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    any tax on profit should always be voluntary on both sides. The player should be able to negate it at all times, and so should the association be able to turn off the option. Because there are times when a player needs his money for more important things than a deposit for a worker 3 days later (new wagons, landmark, station, ...). And every player should be able to make his choice of when to / not to contribute to the corp. If the corp isn't satisfied with the contributions of a player, they can kick him out. No point in switching the responsibilities onto the players.

    Any pool of money usable for a bid on workers, as you describe, should have a 20 to 30% fee (i.e. loss). Because worker bids are limited in time for a reason. If you don't want to spend 2min to log into the game and bid, you don't deserve to be able to bid as much as you want without a cost.

    Otherwise, it's just much easier to remove worker bids altogether, and just give all workers to the best team. Because even tho they are usually the most active and win most of the workers, there are times where they only have 2-3 bidders (night) and can lose workers. With a new option to bid as much as you want whenever you want, as long as you deposit it before the auction, they would win every single one. Because the top team is also the one that makes the most profit.

    There are people who gained more the 1.5 mil prestige at classic servers

    Yeah and I've made 1.2M on SoE, doesn't mean it was legit (that was during the first winter event, so 1000 free lotto tickets). I know it's "possible", since you can arguably make infinite amounts of PP, as long as you pay enough. But let's compare what is comparable.


    on usa scenario, you can not buy pp for real money easily, like some people do (on classic and soe) massively to just buy their win with real money, instead of using game knowledge to achieve their goal.

    still, this doesn't change the fact that the type of getting pp from cities which was used can be reproduced exactly. (also, on classic, since the "buff", cities give ~double daylie pp than their equivalent on a usa scenario in terms of level/players, so you now actually need ~100% multiplication/day to be equal to classic)

    "(you don't get the 1000% multipliers)" i recommend you to try the scenario with the nerfed "multipliers" and check in the end how much you actually got from that. feel free to imaginary double your multiplier bonus in the end and then tell me about those impossible "1000% multipliers" again.

    edit: @sacroima i just joined de107 broadway (e6d3)for reference and the top player at 447k pp recieved exactly 31k of it from region-boni and 9k from workers (which is influenced aswell). so even if i subtract those 2 boni from his actual pp, 91% of his pp were made "regulary", still. since the whole faction color gets the exact same "multiplier" bonus, this percentage can be (roughly) applied for everyone else of the faction.

    era6, day 3 at 447k, I'm pretty sure that guy won't go above 800k-1mil. Which is exactly the point I make. 1mil "regularly" is quite achievable. 2mil isn't.

    To get to 2 mil, you need to coordinate and use the multipliers. That's a fact. Because the other ways to gain PP (competitions, investments, ...) are fixed to some extent, and similar across servers.

    If you still have it, you can screen me your prestige detail for the time you hit 3mil, but I'm pretty sure you didn't make 1mil in competitions, and 1m in investments, did you? I'd bet on 2mil in deliveries.

    Now I can tell you that on SoE at least, competitions, investments and EG deliveries make a much larger part, %-wise, than city deliveries, in the total amount of PP you can make (without paying).

    without going into detail, check the top-100 ranking in terms of "highest amount of pp in a game round" if you want a proof that it works.

    that ranking actually is biased by USA scenarios, isn't it ? I frankly have no clue how USA scenario works (have only played one round there, and without any real coordination), just that it's completely different than classic and SoE (the one I am very familiar with in terms of PP hunting), and heavily biased in favor of city deliveries, compared to the other 2.

    I have never seen anywhere near 1.5M prestige on classic / SoE, except for very special conditions (winter event abuse is the best example).

    Claiming you can reproduce USA scenario conditions on a classic seems dubious, and applying the same strategies will simply not work (you don't get the 1000% multipliers).


    "I meant that every day u deliver at least 1 tonn of each good in each city. That provides rather good amount of pp during the round"

    i probably play on servers with many pp farmers then, i can't confirm the option of even a dozen cities being that "juicy" for delivering pp. maybe this applies for rather dead servers, because for active servers, the best pp you get are from high levelled cities.

    Yeah PP farming is rather different between half dead servers (the majority are in this category tho) and very active ones (masters, mb some de and ru ones?) from what I've seen.

    I highly doubt a PP farmer will ever farm in the top cities tho. Since he doesn't have majority, he won't gain nearly as much as the 20 guys that have the majority. But since I've only farmed PP on rather dead servers, I don't really know how it works in active ones.

