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    Changelog version 4.2.0

    Bug fixes:

    RN-15414 Fixed an error that asked for the purchase of waggons for the career engine in tutorial step 1
    RN-14921 Fixed an error that caused different values to be displayed for speed and acceleration in the career engine's train details
    RN-14857 Fixed a display error of the boost duration
    RN-14816 The career engine can no longer be moved to the museum
    RN-14818 Fixed a display error of the mechanic's duration
    RN-14802 URLs in messages and in chat can be opened again by clicking on them
    RN-14725 Videos watched for association members now correctly count towards a player's own career achievement 'Movie buff'
    RN-14641 It's no longer possible to spend Gold on bonus engine upgrades as a sitter
    RN-14474 Fixed an error that caused windows to become inoperable after the AFK screen appeared
    RN-14169 Even during era changes, bonus engine competitions now award the prize that was displayed when the competition was generated
    RN-14140 Fixed an error that caused the chat size to change whenever the chat channel was changed
    RN-14094 Adjusted a number of windows to prevent them from opening up behind other windows
    RN-14066 Information about a purchased super starter package and the career engine is now shown correctly upon the first login on a server
    RN-13971 Fixed an error that meant the career engine wasn't available in the game world right after unlocking it
    RN-13883 When copying schedules, the schedule of the source train is no longer reset
    RN-13593 The surprise prize of the login bonus now correctly shows the Plus Account duration in days instead of hours
    RN-13513 The daily login bonus can now be collected correctly before and after a change of day, without the need for a reload
    RN-13490 Fixed an error that showed the wrong route of a train that was underway
    RN-13290 Off-loading animation is no longer shown for parked trains
    RN-13217 Fixed an error that sometimes meant players could chat during the initial 13 tutorial steps
    RN-13025 Fixed a rounding error for prestige rewards in the competition window
    RN-12938 Fixed an error in the purchase info text of the researcher
    RN-12925 Fixed an error that caused notifications regarding changes in friendly/rival status to be sent to the player's own association
    RN-12909 Fixed an error that caused the back and first-rank button in the transport ranking of an industry to malfunction
    RN-12901 Stock bar of transported goods is now shown correctly in relation to the first rank in industries
    RN-11781 Performance noticeably improved when purchasing multiple engines
    RN-11737 Longer names are now correctly shown in the avatar window again
    RN-11730 It's no longer possible to get Gold from tutorial tasks after the end of the endgame
    RN-11724 Fixed an error that caused the display of a wrong error message (missing money) on the research screen when insufficient research points were available
    RN-11698 English: Fixed interchanged variables in the engine boost text
    RN-11621 Fixed an error that allowed for the selection of the train list's context menu when observing players
    RN-11580 The train station of applicants can no longer be accessed via the arrows on the train station
    RN-11472 Fixed an error that caused the chat to always scroll back to the beginning of the log
    RN-11150 Fixed an error that caused birds to fly above planes
    RN-10966 Friendship request notifications now also arrive when the message window is open
    RN-10954 Entries of deleted players now correctly show the author as 'DELETED' again
    RN-10725 Fixed an error that caused a minimised chat to be displayed as empty
    RN-10297 Fixed an error that prevented sitters from selling engines, despite being given permission to do so
    RN-8744 Adjusted the ranking container, so that more than 5 title icons can be displayed
    RN-8615 Simplified the labelling of the buttons in the confirmation window to cancel laying new tracks
    RN-8522 Added a help text about the halving of the waiting time
    RN-8405 The number of available instant dispatch vouchers is now shown in the lottery window correctly again
    RN-8260 Instant dispatches via mouseover now correctly use available vouchers
    RN-7885 Fixed an error that meant not all players were displayed in the competition tooltip
    RN-7551 Fixed an error that caused the industry majority to be displayed with only 33% of the investment sum
    RN-6942 Adjusted the error notification when collecting building bonuses, if they were already collected by another association member
    RN-6121 Fixed an error that sometimes caused confirmed friends' avatars to still be shown as transparent
    RN-5021 Fixed an error that caused purchased avatar items to still be shown in the department store
    RN-3564 Fixed an error that allowed the industry growth progress to climb above 100% without levelling-up the industry
    RN-2780 Fixed an error where login bonuses prevented the continuation of the game after the end of the endgame

    New features

    Help Center:

    • Replaces the ticket system used so far
    • All tickets from all servers are collected together in the Help Center
    • The ticket status can be viewed at any time
    • The in-game 'Support' button opens a new browser tab for the Help Center
    • Links to the game rules, the forum and the Rail Nation Answers can now also be found in the Help Center

    Plus Account:

    The Plus Account was extended by a number of features:

    • Save and load schedules and schedule sets
    • Filter to set the preferred servicing level for engines
    • Detailed prestige overview (only for new worlds)
    • Guaranteed bonus video

    The price of the new Plus Account will be 150 Gold. During the transition period until 31st October 2017, the new Plus Account will be available at a discounted 100 Gold. For technical reasons, the duration is split into 2x six weeks.


