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    Do we know when to expect career points from the winter event... and/or is there a place we can check our finishing rank?

    I am glad to see it is a known bug, but I would put forth, that since one of the reasons/justifications for raising the price of plus account from 100 to 150 gold was the guaranteed second video, that those of us affected by this, be offered some recompense for all we've lost while the bug is hopefully being fixed.

    As much as I hate to say... this construct is too open to alts.

    Those of us who play only one character per server, it's a great idea...

    but for those who play multi-alts?

    Just an easier way to outbid the rest of us.

    Back to my original post, I'd like to propose a solution?

    How about have the same notifications slide in to the left from the right side bottom **ABOVE** the map navigational buttons, instead of from the bottom right upward, where they interfere. Seems it would be a quick and easy fix.

    I've turned off most of mine, just to avoid the aggravation, but I'd rather turn many of them back on, as they can be helpful.

    Just thinkin.

    Very Nice, thanks Darth Nina! I swore I went hunting for someplace to turn those off at one time when the "new" interface came into play, and had no luck finding those settings.

    Regardless, I do still think that I'd like to have them (or at least some of them) notify me/pop-up, just don't think they should interfere with other buttons that are statically located on the screen!

    I agree that the popups (aside from the WH info one I mentioned in another thread) are important as it relates to city or factory status. My original post was relating to this annoying green box that pops up over the map navigation buttons in the bottom right.

    This is on a desktop pc platform:

    In this case, if I were clicking around the map, or attempting to open the overview map, it would annoyingly take me to my research tree. If it were a notification that a corpmate/friend is on or offline, it would take me to their profile.

    Again, not altogether useless information, but there's no reason that I can see why it needs to popup directly over the map navigation buttons (or on top of any other buttons, for that matter)

    I'm not sure exactly what this popup is supposed to be telling me, when I click on a WH, I already know what I'm gonna do (pick up a good/search for the highest paying good, whatever)... and I curse loudly at it, everytime it gets in my way... could something be done about it? (Move it out of the way, make it go away... something?

    Thanks in advance!

    Apologies if it hadn't been brought up before, I didn't see one, (but I didn't look too hard either, tbh)

    This one just straight up makes me annoyed...

    I'm trying to navigate the map, and a popup occurs directly over zoom in/out or whatever, and takes me to a player's page or (whatever the popup is alerting to)

    I would like AT LEAST the option to turn them off altogether, but it would be fine with me if they popped up elsewhere on the screen too, because they *can* be helpful, although usually they are just annoyances since the location of the popup directly interferes with general gameplay.

    Thanks for your consideration :)