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    I think that this worker is too bad in comparison to others. I think better just add some acceleration to speed workers.

    Like + 2 +3 +5 for 1-2 era, 3-4 era, 5-6 era.

    This topic looks like cry of the baby: "They are better than me, punish them!"

    If they can buy worker just to cancel him for you and they wouldnt suffer from such waste of money it means that they just better than your asso.

    They better in terms of online, coordination, ingame money or real money, or something else or from all perspectives but still better.

    P.S. Donations has miserable effect on the game, they just earning more than you, that's all.

    The licence does it's work but you don't mention it because it's shorten in the garantee price.

    No, it doesn't. Because

    so when the garantee price is 100, the basic price is 70 the licence earnings are 10 you get it filled till 100 with or without licence.

    actual profit in this case from it is 0.

    But it says that it is > 0. And that's obviously a lie.

    That is the profit that you have earned on the licence itself and gives exactly what you have earned with the licence

    There is one exception: when you has a newbie hat and it's keeping price for your good. In this situation your licence will tell you that it's doing something but it doesnt.

    Festival server career achievements are completely unique and have no effect on the regular career achievements.

    Thanks, now I think that there is no point to join for me, because for winnig on my regular server I will get 2000 career points, but for winning on festival server I will get only 1000.

    The issue called back then is, if I remember correctly, that the first few levels of HQ pay way too much prestige for the price invested (more than the 1PP for 10k $, that is already a cheap ratio at the end). But since I don't remember the numbers, and don't really care..

    These prestige for first levels is tiny anyway, you can't win round only because of it (cooldown for changing corp is still 24hours)

    I think we should limit the number of times you can change corporations/associations in one game round. - I think 3 is reasonable.

    There is a particular group of players on my primary server that have found a serious way to abuse game mechanics. They are all top players, with large resources at their disposal and every few days they disband the corporation and start a new one. This allows them to maintain cheap easy to acquire bonus prestige workers and other desirable workers at a much cheaper rate, because instead of bidding against the top largest corps, they are bidding against small, low prestige newbie associations without knowledge or cash. While they may not have a very high ranked Association, the individual players are gaining tens even hundreds of thousands more prestige than other more honest players in the top ranks.

    I think it's okay because such strategy has it's own cons:
    1. Spending gold for worker slots
    2. Lack of video's
    3. More online to collect all trainstation bonuses in time
    4. Missing top corp achievement
    5. Not top prestige in the endgame
    6. Every player missing worker bid is crucial
    7. Anybody can use this strategy and beat you with your own weapon
    I think it's good that game has such mechanics because it's providing variability, which is good for the game.

    I dont agree with you. Your method requires a lot of real time. You can earn 2k+ (and a lot of plus days) in half of round if you know how to do it (but it depends on your online as well).

    I assume the idea behind trainspotters is to get people to log on more frequently. I am not a fan. I suggest special orders as an alternative. Every 2-3 hours a small side order could be announced, example:. deliver 50 tons coal to the ironworks. Rewards would be payed for completion.

    I don't like the idea, because it is just another sort of competitions, which we already have in the game.
    And some questions for you about working of that system:
    1. If I have some cities will such quests appear for all of them or just for my homecity?
    2. Will it be same between all players in that city?
    3. What kind of rewards and in which amount, how they will scale through the game?
    Actually I don't think that logging in every 5 hour during the day is a problem (current trainspotters rate). You should want to do it to feel "okay" during the round.

    and the but is : you need fail-safes, to ensure that the people that can benefit from this pool of RP, are not active people that use it to get the best trains at the beginning of each era more quickly, but really your teammates in need at the end of an era. And there arises the issue. How to separate automatically who can benefit, and who cannot.

    But I like the basic idea, it's always painful to finish all researches and have that one teammate that couldn't finish the full olympus in time for X or Y reason, and it's a team game, so why not.

    I think if research points can be tooked from bank only in the second part of each era( days 7 - 14, 3-7 for express) it will be okay.

    0. The only way to get an industry to level up is to get occupancy rates over 50% and keep it there for as many cycles as is needed. Formula of progress: (occupancy - 50)/10 ( on express 2* (occupancy - 50)/10) and bordered with 25 (50 for express) because occupancy is bordered with 300%
    1. A lot of investments increases current progress to the next level of industry ( but cant increase it more than 99%). You can look at this in the endgame.
    2. During the round there is >80% of production of your industry is delivering by your association, so investments helps you to grow industry faster.

    The first few hours, I found it a bit too good that the packages, that you can buy every hour, gave so much coins, compared to quests. And then, arised the real issue, IMO. The changing prices are very predictible. Right now, I'm making circa 1'000 coins / hour. Tomorrow, it will be 2000 or 3000. The last day of the event, I'll spend my day buying event tickets I suppose. And we don't really coordinate that much, we are only like 3 to 5 ppl from my corp doing it simultaneously.

    You are completely right, I'm making 10k+/hour now

    Greetings, I have a question (and sorry about mistakes):
    Does event engine adjust their parameters in future era's after I got it?
    Let me explain:
    If I get an engine in era 2, will it became better in 3,4,5,6 era's? Or it will be some sort of Bull engine for the rest of the round?