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    Would it help if as part of Lucy's tasks or somewhere else players were asked to double tap the box next to any of the trains? This will select engines of the same type.

    I've seen this wish show up a few times here on forum and it seems many of the players don't know that they can select, for example, all Giraffes with a double tap/click.

    But, let's say you have one of each type of engine on era 1 (swallow, raven, rhino, donkey, falcon, mole, red kite, whale, dragonfly) you use - then the double tap will not work, but instead you need to select all the engines separately you wish to schedule - or use the 'select all' option.

    Hello everyone!

    Here you will find a collection of Guides and Tutorials found in this forum section. You will also find a list of items another player has requested, and can volunteer to write a tutorial or a guide for them!

    If a new guide, tool or tutorial comes to mind you or someone you know might need, leave a comment in this thread with any additional information you might have and we can add it to the list of requested guides and tutorials.



    • How warehouses and harbors work, best strategy for these in different scenarios
    • Investing in industries, recalculation time, consumption, integration, golden hour and majorities


    I had to go back and find one of the older posts first to figure out when my Rail Nation journey started. Based on my highly sophisticated calculations, that was Spring-ish 2016. Steam over Europe was fresh off the wagon and I think we had two different user interfaces around then ...and the long UI discussions ahead of us.

    Here's a fun fact I'm not sure many knows about: I jumped head first to Rail Nation and to the transportation game, but the realistic engines and the technical history of railways felt as distant as the last plank of First Transcontinental Railroad when they started building it in 1863. With time I learned more about engines, read articles and watched videos, and now last summer I heard the strangest thing from a friend - 'everyone has that one quirky friend' - after seeing me be so inspired by an engine museum exhibit. 😬

    Cheers 🍻 to that and cheers to Rail Nation, Happy Birthday on 28th 🎉

    How long have you been playing and do you have any special memories to share?


    The bonus code will be used only in ONE SERVER for each player or in all servers??? I mean. I'm playing 2 french servers and 1 international server at same time... some bonus codes are for account and some are for server....


    Usually the codes have a one-time use only, meaning they are account bound and once you redeem a code on one server, the code can't be redeemed again on any other server.

    This will be mentioned when the code is released. I think in the past we did have a code or codes that contained something small and could be redeemed once per server, not once per account. Let's wait and see...

    Hello everyone!

    In this Daily Headlines! thread we will share daily news from around the globe that makes us smile, surprised, entertained or makes us scratch our head - railway related or not.

    One rule over everything: We will not touch polarized politics or religious topics.

    Local news headlines and summaries need to be translated to English so it is easier to visit the news from different countries. Feel free to attach images and a link to the original news post.

    :engine1: Let's begin!

    I might be stupid, blind or anything else but stupid question: I guess that you can use this code in any game at all, and it doesnt have to be a new game? :D

    Lucky Number 7 – Happy Birthday, Rail Nation - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

    The code can be redeemed from 28th of January until 29th of February in any game world you choose. Doesn't matter if you have a round running already or if you join a new game world before 29th of February. Just pick your favorite (running) game world and that's it ^^

    Happy Birthday Rail Nation!

    This year, Rail Nation is turning 7 years old already. If we look back to the very beginning of Rail Nation and how much has changed during these years, and in the fast-moving world of games in general, it's quite a lot! The first scenario we started with was, and still is called 'Classic', but the map, engines and the whole game looked pretty different back then. Let's have a look at a screenshot from the Alpha:

    In 2014, we expanded Rail Nation to include the USA scenario, and then in the year 2016, the Steam over Europe scenario was introduced to bring new challenges, pushing everyone towards a new strategy. In 2015, the first passenger trains started their journey between cities. We have also redesigned the interface completely, and the latest version of the research tree is over a year old.

    Time is running fast, and it hasn't left its mark only on our game, but also on you - the community. Over the years, numerous friendships have been formed in this community, and some associations have been playing together for many rounds.

    Many of you have been with us for a remarkable part of that time, or the entire 7 years of it! For this Happy Anniversary, we would like to hear your personal Rail Nation story! When did you join the game? How did that happen? What made you stay? And what is the most amazing event or story you have experienced in that time?

    Let us know!

    Your Rail Nation team

    PTR Forum

    Please use the PTR forum or support. The Rail Nation crew can't be of help with PTR related issues here on "regular" forum.

    Enjoy the evening ^^

    Dear players,

    We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:

    Classic scenario TR-2 Ateşleme Ocağı
    Starting on Wednesday 22nd of January, at 13:00 UTC

    Europe scenario COM-202 Loch Ness

    Starting on Thursday 23rd of January, at 13:00 UTC

    Europe scenario M1.201 Scandinavia

    Starting on Thursday 23rd of January, at 13:00 UTC

    USA scenario US.101 Golden Gate

    Starting on Thursday 23rd of January, at 15:00 UTC

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Rail Nation!

    I tried with chrome and firefox browser but it still not work.

    Okay, in that case please contact game support from the gameworld where you play, and tell them you tried different browsers but it didn't help. Also mention when the issues with shop started.

    I want to buy gold in the game, but this is not possible except for mobile phone payment. The credit card or ininal cart tab appears to be out of service. When will this issue be resolved?

    Hi there.

    Hard to say what the issue could be based on your message, but there are things we could try right away.

    First thing you can try is refresh (or login again). Next, you can try to make the purchase using another browser. Did these help?

    The mobile phone payment options are for those playing with the app. For browser/desktop players we have separate offers in the store that should work once you have logged in to your account via browser. Is the tab still out of service for you?

    Dear players,

    we have decided to shut down the SponsorPay offer section in the gold shop by the 31st of January 2020.

    This decision is the result of receiving various complaints, internal and external feedback and due to the fact that the external provider will focus on other areas in the future.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Your Rail Nation Team

    That's a good point, bad apple can be anyone from the basket.

    No matter if it is a boss or not who is being disrespectful, IMO it's always the responsibility of the leaders to ensure rudeness does not spread in the work community.

    I remember from a telemarketing job I had way way back, how one colleague went to steal prospect lists from another colleague. These lists were of high value since they had people on them that had made purchases before. Nothing like the regular lists where you would just call someone random. Basically it was the same as stealing money from a colleague, contact list she had been building. The boss didn't care one bit, and so the mistreated person quit the same day. I guess the culture valued aggressively competitive behavior, especially if it leads to more sales in general. Naturally, these events stay and linger, and push even more people to quit.

    How about positive examples? Respect, empathy and goodwill, how those have changed the days or the whole workplace culture? Rudeness is likely just a symptom, but respect may well be a result of something very intentional.

    This applies to Rail Nation Associations as well I believe? We started to gather examples of good/bad association members > here < if someone is interested.

    Well, it touches all of us Samisu, because not only Romanians are playing the romanian servers. ;-)

    True, people can join a server on any domain for sure :)

    COM players already have both regular and express speed versions of each scenario, multiple of each in some cases, so getting the COM community to rally behind a new Romanian server is not very likely here on COM forum. This is why the suggestion is best made on Romanian domain where players can support the idea together, and the CM there can forward the wishes to HQ and join the discussion. Plus, COM servers do not have RO language as an option for those who do not speak English -> from community perspective, it is best to make requests where they would have the biggest impact.