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    Dear players,

    We would like to invite you to a Q&A (questions & answers) session with our Technical Director Andreas, our Frontend Developer Sergej and, as host, our Community Communications Manager Salix.

    The topic of this Q&A will be:

    “The technical aspects of the upcoming HTML5 update”

    This means that we want to answer your technical questions about the update we’ve been working on in the last few weeks and months in order allow you to understand a bit better what it is we are doing with this update and why we do it.


    Thursday, the 6th of August at 18:30 UTC+2




    You can ask questions here in this thread and we’ll do our best to answer them in the Q&A session. If you come up with questions during the session, you can post them in the zoom chat and we’ll try to answer them either directly or after we went through the questions we collected before. So, don’t worry, you don’t need a microphone and you do not need to speak.

    The session will be held in English and it will recorded to allow us to publish notes of the most important topics afterwards.

    One important note: Please try to stay on topic. There is limited time for this session, so we would really like to focus on the topic at hand. If this works well, we’ll gladly have similar sessions about other topics in the future.

    We know we have a lot of tech-savvy people in our community, so we are looking forward to your questions!

    Kind regards,

    Your Rail Nation Team.