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    The sort version of the answer is: it is based on the cars.

    the long version starts with.. it is many factors that influence the wait-time for individual players.
    If you mouse-over a waittime you will see the factors. that should keep you busy figuring out what is what for a while :D

    I have been watching the same Railnation / Travian games video's for years there only 3 or 4 my country does not have regional adds (to small marktet to be interesting)

    I have seen each video at least 5.000 times (not exaturated) over the years.

    only occacionally I get some other video's for large companies..

    On mobile I only get the countdown timer, never seen an add there

    but not complaining..

    Or national Health organisation recommends to look away (20 second microbreak) from your screen every 20 minutes. So those video's are the perfect moment for a microbreak :)

    Well, maybe there is a chance for better prizes, but in reality you usually get lottery ticket. So instead of getting lottery ticket + daily bonus, you only get the ticket..

    I agree, after using the new daily login a bit longer, the free lottery ticket seems to be a bit overbearing to put it mildly

    It now feels a bit more like they canceled the daily bonus to only give a free ticket but just announced it in a complicated away and with a full redesign..

    I couldn't see the tonnage, I was just wondering if the new formula was the reason behind the cities being taken to higher levels than normal. It is unusual on TB for the #1 city to be above 40 with #10 generally in the mid 30s.

    For me and my city yes.. there were some speculations about the impact of new rules..

    Under old tonnage level 44 gives 210000. We/ I expected under the new rule expected that to go to 140.000t and then the playernumber multiplier. that would have given my city with approx 130 connected and QTY to haul of about 170.000t. But the real number was 242.000 because the base tonnage was still 210.000. So that was bit of a setback at the beginning of EG.. 72.000t extra then expected had a big impact on how many goods we can complete in an hours.

    I cannot speak for other cities it can also be due to normal competition and chainreactions.. if one city pushes on the other cities want to follow to not start very late.

    now that the formula has been validated. For me I would probably be more inclined to hold back more to keep tonnage low enough for a faster EG..

    HI all,

    I just finished on Towerbrigde with the new balancing and I don't want to repeat to much what have been said before

    Towerbridge is speedserver and always has some 3000-3500 players signing up but active players during EG/last era I estimate to be a 1000 or so..

    So you could say average in amount of players. A EG city well have between 110 and 150 connected with 1 exception this round of 230

    The Top 10 made it to level 44 this time so under old rules 210.000 tonnage, already a rather large amount with 150 connected and usualy 50-80 online on top 3 only..

    the impact of the new multiplier is that cities now need to haul between 210.000 and 307.000

    for my city it was 242K for first set, 247K for second, 248K for next set and 251K for set 4

    Based on that input I feel

    The active player connection rule is a punishment for Average attendence servers. both the higher tonnage as the increase during each set..

    For me it is clear that this rule has been created to solve the problems on very high playernumber servers where connected goes up to 300 400 or even 500.

    But for normal activity servers the rule is not working both definition of active player and the dividor needs more flexibility

    On a speed server the active player criteria of 3 days means during EG the numbers will only go up.. no one who made it as active player to era 6 in a possible EG city, will drop out 3 days before endgame, Era 6 is often the most exciting part of the game as you are position the city for End game..

    The denominator of 100 means the impact is to rigid it impacts all servers regardless if there are any problems with unfair EG, Towerbrigde has always been a balanced server, I think there should be a server specific denominator based on average connections per city.

    So to towerbrigde again. we had 110 at low end and 1 at 230, this was the first time I saw this much. the average of the top 10 was 141,6

    and if you use that as a denominater you get number much closer to the old tonnage for the cities that does not try to trick or out smart the rules..

    the lower cities get rewarded some and the high city is punished for going (too) high.
    The spread of high and low is about the same as current method..

    As you can see the cities with players around average have a tonnage very close to the old number the lower cities will have better numbers and the higher cities have a lot higher.

    For easy compare I used the same formula and only changed the divisor of the formula..

    offcourse if you go this route you may need to tweak the exact formula to put the pain where it needs to be..

    for example you cloud not take the highest city into account for average so that if one city is really oddly high then it will be hit harder by the multiplier

    anyway enough for now.. but EG still needs big improvements and better balancing to help fit all servertypes and scenario's

    Good point to discuss

    Most important stat to look at for wait time reduction is

    Your investment: 0

    For a required good that should be at 2, 3 maybe 4 invests under normal factory usage, then you have the best wait time when you are majority holding asso.

    (the rest of waittime optimation should come from integration // supplying goods and factory occupation rate)

    When the factory occupation is very high 200-300% more invests can bring more waittime reduction

    And also when factory is low stocked on supply goods extra invests can give some quick wait time relief before you get it better stocked.

    Doing more investments will cost a lot of money but wont get you much more advantages..

    So that is some basic invest strategy for when your asso has majority of a good..

    but also for when you are running that industry without majority and no intention to get majority

    When you don't have majority and you need or want to have it... then it is real simpel.. forget about the Your investment and click invest button till you get majority.

