must have on some buildings, even for f2p players that want to compete).

    I cannot find my name. Was I disqualified? I opened a ticket...

    I think you were.

    Queueing up at the same time as family seems to have me thrown out at least

    Pretty sure that was prohibited explicitely in the rules. ("Any attempts to win with anything but skill...")

    How can you cheat at Clash? You might have a faster connection than someone else (mine always seemed a bit slow) but other than that I really don't see how you can cheat at a game where you simply click on the next good you want to go to.

    You can play against friends who don't want to win, therefore getting free wins. Or with a friend whose purpose is to destroy the 3rd guy.

    The "cheating" was particularly obvious when someone managed to win 5 games in the time it took you to finish 2. >> winning 10/0/0 every round most likely. But then, I didn't have a look at the data, RN did. I'm sure they found evidence, since they don't ban multi-accounts specifically because they lack the evidence.

    I've played on another game that type of servers (where you don't choose your teammates).

    That was fun, for very high speed servers that lasted 1-3 days. The issue being, people don't play the game and end up helping their friends. And if you make that impossible, they just won't play.

    I think too few of us share your view on the game for this server to work. But that might definitely interest me !

    Did you have Gold purchased? If so, that should transfer. Please be in contact with game support to learn more about your account and Gold.

    any gold should transfer with the closing of the server actually.

    EDIT : looks like my gold arrived I think. You just have to go collect it in options.

    When I look at the original image, I still cannot see the differences that are now clearly on this new image (clock and hat).

    ?Am I actually colour blind without ever realizing it before ? You are making me question my eyes LOL

    Agreed Inkognito.

    I lost 30 points I think to those fake players / swindlers, and I was lucky enough to not face any of them in the last days, getting matched to people around the 1000th rank more often than not.

    I believe that's the sole difference in the top10 rankings. I've faced a few people that appear in the top10-20, and I can definitely say they weren't better or worse than me. At the end, it came down to 1/ luck on the generation, 2/ the third player's attitude towards us and 3/ luck on our predictions.

    But this generation algorithm is part of clash.

    And I also would like to point out that the vast majority of players did play the game fairly, even when they were matched against me. You didn't see many team-ups to destroy a top10 player, everyone was playing to get to the win before the other 2, and that's a spirit I hope will persist in the years to come.

    Ultimately the game should be based on cities. If there are 10 cities in the End Game, it would be nice to see them all competitive. Just because you finish in 10 shouldn't mean you have no chance at winning.

    I agree mostly with that statement. But making it possible for 10 cities to actually compete, means reworking EG a lot.

    Right now, having half the server regroup on one city is the easiest and most reliable way to win. I've criticized this way of playing for a long time, nothing has changed.

    I'll take a break from the game for a while as well because I'm tired of winning 99.999% / having 0.001% chance of winning, depending on the server I play in. Hopefully, the new scenario will arrive sometime in the near future (6months?), and will live up to my expectations.

    But right now there is simply no competition anymore (at least on the french servers, haven't looked at the .com ones lately). And I crave competition to make the game interesting.

    In addition to hilti's response : you can use that info to know more precisely which good might need help in the next few minutes. (because you can deduce how many trains are actually on each good right now).

    Some players got 5 extra games to play because they happened to log in during the small window after the daily reset but just before the game ended, because nobody knew when the game would end!

    actually, you had 22hours instead of 24 the last game.

    As for the distribution, you "clearly" see a distribution where most players would end up at around 1'000 points, if they had played all of their games (or more of those).

    A curve representing the average points per game (a weighted average to account for the difference in game points if you played 10 games counting x5 or 10 games counting x1) would be much more representative of the actual "skill" I believe ;) Who knows, you might even see players who would have better scores than the actual top10, but simply played less games.

    Krys did you try leaving your corp and then rejoining ? I heard it helped for one person at least.

    For origin Journey, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am glad they use this map more (even though it is not used yet as a rotation for the classic map). On the other, I don't think it's very wise to have the server run in competition with the real master game.

    Mostly, I feel the same way Rmtcp does, and I hope we will see the option to register with our corp from one server, to those specific servers, one day, as it has been proposed a few times in the past 1-2 years. Because I enjoy playing with the 20-25 people in my corp, and many of them will not find easily how to play on those event servers. It would be much simpler to just have a pre-registration feature where the chair chooses everything, and every member just has to sign up to then see the gameworld with the correct city in his lobby.

    money gruber = you made the most money out of all the server, by transporting goods or passengers (any money gained in the station or lottery or competitions does not count, but licenses do count as far as I know).

    The thing is, every other day was played UTC time, not UTC+2 time. Why change that for the last day ? That's why people are complaining (and I understand them, I would be pissed if it happened to me, luckily I got home at 10pm and not at 1am).

    Olympic Earl I hope they will show the rankings for a while, once they have removed the cheaters.

    thank you for this data !

    Now let's do some maths to explain why this is extremely useful rewards the first day :)

    If you are alone in your corp (or if you organize with your friends so that they let you because you want top1 for example, etc) :

    25 members = 75 videos straight up. + 75 every 3 hours. = approximately 333 possible videos the first day until midnight. 1/3 of the rewards you mentionned in your post. If you watch videos the whole 9 hours, it's feasible and you have some spare time.

    1x cash = 1'000$$ at this level. Rail cars vouchers = 10'000$$ (you buy and sell a board or cow car).

    With those 2 rewards alone, you just got a free level 6 engine house and bank 4 or 5 (don't recall). In addition, you have the cash to permanently build the restaurant (it's relatively cheap, and takes a while).

    and not to mention the 7 research points that make you hit the rhinoceros relatively quickly.

    In addition, with all those buildings you managed to build, and redeeming the starter package before going to bed, you have more trains that anyone else (you can even go to 1'000 PP at 2am or a bit earlier, and get the bonus train at that point).

    You will get the most income on the server easily, and will have a nice headstart against any competition, without paying any gold.

    Now for the lottery tickets, they usually pay off 6-7 gold / ticket I think (at least that was the case 2 years ago when I did calculcate it). So if you don't spend any money, but have some gold stock, you can purchase 25 extra lottery tickets, in addition to all the $$ we talked about. This + the 25 tickets from tuto and super starter is a guaranteed 2 bonus engines usually, and tons of vouchers, which are all worth extreme amounts of money.

    Obviously, nobody is ever gonna get that many videos watched on a classic server because the assumptions made are way too optimistic. Could be feasible on an express one though (but I don't like those).