    Licences purchased using a coupon will now need a licence slot. The coupon was only ever meant to substitute the money and gold costs

    Changelog USA version 1.2.5

    Help Center will be implemented:

    • Replaces the ticket system used so far
    • All tickets from all servers are collected together in the Help Center
    • The ticket status can be viewed at any time
    • The in-game 'Support' button opens a new browser tab for the Help Center
    • Links to the game rules, the forum and the Rail Nation Answers can now also be found in the Help Center

    Dear players,

    This week we will update several Rail Nation servers, which means the servers will be unavailable for the specified timeframes.
    You can find all downtimes in the list below.

    Wednesday, August 02nd
    08:30 - 09:30 am UTC


    Thursday, August 03rd (update was postponed; no date yet)
    08:30 - 09:30 am UTC


    We are sorry for the inconveniences this may cause!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    The chat

    The chat has received a general overhaul. The new version will be available on USA and Europe servers.

    • All messages can now be highlighted and copied freely
    • The chat can now be fully collapsed
    • The chat window is now freely movable and scalable
    • Improved chat readability
    • More stable chat server connection
    • The following tabs are now adopted from classic chat: world, association, city, countries, regions and private
    • The combi chat from Steam over Europe remained

    Dear players,

    US-101 Golden Gate will be unavailable between 08:15 - 08:45am UTC (04:15 - 04:45am EDT) on Thursday, July 27th. The update is necessary for technical issues.

    We're sorry for the inconveniences this may cause!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    What are widgets?

    • Widgets are powerful helpers that bundle information on specific topics
    • In the form of lists, you can place, move and scale widgets individually on your screen

    What widgets are available?

    • There are currently four widgets available with the following features

      • Association

        • Members
        • Online status
        • Station bonuses (collectable)
        • Videos (collectable)
        • Applicants (accept / decline)
        • Player context menu

      • Trains (up to 5 times)
      • Schedule
      • Condition
      • Profit
      • Info Icons (Boost / Mechanic / Upgrade)
      • Move with drag & drop
      • Centering
      • Train context menu
      • Goods
      • Placement
      • Level
      • Centering
      • City Screen
      • Info (Location / Time / Reward)
      • Application
      • Participants
      • Centering
      • Competition context menu
      • Cities
      • Competitions

    • More widgets are already planned

    The widgets will only be available on USA and Steam over Europe scenarios.

    The new PLUS Account

    The new PLUS account contains the full scope of the old one. Four additional features will be introduced to all scenarios:

    • Save single schedules and schedule sets
    • Filter for servicing your engines
    • Guaranteed bonus video
    • Detailed prestige overview

    The first three features will be available immediately after a server is updated on version 4.2.0. The detailed prestige overview will be enabled when a game world starts into a new round.


    The price of the PLUS account will increase for the first time: the new price will be 150 gold.

    We won’t increase it immediately after release; there will be a transition period until the end of October, where you can buy the extended PLUS account for 100 gold to get to know the new content at no extra charge.

    These were the words we hid:


    The winners are:

    • 1st place: Branson with 20 correct words! Congratulations! (Caesar Saladius, COM101 Rocky Mountains)
    • 2nd place: Aigi9 with 19 words (Aigi9, COM101 Rocky Mountains)
    • 3rd place: Rascal the Cat with 19 words as well (Rascal the Cat, COM202 Loch Ness)

    Congratulations, your prizes have been added.

    Below you can see the list of participants and how many correct words they've found (in the order they have posted):

    Aigi9 – 19 words
    Rascal the Cat – 19
    vendeen – 19
    eternalove – 19
    mopyfish – 18
    wuz - 19
    Golden 18
    GoRobo – 18
    Ogarth – 17
    ragnahl - 17
    snugz966 – 17
    Branson – 20
    Cyrus-K-Holiday – 13
    trainset - 18
    lacidd23 - 16

    We do not accept as correct answers abbreviations or shorter forms (e.g. USA or gas, toy, even mispelled words such as ton)

    We hope you had fun with this contest. Was it too hard? Do you have any suggestions for similar contests? Let us know what you think of it.

    Kind regards,


    Community Manager
    Rail Nation COM & US

    Dear railway fans,

    We sat together with players and evaluated a lot of feedback. The new HUD combines parts of the classic and Steam over Europe interface, but also brings along a lot of new things.

    More clarity:

    • The bottom navigation bar is more compact, so it doesn’t cover too much space of the map anymore. We removed the thick blue bar.
    • We tidied up at the top as well. The avatar is now collapsible and the info bar has been compressed. This can be seen very well on the era progress bar.
    • The chat can be completely folded, or scaled and moved as desired.
    • The buttons for support and settings can now again be found on the upper right, as in the classic interface. Navigation tools are located at the lower right.
    • The route expansion buttons are no longer as obtrusive - which is especially noticeable when zooming.

    More readability:

    • We removed the texts with a black outline, as they have often been criticized as illegible.
    • The chat window is no longer transparent.

    More consistency:

    • Many different shapes were used in the HUD of the Steam over Europe. There were round and cornered elements - and even rounded corners. Now everything has been adjusted and the interface is more homogeneous.
    • We have received lots of feedback that the UI was too colorful and ruffled. That is why we have reduced and desaturated the colors. We also removed gradients.

