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    kan iemand de juiste situatie uitleggen voor het eindspel x platform, tonnage berekening , tov plaats en aantal stadpersonen???

    can someone explain the right situation for the endgame x platform, tonnage calculation, relative to place and number of city persons ???

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    good morning

    I recently had an unexplained image in my video popup

    I don't know what this means

    I opened it and allowed 1 item but no further effect

    the result is that I can no longer open and / or view videos

    the port

    for the moment the port is not a piece in this game,

    so I propose that a factory product from era 1 be randomly present in each port as an export product at the start of era 2

    then at least I can import something from every port

    I know that in era 1 no, or very few, transports are possible, but from era 2 a little inport could still do

    this problem appears on ptr3 endgame

    I have a small problem with the endgame, every time we have a recalculation, stop the counter at 2 seconds from the end, to see the situation further, I have to log in again for example, it is possible that the next period is already underway for several minutes before you notice this

    hello I tried to post a message on forum ptr,, I do not get in when, I try to sign me back he does not accept me as I already exist,is the forum already accessible or not yet?

    it's nice to admire all that work, unfortunately I do not get to understand how to use that calculatorok a choice one for a train and the waiting time fill in ok, but the rest I do not understand too wellcity a left city a right and all that filling in there I do not come to a decisioncan you please give a manual

    so i can find rights , i only see that i can use a name of a other player but was his rights are is not very clear
    i think all the function ho cost money or gold are disposable ,so the saving and restoring off a timetable setting do not cost anything
    why is this function not valuable, it is very annoying if you try to play a competition for your sitting member, you must set a timetable for each train one by one , and when the competition ends you must reset all the timetables one by one
    so it very difficult to play a competition for your a sitter

    i must sit for this moment, but when i try to save my timetable , i can do this, i always have a fault mention
    is this perhaps not possible in sitter mode


    yes, it is not challenging if you do not see anything like reward, a lottery ticket or like you say 1%, or simply like the other buildings, a rising price per upgrade, you can still report how many trains you can by in the passengers scenario. The window can be equal like the other places

    can anyone tell me what the earnings are for upgrading the station building, if the server does not have passenger trains in the game
    at all other buildings you can see what the result of an investment is, for the station building there is simply better prestige, what does this mean or should we simply not invest


    Senario: all


    -a timer off stopwatch
    -support start competition
    -can also achieve by not letting the start time of the competition (when making a timetable, the time for the start of the competition disappears)
    - is also useful for checking recalculation


    "trainspotter is a person who collects train series numbers and cycle information by taking pictures and writing notes at railway stations and other vantage points"

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