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    I agree, I have NEVER gotten an upgrade in the first 14 video's, more like 25 or 30.

    I feel that the person that spends a lot of time on line is being punished by the limit of videos that can be watched. The videos help gain prestige for both the member and the team. If there is going to be a limit make it a limit of watching other members videos, but your own should be unlimited so you can earn some money and prestige.

    Station bonuses for plus accounts not coming up. Factories not showing up. And it was said the end of bugs with HTML5. I knew that was a lie. This game is worse than ever!!!

    Here's and idea that perhaps the developers might consider. How about when you upgrade your station buildings i.e. hotel, restaurant etc. When the timer reads 0 the building should implode and the new upgrade rises from the smoke. I think that would be a cool effect. Not sure, however, if it can be done. Just something I've been thinking about. Any comments?

    I agree with these 2 members. It seems like toward the end game cities start slowing down to drop to 5th or lower place. That slows down the game and makes it boring. A simple solution would be this:

    City finishing 10th has to haul the most tons of each good, then incrementally lower the tonnage by maybe 1,000 tons for each place higher. That way 10th place hauls, say, 200,000 tons, 9th 199,00, 8th 198,000 etc till the number one city only has to haul 191,000. Something similar to that should be implemented to make it worth more to finish first, and thus make the game more interesting and competitive.

    How long have you played Rail Nation?
    - About 3 years

    Favorite goods to transport?
    - Whatever goods the city needs

    Favorite Rail Nation scenario?
    - Rocky Mountains

    Strangest / Coolest place I’ve ever player Rail Nation?
    - In an airport

    Favorite Rail Nation era?
    - The end game

    Favorite endgame snack or treat?
    - Potato chips

    Any other railway themed hobbies?
    - No

    Pick local goods from your home country, that you would like to see in Rail Nation?

    Favorite railway-related movie?
    - Not much of a movie fan

    Favorite railway-related song?
    - The Gambler