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    But is that cheating? Giving room to your friend by cutting the path from 3rd player, vice versa.

    How often does it happen that two people who know each other work together in Clash!?

    How easy is it to tell those pairs apart from those who just happen to play that way?

    Since it's supposed to be 1 against 1 against 1, yeah I would consider that cheating. Cutting the 1st player when he is ahead of you and the third is far out of the game would be correct though. >> tough to judge.

    3 times over the event at this point maybe ? so 1 out of 20. When I see one, I wait for a few seconds before playing my next games to not go against them a second time though.

    Now that is what I would call cheating - yes. But then again the matches are capped (to 5) each day and you will lose one of your chances for points making the refresh-tactic not so smart move...

    Actually, you don't lose 1 of your chances as long as the game hasn't started. Which is how they do it. Wait in the lobby, see a top10/100 arrive >> leave. Wait a few seconds, restart.

    mgc : between the bad generation and the people that target you because you have a "high ranking" and such, basically anyone scoring more than 27 out of 30 (which is already 4 top1 and 1 top2) on average should be looked at (doesn't look like anybody scores that much atm). But I'm sure RN will pay extreme attention to the games as the scores become multiplied (and cheating the last 2 days would basically mean gaining 20 points per day against the top dogs, while now it's only 4-8).

    I've come across a few things when playing as well. Some of those :

    - what you mentionned (targeted by someone)

    - losing connection to the game for a few seconds repeatedly (might have come from me, maybe? strange it happened only during one game though, made me think of DDOS by the particular player when he was down)

    - two players probably knowing each other, thus avoiding to play against one another. That one is particularly tough to not finish 3rd.

    the thing I would say is most painful, is the "random" generation. Sometimes you can't win. It's just not possible. As long as everybody experiences it as much, it's fine. I hope it's the case :)

    I'm sure it's impossible to implement on such short notice, but for future clash events : Would it be possible to automatically record the games of the top1-5-10, so that people could watch them (the day after only for example). That would be awesome for improving by learning what the best do, and much more.

    but it's difficult to say if you are targeted because they know each other, or because you made the guy finish third last round or the day before, and he wants to destroy you to annoy you.

    48 goods and PAX. End Game starts the same time for every city. 1 hour for each good. 48 hours for PAX. Best total wins End Game (with proper adjustment between tons and passengers). The required good is the same for each city every hour. Synchronize the facility recalculations to the start of End Game. Prestige points are awarded for Home City Rank during End Game. Prestige points are awarded for player rank in Home City. Each player gets credit only for goods hauled to their home city.

    An interesting idea ! A small adjustment I would make is this :

    rather than having every megacity delivering the same good each hour, there should be someone (the mayor?) that has the option to choose which good to call. Of course, the rest stays the same (each good can only be transported once, etc). And you would have to balance the map (right now you have huge discrepancies between cities, which would make this specific endgame unbalanced).

    I guess so too. On my iPhone I see them though.

    Never dared to click on one as I said.

    Another question about Clash. Is it only possible to play on PC?

    last year, I could launch a game on my Iphone, but I couldn't play.

    Saved me the points for 3rd place if I couldn't play from a pc the whole day still.

    1:1, until level 14, and then full city, is the optimal way to gain the maximum amount of region points, if your team only plays on one city for the whole server (except for the end game).

    anything else will make you lose some region points. Of course you might gain some other things in exchange. But there are too many possibilities there for me to list them all. Especially because I'm usually only interested in the maximum region points and nothing else.

    You should just play your 5 games per day, everyday.

    I'm also going from top10 (when I've played my 5 games) to top 300-400 the day after (because I have 5 games less than the others at that point).

    Your true ranking is at midnight, german time (time of the reset). For you, I suppose it is 1 or 2 in the morning.

    Comment removed.

    actually I agree to some extent. Not about the paying issue though.

    But yeah the "best" clash player isn't really a thing. I've played once or twice against top50 people in the ranking (I'm top ten right now), and the thing I've realised is :

    "just avoid any top 100 players, they all play good enough that the goods define the winner, not your skill". While you could probably beat other "great" players 6 times out of ten, because you are slightly better, in the long run you just lose too much, compared to the great players that face "newbie players".

