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    Rail Nation Official Stream: The Community Concourse

    On 7th June 2021 at 18:00 - 19:30 CEST, join Community Communication Manager, DippyNikki, in our first official Rail Nation Community live stream!

    As a first in a planned series, the Community Concourse streams will focus on bringing the latest information to the community about upcoming events in-game.


    • Welcome and what’s to come
    • The next Platform X
    • Q&A
    • Surprise announcement

    Submit your questions!

    To make sure we answer your questions correctly, please submit anything you would like to DippyNikki via the following channels:

    You can ask anything related to the game or specifically to DippyNikki about her role. However, be aware that not all questions can be answered depending on the number of questions submitted. Please also note that the community conduct rules still apply, so make sure you do not submit anything that breaks the rules.

    If there is enough time during the stream, we may take questions from the chat.

    We cannot wait to share all the new and exciting plans for Rail Nation with you all and hope that you can join us on the day.

    Join the Live Stream >> here <<!

    See you soon,

    Your Rail Nation team


    Below, you can find this announcement translated in more languages. Click on the language button to open the full text.

    This song (and artist) will stay in my heart forever, and I would never get bored listening to this masterpiece. :)

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    there was an issue with the game earlier today, but it was fixed in a short time. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused!

    Wish you all a good evening!

    My new Mantra:
    "An error has occurred whilst loading "all.min.js". Please reload the page. If the problem persists, please contact our game support."


    Please contact us at Support ( or, according to the server you play on) and tell us more details about the problem you hve posted. I haven't heard of this issue so far. Any details are appreciated (how you access the game -- browser/app, what version does it have; clearing cookies & cache / app's cache doesn't help? have you tried from other browsers / devices etc.) And where does this issue appear - when you try to connect to the server, or during a game action?




    If this is about US102 Grand Central: the update was necessary in order to fix a very serious bug (if you know the case from previously ended server rounds - there was a bug that would've made all megacity transports reset at midnight, when the daily calculations are made and because of this all players that have transported goods have suffered major losses in prestige points; to prevent that from happening on US102 as well, we had to put the server in maintenance).

    We're sorry for the inconveniences caused!

    Update: Due to technical reasons the lobby name will be the standard name instead of the, earlier announced, first processed forum account.

    Example: My lobby account is "RN William". The first migrated forum account is only "William". The linked account in the new forum will be "RN William".

    Also the forum will stay offline until 4th October, instead of 30th September 2017.

    Dear players,

    A new round of COM-202 Loch Ness (Steam over Europe version) will start on Tuesday, September 12th, at 12 pm UTC.

    Keep in mind that due to unexpected events the planning can change and a delay is possible.

    Happy hauling everyone!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    The Boku Platform (SMS provider) will be unavailable for up to 1 hour in the 3 hour window between 5am and 8am UTC (1 - 4 am EDT) on Sept 10th 2017. This maintenance window is mandated by an upstream technical provider who are upgrading equipment.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience!

    Your Rail Nation Team