    That can be expensive though...

    same strategy applies when you really really want that nr 1 prestige points.

    Personally I have a rule to keep myself from over-investing,

    I try not to pay more than 10.000 - 20.000 for each prestige point from an industry so if you can get 100 prestige I go upto 2.000.000 invests.

    Reason for this strategy is that often if you have 4.000.000 to spend you may be able to get 40 points from 3 factories with the 4 miljon spread out over those, so getting 120 prestige instead of 100 for 4 miljon for a top 1 rank in 1 industry.

    of course if you're lucky you get 100 for 2 miljon and also some 80-100 points on the other 2 industries..

    OSLO just started on Towerbridge they have to haul 242000 with city level 44 and 133 player connected

    That means the multiplier is 3

    and the factor is 0,5


    Level 44 = 70.000

    70.000*3 = 210.000

    133/100^0,5 =1.1532...

    1.1532*210.000 = 242000 (rounded)

    send a bugreport to support on the server, they can see what is going on..

    here it just landing on a big pile and at some point a moderator will ask you to report it ingame because the might be able to fix or validate the bug so it gets priority..

    Do you have suggestions on how to solve them?

    I think that is not that difficult.

    Specificly to the Steam over Europe servers. If you look at the top 5 of a speed server (Towerbridge f.e.) you see that they score a lot of prestige from Transports in upto 50 cities. So what they basicly do is to set 1 train per city hitting all 4 RG and the odd bonus passengertrains on 5 or 10 stop pax routes.

    Another big source is investing in all RG in those cities.. When 2-5 players score more then double on transport or invest prestige compared to no 6-10 in the top 10 of the same server it means there is a big imbalance in the game that is being "exploited"

    When SoE started as a scenario I was able to make top 10 easy with my dedicated team play strategy.. lots of Landmark hauling and city pushes when needed gave me a top 5 ranking on transportprestige easily as no one knew the effect of 1 train per city trick..

    Now I am always between 11-20 individual ranking for the server with that same strategy because a handful of players take advantage of the gaps in the prestige reward logic..

    This effect could simply be solved by killing prestige gathering in other then the own region or significantly reducing prestige that can be gained in other regions.

    The investing prestige can be reduced by not giving prestige for the amount invested but for a combinations of investamount and the Tonnage hauled.

    The object of SoE is very clear Ten regions of 5 cities compete against each other for the win. And other then on American dream or Classic where you can somewhat understand room for Freehauler strategies because in the end every hauler helps the city level faster..
    In SoE it does not make sense to have that freehauler strategy as the dynamic is completely different, you are not allowed to change your region, there is a big prestige bonus for regional winner. But the only way to win the personal ranking is by ignoring all those features

    I do think the Freehaulers strategy can be part of the game but not on every scenario.. It also makes the game as a whole more interesting if various scenario's require completely different strategy. you can even have a "Grand slam" achievement for players who made top 10 in all 3 scenario's

    At present you see a couple of the same names doing the same trick of hauling in all cities with 1 train across all scenario's, there is no real strategy, it is a trick that is repeated on every server just because it gives high prestige..

    I would like to have all the goods as Emoji to use in the Ingame messaging system.

    This way calls can be made more clear some goods are easily confused. like steel and stainless steel or copper and copper ore.

    with the good icons as emoji most mistakes can be prevented..

    Also with multilingual servers it can be helpful in communications..

    It is the end of the month, a lot of that type of maps / gamestatistic sites are hosted on free or low cost servers which have a monthly limit for traffic / page visit. if you exceed that you eigther have to upgrade your package or the site is offline until the new month start.

    So that is my guess of what is going on.

    Since we just had an introduction of Origin Journey server and they have the map, my guess is that they had a lot of extra visitors this month..

    this is another map tool I use. but does not have the origin map..

    RailNation Europe Map by sourcehunter

    People in the asso I play are still asking all the time what is the best train after the pioneers update and changes to trains.

    Some are still using the "old" best trains

    Changing stats every round sounds like to much hassle for most players. what I would like is to have more destinctive differences.. so that is worth buying multiple type of trains instead of just picking the best average train for the era.

    What I would like also as a new feature on trains is that there is a fifth slot to research that is flexible.

    On that slot you can pick any of the 4 available upgrades but only 1 can be in effect to add 1 wagon or 10% extra speed or 2 accellaration points or 20% reliability and you can change your choice after each hourly recalculation.

    how much is added could vary per train.

    That way you have some influence on creating the perfect train for the job. put a higher topspeed if you are doning a 5 track good.

    add some accellaration if you are doing short haul or supply runs. or add an extra wagon if you are pushing levelup and better reliability might be the best pick for overnight hauling

    choice you make for the extra slot applies to all trains of that type. so that is will make it more inviting to run several types of trains and setting them up differently. to do all needed tasks

    There could also be some negative effect.

    if you add 1 extra wagon then accelleration drops a few points

    if you apply top speed or accelleration the reliability wil drop faster

    if you apply reliability the topspeed drops a bit

    those are the type of changes that are both realistic and easy to manage for most players.