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    It is the end of the month, a lot of that type of maps / gamestatistic sites are hosted on free or low cost servers which have a monthly limit for traffic / page visit. if you exceed that you eigther have to upgrade your package or the site is offline until the new month start.

    So that is my guess of what is going on.

    Since we just had an introduction of Origin Journey server and they have the map, my guess is that they had a lot of extra visitors this month..

    this is another map tool I use. but does not have the origin map..

    RailNation Europe Map by sourcehunter

    People in the asso I play are still asking all the time what is the best train after the pioneers update and changes to trains.

    Some are still using the "old" best trains

    Changing stats every round sounds like to much hassle for most players. what I would like is to have more destinctive differences.. so that is worth buying multiple type of trains instead of just picking the best average train for the era.

    What I would like also as a new feature on trains is that there is a fifth slot to research that is flexible.

    On that slot you can pick any of the 4 available upgrades but only 1 can be in effect to add 1 wagon or 10% extra speed or 2 accellaration points or 20% reliability and you can change your choice after each hourly recalculation.

    how much is added could vary per train.

    That way you have some influence on creating the perfect train for the job. put a higher topspeed if you are doning a 5 track good.

    add some accellaration if you are doing short haul or supply runs. or add an extra wagon if you are pushing levelup and better reliability might be the best pick for overnight hauling

    choice you make for the extra slot applies to all trains of that type. so that is will make it more inviting to run several types of trains and setting them up differently. to do all needed tasks

    There could also be some negative effect.

    if you add 1 extra wagon then accelleration drops a few points

    if you apply top speed or accelleration the reliability wil drop faster

    if you apply reliability the topspeed drops a bit

    those are the type of changes that are both realistic and easy to manage for most players.

    first feedback..

    Great offer to have a mailcampaign for 7 days plus and 150 gold..

    just too bad I got the mail 1 hour after start and registering on .com world..

    ofcourse it did not work any more as it is a regisitering bonus..

    So for anyone not yet started check your mail for the offer before registering..

    I entered a support ticket and 7 day plus and 150 gold was added to my account on the .com Origin server.

    My guess would also be a german speaking area, Swiss- Austria - Germany.

    The largest customerbase is in the German speaking region and Swiss and Austria are idilic locations for trainrides.
    Also in customer surveys it has been chosen as one of the favorite options.

    Servers get announced for next week each friday on FB.
    The Forum moderator will place announcements here regularly once the new starttime is known (to him)

    so either check fb on friday or check forum regularly to see the new startdate.

    normally there is 7-10 days between end of EG and start of server.

    sometimes it is a little longer (~14 days) if an update has to be installed before server start.

    Not all achievements will be achievable on all scenario's
    So on a USA server the complete research of tech tree is an easy to do achievement on SoE it is not.

    Being mayor for X days or being president for x days can also only be Achieved on SoE. Not on Classic or USA.

    West vs East can is only achievable on USA server.

    So there is no need to change the RP cost, the achievement is just a bit harder on SoE to do than on other scenario's

    And from experience, it is not impossible, I have been able to completly research era 1 thru 5 on 2 SoE speedserver with ease when reseacher / plus is active all round.. j is Biffest change is that the era tech tree is not filled on Era change.

    So in Era 3 or 4 I start backfilling era 1 and 2 once the best trains of era 3 and 4 are researched.

    So basicly you need a bit more planning and may want to get a few RP - workers and compete in RP competitions during the round just to make life a bit easier.

    Since 12 servers are only half filled( 75-80 regs) last time I looked..

    It could be an option to reopen some servers for registration in the first two days. With the pile of gold falling behind should not be as big of an issue as normal

    How many bonusses you get really depends on how many you collect. In december I had a lot of playing time so I collected every 3-4 hours all trainspotters and I got a 5 prices in 6 weeks of the speed server.

    So I think there is a high number of approx 300 trainspotters you need to collect before you get a price. so if you collect 10 once a day it can take 30 days before reaching that number. (simplied example of workings and what to expect)

    What are the prizes for winners of the round?
    We intentionally did not make a competition out of it (like with Masters). Festival server is all about giving each and everyone a chance to play however they want under the exact same circumstances.

    an entry fee of 2000 gold equals roughly 33 euro.
    I really do not understand this choice for such a high entry fee.
    I do not have any servers where I have a spare balance of 2000 gold and I'm certainly not gonna pay 33 euro to join a special event

    If I want 2000 gold per era and exact same circumstances (based on gold use) I go play a PRT server.

    Instead of a bank where one or two persons decide where they go you could also
    make a
    "Ask for help from asso members" function in sort of a points market so players can ask for help from other members.

    fail-saves would be.
    - Helpers can only donate if they have that trains and/or upgrade already researched.
    - 1 helper can only donate X points per day to one player. max. number of points increase per era

    this way you would also encourage team play because multiple ppl need to help and because players must ask in a "points market" only active ppl can do it.

    Also a threshold to do it only in week 2 of an era to prevent abuse of ppl being pushed ahead

    The adjustments are understandable.
    I'm just a bit "annoyed" that you guys get surprised almost event and new feature. You really need something like an abuse squad, a bit like "ethical hackers". I have a feeling that PRT servers are used by some to see what is coming and how they can "break" it and not to help debug the game or event.
    Too often end results are impacted by exploiters of flaws to take the ((best) winnings.

    This event is still good as it has a lot of small prices to keep it fun and worth playing so that is something good to build on.
    And I'm sure that there are a lot of fixes that can be put in to avoid coins running up this much.

    I like the ingame minigame more than the lobby game.. mostly because I do not like logging out and logging in somewhere else I do enough of that switching between servers. Also like the part that the minigame can contribute to your active game.

    or follow the weekly roster on the fb page

    com203 is not on coming week 49 announcement so it will be dec 8th earliest

    good to remember
    - server is always online for approx 2 days after ending to check and compare scores, say goodbye (or make plans for next round)

    From my personal experience::
    normally restart is between 5-8 days after end of EG.
    when a serverupdate needs to be done it can be 1-2 days longer

    for towerbridge there is an update needed as winterevent and update were postponed to not interfere with the endgame.
    so I expect restart not earlier then december 9 or 10

    I am not going for either; both options will only cost the game more players. the game is already difficult enough with the new trains and if you are going to raise the levels of the laboratory even more then you hit the players who are playing it for fun. I applaud improvement and I think it's good that Travian listens to the players but I think travian does not put all the "improvements" into the game so quickly in succession.

    I think you missed the point.
    What they are going to build with the split lab is that you can build out the lab in a way that suits your playing style.

    At current settings your lab will fill up in 12-16 hours depending on if reseacher is active or not.

    You will have two options
    option 1 if you are a player that logs in 3-4 times a day you do not need a high storage limit for Research points (RP) because every time you login you use your points on research. so you choose go for a bit faster in generating RP but at the risk of losing out points if your storage capacity is too small when you miss a login session.

    option 2. You are an easy going player that logs in maybe 1 or 2 times a day max, so on most days your lab will be full after 14 hours on average so you currently you miss the points generated after 12-16 hours. With the new lab option you can expand your lab to a level to store points generated over a 24 hour period meaning you wont lose any points and even as a low activity player you can still research the best trains because you can store more points and don't lose points anymore because the lab storage is full.