    More comfort:

    • We have placed new buttons in the HUD

      • Purchase engine screen: This saves you the way via the train list.
      • Mute button: All sounds can be muted at one click. This was often desired!
      • Sitter: Here you can see your sitted accounts at one glance and whether you can log in currently. With two clicks you can start the sitter mode.

    • Tooltips and indicators are now available for all menu items. So you can quickly gather important information, such as pending upgrades, locomotives without schedules or the status of company headquarters and worker auctions.

    More ... is going to come:

    The change is not yet complete. The individual windows of the user interface are still identical to Steam over Europe at the moment. However, we are working on an adaptation to the style of the new HUD and will return to centered rather than left-aligned versions with some screens.

    Watch the video where the HUD is explained by Thomas (in-house Community Manager for Rail Nation). English subtitles are available, just activate the CC.

    Dear players,

    Yesterday afternoon (July 13th) the Clash minigame had the problem of not letting any players into the game, that had non-alphanumerical (space sign, special characters like coma, points, á, etc) signs in characters in their avatar name.
    The issue was fixed this morning at around 07:00 am UTC (3am EDT).

    All players affected by the bug will receive 5 extra games on Monday, July 17th.

    We're sorry for the inconveniences caused!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Ohw no, all letters of the station signs have fallen off. :confused:
    Can you help William (Elijah) restore the signs, so our passengers know where they have to go and what they see?

    There are 20 game related words hidden in this picture. Please make a post here and tell us which words you found.

    (You can upload an image: either by using Insert option on the forum, or by using an uploading website; Or you can just write the list of the words)

    This competition runs from Friday 14.07.2017 to Monday 17.07.2017, at 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT).

    The first 3 players that were able to find the words will get the following prizes:

    Number 1 will get 150 gold and 5 lotery tickets
    Number 2 will get 150 gold and 3 lotery tickets
    Number 3 will get 150 gold and 1 lotery ticket.

    In case nobody finds all the words, the award will go to the participants with the most correct words.

    Search carefully and have fun! :D

    Your Rail Nation Team



    - This contest is available for COM & US players only.
    - Beside the solution, please mention in your message the nickname of your account and the server you want the prize on, in case you will win.
    - The entries will be visible only after the contest has ended.

    Dear railway fans,

    Have you planned your summer holiday yet?

    Why not send us a postcard:

    Rail Nation
    Bright Future GmbH
    Gustav-Heinemann-Ufer 56
    50968 Cologne

    Write us your avatar and server name and tell us from where you sent us the card.

    All participants will receive 100 Gold.
    If there's a railway theme on the postcard, you'll even get 200 Gold! :D

    Each avatar can only take part once - so send us your postcard from your most exciting holiday location!
    If you don't plan to go on holiday, you can just send a postcard from home too. That way, we'll collect quite a number of exciting places and countries.

    We're going to display all submissions on a map.

    Entry closes on 1st October 2017.

    We look forward to your postcards!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear railway fans,

    A completely new challenge has started with Rail Nation: Clash!

    Thrills, fun and amazing prizes await you!

    You can play five rounds of Rail Nation: Clash! in the Rail Nation career every day until 19th July 2017 and collect points. The ranking always tells you which place you're currently in.

    Compete against all of the Rail Nation community!

    You need career level 2 or above to take part.

    We wish you lots of fun!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    A new round of US-101 Golden Gate (USA scenario) will start on Tuesday, June 20th, at 2:00 pm UTC (10:00 am EDT).

    Keep in mind that due to unexpected events the planning can change and a delay is possible.

    Happy hauling everyone!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    The correct answer is: Era 5 Centaur Serie Ce 6/8 (crocodile)

    The winners are:

    #32 Porsois, COM05 Cylinder Head (Express)
    #17 Lazy Gamer, COM03 Smoke Chamber
    #23 Milliye, COM-03 Smoke chamber

    (selected randomly, with the help of

    Congratulations! Your prizes have been added.

    We would like to thank to all participants and wish you good luck on our future contests!

    The Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    When cleaning up the graphical designers office last week, we found an interesting print. It looks like someone tried to do something special with one of our trains.

    Do you know which train it is?

    Please post your answer in this thread, along with your nickname and the server you play on (in case you win, you will get your prize on the server you write).

    Among all correct answers we will randomly pick 3 winners and reward them all with 200 Gold each.

    The contest will end on Friday, 16.06.2017, at 15:00 UTC.

    Please note that your answers will be visible only after the contest has finished (to offer a fair chance to everyone).

    - The contest is available for players from COM and US domains only.

    Have fun!

    Your Rail Nation team

    Dear players,

    On Monday, June 12th, between ~8:15 - 9:30 am UTC, the following servers will go under maintenance:

    COM-1 Steam boiler
    COM-2 Firebox
    COM-3 Smoke Chamber
    COM-5 Cylinder Head
    COM-101 Rocky Mountains
    COM-201 Big Ben

    US-1 Crankshaft
    US-102 Grand Central

    We will fix an issue that caused specific achievements not to be transferred to the career at the end of the round.

    We're sorry for the inconveniences!

    Your Rail Nation Team