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    Having a plus account with the insured bonus, and not receiving it is worse, and what would be possible claims of deceptive advertising, paying for something you do not receive, etc., etc.

    They have found a correct and temporary solution with the option of 5 seconds without viewing videos.

    Tener cuenta plus con el bono asegurado, y no recibirlo es peor, y lo que supondría posibles reclamaciones de publicidad engañosa, pagar por algo que no recibes, etc, etc.

    Han encontrado una solución correcta y temporal con la opción de 5 segundos sin visualización de vídeos.

    I would leave it as is.

    But I bring a possibility. That the location be delimited to two regions, at most 3.

    Any player should only be able to connect 10 (15) cities, 2 (3) regions, both adjacent to the home region. And they could not connect with the second region until they had connected the 5 cities of their native region. (With the third, until you have the 10 cities)

    With that, I think there would be fewer birds flying in search of prestige and they would work more on monuments and cities mainly.



    Other games featuring auction mechanics add some more time (e.g. 30sec) after the last bid so that interested bidders could react. Now it is not an auction but a last second steal. :cursing:

    It is annoying that someone else can bid just 1$ more in the last second and steal the worker because I have no chance to react. I would call it not an auction but a mockery.

    Bet hard from the start and don't be stingy, so you might win.

    I will put an impact on technical support again.

    But I will not admit to being asked for the video number, because I can't see it

    And in app for mobile or tablet, you can not see, unless someone knows how and explain it to me.

    That was not the answer on the previous server of El Escorial, when we played the final we had a fall. We were able to finish but we were not compensated.

    What is the difference between this situation and what happened in El Escorial?

    Conversation of the incident:

    Comment removed by CM. Please use English only here on COM/US forum as that is the only moderated and accepted language.

    That a city is overcrowded is a theme of the game, which I also believe already controls it. Another thing is the election of a city by whom it must do so within an association, which should be the President.

    But I will not argue. You think one thing and I think another.

    It is as easy as the president of an association being the only one to choose the city of the next round. As long as he does not choose it, the rest of the players will not be able to pre-register.

    If a player does not want to go to that city, they leave the association during the pre-registration period and choose the one they want.

    I take the opportunity to say that this pre-registration screen could have a lot of weight with other possibilities to introduce, such as being able to add / remove players from an association, fit the avatar from female to male or from male to female.

    The fall of the servers caught us all playing the final, which ended last night, Wednesday, October 9.

    What happened is already bad, but that also happens during a final is worse. If we also cannot access the lottery tickets, it is a total disaster.

    How will we receive the 4 lottery tickets, the ones that have played the final of El Escorial, have already finished?

    Sorry for my English. It's basic.