    I have a quick answer here: Active player: Online within the last 72 hours and has delivered goods in the last 24 hours. During endgame these same numbers are 24 hours, and 60 minutes. Can be any good no matter the amount.

    ok thanks. I hope everybody is ready for EG where the active player count will be exactly the same as before this change of rules then. But I like the 60min rule, it can make for interesting night-time strategies ;) (probably not on this server, but if you ever ship the setting on "regular" servers, with an average count of active players).

    The main thing that actually worries me about those changes, is the new way to account for "active players". I will need to see how it works in practice, but it sounds very easily abusable from what I read in the blog. And toxic (delivering the opponent's megapolis instead of yours, prior to EG, to raise their count of active players and lower yours).

    So maybe my 2 questions actually :D :

    1/ how exactly do you account for active players? delivering any good to the city? delivering a required good to the city? Delivering more than X tons of required goods per day? When is it reset? daily? hourly? per era?

    2/ how are city deliveries reset? never? daily? after each level up?

    Separating the 3 classes into prestige pourcentages, rather than 3 groups of the same size ?

    Asso 1 has 1 million prestige points >> group 1 is 700'000 to 1 million, group 2 is 400'000 to 700'000, group 3 is 100'000 to 400'000, group 4 stays 100'000 and below.

    With an additional tweek that at least X (5? 10?) corps must be in each group starting from the top, to avoid having the top corp being alone if they regroup the top 25 players of the server.

    Or: in times of low player count, clash could allow to play 1 vs. 1

    1v1 is an unfair contest though. And not fun at all. It's just a battle of suiciding when the good is closer to you. And hope you get 10 goods closer before the opponent.

    It completely ruins all the strategical aspects of the 1v1v1 that makes clash! so fun.

    Completely different topic related to clash! : some catch-up mechanism. I was away for a prolonged weekend in the mountains with friends, and missed 3 days of clash! because it doesn't work on the phone, and it's impossible to get a game at 5 am before I was leaving the first day, or at midnight when I got back the 3rd day.

    Needless to say, losing approximately 160 points (180 total possible) made a top 10 difficult, and a top1 impossible, and didn't really motivate me to keep playing this year.

    Also, busy schedule etc. So, do you think it's possible to add a "catch-up mechanism", like 2 free days. In compensation to that, players that participate every day can eliminate their 2 worse days with those 2 additional days. Or something like that.

    My CE is definitely relevant in era 6 / endgame.

    Yes, for newer players the CE is best in early game, but for people level 25 and higher, the CE starts to become relevant for all parts of the game (one of the most often forgotten is the endgame, my CE allowed me to get 1st delivery spot in EG so many times, since it was the only differing factor between me and my mates).

    What I've gone for (take it as very optimised for maximum early-game deliveries, in SoE) :

    1/12 acceleration to speed ratio (anything between 1/10 and 1/15 is nice). So if you aim to have 100 speed, I'd recommend 7 to 10 acceleration.

    I'd recommend to go to 100 speed and 8-9 accel, then 11 wagons, then 120 speed and 12 accel, and then max out on the wagons.

    If you don't play on Steam over Europe scenarios exclusively, consider taking the era 2 and 3 goods somewhat early.

    If you are active to very active, forget about reliability. You need those 6000 points for useful upgrades, and you will have the 10 gold per day to pay for the mechanic in early era 1. After that, you don't care about 150k $$ compared to actually gaining 10k more early game due to more speed and accel.

    My carrier engine now :


    175 speed

    16 accel

    30% reliability

    At my point, reliability makes sense (if I wanted to bother using the free reset...). Before 120 speed and 12 accel, 100% reliability is just too costly compared to other upgrades.

    Tldr : it's highly dependent on your style and what you want to do. Mine is optimised for deliveries /titles / using game-bugs (such has no engine-wear if you change schedule often enough).

    He will be removed from the rankings for that, don't worry ;)

    They removed a few last year, including the one that was first before they checked.

    And yeah I understood who you were talking about, I've had the same rank 1000 to rank 3000 guys that target you non-stop, except for sometimes doing a 1-track detour to get an easy good and get more points than you.

    Agree, although I did have a first today. Had a player in the red position, I was in the blue, that would make a beeline from his base to mine, crash, repeat, and continued to do so until there was no way to catch up to blue. Found that to be an interesting tactic.

    Yeah I've had one like that too yesterday. Managed to just barely win. When I understood what he was doing, I had to make sure I was cutting him just before he destroyed me, and the other gave me the win when we were tied 9-9 and he realized what was happening. Got lucky though.

    And had another a few days ago.

    Would definitely be interesting to know the stats per colour for each player, agreed. I don't pay that much attention to that since I tend to score 1st more often than not, but I haven't seen any pattern this year.

