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    Dear players,

    the Winter Event will soon start! Aren't you excited?

    You can find more information about the Winter Event on our Blog.

    The event will be active on all game worlds, with a few exceptions:

    - Masters 4 servers

    - DE-7, DE-204, GR-1, RU-105, IT-1, PL-11, CZ-3, CZ-7, US-103 (these servers are near/in endgame or offline).

    Have fun and enjoy the winter season!

    Your Rail Nation team

    Community Ambassadors: Workshop Meeting Notes

    Dear players,

    we are pleased to announce the publication of the Community Ambassador Trello board. On this board you can see the progress of the voted bugs and the meeting notes from each workshop.

    Please remember that the purpose of this Ambassador program is to have a clear channel of communication directly between the Rail Nation Team and the community. From this, the Ambassadors can explain how these bugs impact the community and the Rail Nation Team can not only gain a better understanding of the issue but also provide details of the limitations they face so that a potential resolution can be found that satisfies both the community and Rail Nation Team.

    This process takes multiple steps, information gathering and deeper investigation from both the Rail Nation Team and the ambassadors. So, keep in mind that time is needed to complete these steps.

    Known bug list

    We've heard the requests from the community to provide a list of bugs reported to us, prior to the Ambassador program. We've now provided the ambassadors with this list so that they can better facilitate the selection and understanding of the bugs you report for the workshop.

    As the list is rather extensive, it will only be made available to the ambassadors. However, we will add a list of 45 known bugs that the Rail Nation Team have recorded as a high priority based on your previous reports. Please take a look at this list and let the ambassadors know if anything is missing or incorrect.

    Click ➡️ here ⬅️ for list.

    The Trello board

    You can access the board via ➡️ this link ⬅️.

    The board is set up in a step-by-step progression system, from left (reported bugs) to right (done or fixed bugs).

    You can look at the "cards" under the workshop list, called "meeting notes" in order to review the meeting notes.

    Please note the board is in English, however your ambassador should be able to help you navigate and understand the setup. So, feel free to reach out to an ambassador for any clarification on the topics discussed in the workshop.

    We hope this helps bring a better understanding to the entire community and look forward to seeing the continued positive efforts from the Ambassadors in this program.

    Many thanks,

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Cari giocatori,

    sfortunatamente, a causa di un problema riscontrato oggi dal nostro provider, la lobby di gioco è stata inaccessibile per un breve periodo.

    Ci scusiamo per l'inconveniente causato e apprezziamo la pazienza dimostrata durante la risoluzione del problema!

    Il team Rail Nation

    Dear Players,

    It has been brought to our attention that there was a bug for the worker bonus on Platform X: Titans Of Economy as well as some other game worlds. There was a 10 minute window of downtime but this bug has now been resolved on Platform X: Titans Of Economy and everything should now be working correctly. The remaining game worlds will be corrected next week, which will also result in a small amount of downtime.

    Many thanks to those who brought it to our attention and thank you for your continued feedback and patience. It is truly appreciated!

    Your Rail Nation team