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    all software providers do their updates during the night, why is Travian an exception??? Most of the servers are at CET/CEST time. That's the best time for everybody

    I happen to disagree. It is fine if you are living in Europe but the game is played world wide. So no matter when it happens, someone can't log in. Plus it is way better to have the tech guys there.

    Samisu you and I already had a discussion about the change over. And the game is utterly unplayable now. When it is taking over 5 minutes for the game to even load and still not be completely loaded, there is a major issue. I am using Chrome on a Mac. I even tried to get the game to load using Firefox and nothing. It gets hung up loading.

    If the intention is to get players to leave the game, this will accomplish it. The game loads halfway and stops. I timed it once and it sat there for over 5 minutes. That is totally unacceptable. As it is, RN is late laving flash but to switch over with such bad results, it is embarrassing. Either revert back and fix the issues, or give up.