    So I just leave the lobby when I'm matched to an opponent of equal skill. And wait for people with 20-40 points to show up. I've tried to play against great opponents. It's just maddening when however good you play, you can't avoid finishing 3rd. And those points are too precious for the top10.

    However, one cool thing about that would be to have the training days not count towards the total number of games.

    Right now, when we face someone with let's say 12 points, we don't know if he played 2 games or 4 already today.

    If the average number of points per game was displayed correctly (not counting the days where you couldn't score), it would be much more representative :)

    (yes, I target one opponent over the other usually^^)

    crap i figured it out, i will loose it..

    what a bs to give me this gold in era 6 !!!!

    got 4 days to spend 9,200 gold.. what a wind up

    you have 2 options :

    1/ you want to play another server. You should buy + account with the gold (+ account is transferable)

    2/ you will restart the same server. Don't worry. In this case, you will keep any gold leftover. Even if you cannot transfer it.

    I agree with you, but for a competition of this stature you must have parity with guns.

    Just to give you an idea, on one of the Allstars Qualification servers, one of the players, with approximately 9 hours of play, is already at the top, with his station developed at the maximum limit.

    The question is: can victory be bought?

    Yes, the victory will be bought to some extent.

    And frankly, I'm happy that people spend so much gold for a qualification round where you can't win anything. You will see the real "great players" in 7 weeks. When you will have the possibility to win 5'000 carrier points total. And tons of gold.

    Provocation: You can't collect gold, but you can buy it as many times as you want !!!!!!!!!! Thoughtful...

    I think the collect gold option disabled is great.

    Some of us have a bit too much gold in reserve since the winter event still... I'm happy we don't see someone come to the server with 100'000 gold from that broken event. Right now at least, if someone uses 100'000 gold, he is paying for my free2play all year long. :)

    On the flip side of the issue you often times have three corporations that are all hauling well during the EG. It is possible that the top hauler in the second or third corporation has hauled more than anyone in the top corporation. So if the argument is to change the current system to one that supports who hauls the most then simply let that be based on individual tonnage hauled. Then a percentage of that prestige earned by each player then goes to that players corporation as well.

    Don't fix one problem by creating another! If you tilt the game so that only the top corporation can win anything then there is no use playing the game.

    I think the repartition between the associations is already great. Being top association is slightly better than being second. And that shouldn't change. This option is what makes this game a team game after all.

    But inside an association, the repartition is heavily in favor of the top 1-5. And that is sad for the 20 other teammates that participate almost as much in EG.

    one thing i would like to see is a cleanup of the system messages, key being the "so and so collected a bonus for you" we need to be able to turn those off, or just eliminate them all together.

    messages for City/LM/factory levels, Prestige, plus bonus, ect, are far more important, and i get tired of trying to sort thru 500 irrelevant messages to find the 5 or 6 i'm looking for.

    I think you can deactivate some of those messages in options.

    For the communication system. We need :

    - read only topics that we can keep at the top of the forum. So that people know which messages to read first when they lack the time. Only the mayor (in city), president /government (region) or delegates (corp) would be able to post in those topics.

    - the possibility to have private discussions with a group of people. I discuss calls with 4-5 people. It's impossible to do it by message, because we would lose too much time telling each other what the 4 others wrote to us.

    Especially if you create a scenario where cooperation between cities becomes important, the private discussions between 4-5 people will become a must (1 from each corp of each city concerned = 4-8 people in most servers, for only 2 cities).

    IonGrey0 some things you might maybe use.

    RN seems to be calibrated for 100 players (the landmark basis is 100 players, from which everything is factored). So it could be the same for the city consumption (100 players = *1 for consumption, and 49 players = *0.7 for example).

    For the landmark : 25 players = 0.5 of 100 players. 16 players = 0.4. 36 players = 0.6. I think you can get everything from that. (sqr of number of players / 10 = factor to multiply base tons).

    If you manage to verify this is true for the cities as well, then you might eliminate one unknown which might facilitate your job a lot !

    Sadly, I don't have the time to perform the task myself these days :(