    It's not an IP scan, it's a bit more elaborate than that. But anyway, don't worry, any player will who tries to win a top position in Clash! with unfair methods will be sorted out and sanctioned.

    I guess he is complaining about the ones that destroy your points, rather than the ones that might be cheating to get max points.

    But Psycadelius you shouldn't worry too much about those suicide-bombers. It's the same for everyone. We all run into one from time to time (got 1 just 2 days ago, he got lucky 3 times to have goods next to him, then suicided into me to keep me 3rd while the other was happy getting 1st).

    1 out of 50 games is annoying, but it's not that game-changing (well I would have loved getting those 8 additional points, but it shouldn't matter at the end).

    Just remember his tag, and wait for a few minutes before doing your other games if you encounter one.

    Just hoping I won't encounter one of those suicide-bombers when the x5 is active.

    But I know after last year that RN does a great job at finding cheaters and removing them from the rankings, so I believe they will do the same this year ;)

    When I get kicked out of multiple asso's in one day I can join without any restriction a new association. With this fact I can hop e.g. unlimited between two or more asso's.

    Who wouldn't want the possibility to benefit from all the workers possible at the exact best time ? :D

    "I have a building to construct, let's go to association A for 5 min, and the let's go back to B because they have +50km and -35% WT workers". "I must remember to switch to C just before 1 am for the +50% prestige though".

    Would you guys really enjoy that kind of game ? Is that what the devs imagined when they developped the game ? I think Mihai points out the right questions. Things we all know have existed for a while, but we never really paid attention to them if it didn't actively penalised us.

    I mean, I can imagine all those exploits. pulling them off requires quite a bit of coordination, and 0 self-esteem. So I won't ever achieve that. But I would feel bad if someone else used that and beat me because of that.

    But let's face some facts :

    1/ It's not because it has always been like that, that it's a good feature.

    2/ It's not because it has never impacted you negatively so far, that it never will.

    With those facts taken into account, some things should be done about that. An easy fix (probably difficult to implement though) would be to have the same timer for workers when you join a corp, compared to when you create your own (10 hours before the first worker shows up?) >> No way to see the worker in advance anymore.

    Yes, that's the issue of the rule.

    But then, there is a difference between paying for a worker to help your team and yourself, and for example selling half your wagons to get a worker because your team needs it and you don't care about your account.

    Second case should be banned based on the rule, right ? But what is the limit ? What is the point where someone doesn't play for his own success ? Is selling 20% of your wagons accepted ? or is it already too detrimental to your own account ?

    Or is selling all your wagons to invest in industries for your association accepted ? Would it be accepted if you do that to trash another corp's industry ?

    That rule is definitely too vague and needs interpretation. Which is usually a bad thing, when different domains do not have clear guidelines to apply the same ruling.


    Hmm, yes, but much like alternate accounts, you can devise a database query to sort the online time table. Thus you would see which players have been online for unreasonable amounts of time and cross-reference with the IP table. If the IPs don't match, then it's pretty straight forward I'd say.

    I usually play from phone and from computer. I'm pretty sure my phone has a few IP adresses (the IP is linked to the internet source right? > a few for 4G access, one for each wifi, etc). You would most likely flag me with such a query, wrongly.

    Furthermore, this "2-3 player on one account" thing is not that big of a deal in RN I think (compared to travian, where if you cannot defend during the night you are dead for example). Yes, it's an issue in x2 and in x4 (reason why I don't play on those servers), but on regular servers, I can handle my account by myself and compete against 2 people quite easily I think. Sure, I won't do that every server, but once in a while it's ok.

    The 2 other issues I fully agree with you.

    One thing with the multi-account issue (and the workers) is listed in the rules :

    1.5. An account must only be played for its own success and is not allowed to exist for the exclusive benefit of another account. Accounts that are exclusively used to provide other accounts an advantage (‘pushing’) are forbidden.

    Some accounts that invest too much money into workers should get banned according to that rule. It cannot be reported by players (because we don't have access to that data, except if we are in the same team, in which case there is 0 reason for us to ban our teammates). And it should be looked at more closely by support.

    And a guideline should be decided by RN across all servers for that kind of behaviour (what are the limits, and be consistent across servers).

    You repair your trains twice a day? I justly repair my trains back to 100% when they get down to 95% or so. Guess it just depends what your goals are.

    Depends on a few things yeah. Someone made the maths somewhere and I think the conclusion was to repair when they went below 80% for maximum cash gain, below 90% for a good compromise, and below 95-97% if you really want to maximise deliveries and don't really care about money.

    You could also change schedule every 30 min or so and only repair them in the morning since they stayed at 100% the whole day.

    Also dependent on the engine's max speed.