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    Dear players,

    We are happy to announce that we will soon be launching the official Rail Nation Discord! It will be publicly available from 15th February and the invitation link will be posted on the forums, Facebook, the blog, and via an in-game message. So there's plenty of ways for you to join us and start your conversations!

    What will the Discord server be used for?

    We want to be more closely connected with you, the players. We want to hear your voices, suggestions, and ideas. We also want to communicate better with you, provide updates, show you our plans and provide the details of our work on Rail Nation.

    But that's not all! We have so much planned for 2021 that we can't wait to share with you. Giveaways, new media content, community events and awards! All of this will be part of the Discord server and we don't want you to miss out!

    What can I expect from the Discord server?

    • Forums - Firstly, we'd like to make it very clear: Discord will not replace the forums. We will continue to link our activities on the forums as well and, provided there's a demand for the forums, we have no intention of removing them. So if you don't feel comfortable with joining the Discord server, you don't need to. You can still find the majority of what we're going to offer on the forums too.

      However, on occasion, some features and content will be exclusive to the Discord server such as some giveaways, voice channels and community activities.
    • Languages - As with most new Discord servers, our focus will be on communicating in English. Our announcements, updates and events will be in English, along with any communications we make to the community. However, we completely acknowledge that some of our most dedicated players do not speak English as their first language and this might be difficult for them. We want those players to know we're thinking of you and already have plans to adapt the Discord server to the community's needs as and when required. So, provided there's enough demand for a certain region to have additional support, we can adapt the Discord server to accommodate those players. This could mean that in time there will be regional channels dedicated to those players who speak a specific language.

      The community management team will keep an eye on this situation and implement the changes if needed.
    • Support - The Discord server will be hosted by community management and other members of the Rail Nation customer team. However, when it comes to supporting you with your queries, there will be a number of features available in the Discord server. There will be an FAQ section, changelogs and a help channel; all of which are intended to give you access to information to help resolve your issues. Yet it's very important that we ensure all non-resolvable issues continue to be reported using the ticket system. The community managers and support team will be on hand periodically to offer support and guide you to the relevant information, but if they aren't available or your issue can't be resolved, please submit a ticket.
    • Community promotion - There will be a number of channels dedicated to promoting the efforts of the incredibly knowledgeable, creative and expressive members of the community. Here you can showcase your streams, ideas, tutorials, video content and anything you think the community will love. We'll be keeping an eye on what you have to offer and if we see anything that is a big help to the players, we'll help promote it. We also intend to give you a better platform to voice your suggestions for Rail Nation. There will be a channel dedicated to your suggestions and from there we can potentially take your ideas to the Rail Nation team. However, please remember that not all of your suggestions will receive a response or be forwarded to the Rail Nation team. We'll adapt this process over time to better manage your suggestions, depending on how many and how often we receive them.

    The future of Rail Nation communications

    In the future, we are going to improve how, when and where we communicate with you. Our goal is to be more regular with our communications and provide details to you in a more understandable format and across multiple platforms. In order to do this, we have a lot of exciting plans for new media that we look forward to sharing with you. Once we are ready to announce more details about these plans, we'll let you all know on the forum and in Discord.

    We also want to improve our communication with new players and those looking for guidance on how to play the game. We hope that the continuing community discussion in the Discord server will naturally put new players in contact with some of our most experienced players who could offer some tips, but we also have plans of our own to help in this regard. Again, once we have more information on this, we'll make sure to keep you informed.

    Finally, the Discord server has been created for you, the Rail Nation community. It's mainly intended as a tool for you all to become better connected to fellow players who love the game just as much as you do. It's down to you all to help shape the Discord server as you see fit by using it, engaging with each other and letting the community managers know what you want adding or changing.

    The Discord server will be live very soon and we are all looking forward to getting better connected and sharing all the plans we have for the future!

    See you there,

    Your Rail Nation team

    Features (These changes are only for new rounds that start from 11th/18th of February, 2021):

    • New daily video limit
    • New video engine as a reward and optical rework of the video screens
    • Delivery prices for goods have been adjusted to account for the new engine


    • Reworked icons for money, prestige, the shop, ranking and all icons that are combined with one of these icons
    • The exact time for research point generation is now displayed in the laboratory station building
    • Gold icons in the shop checkout screen are now displayed a little larger
    • Information about the researcher is now displayed as an icon in the laboratory station building
    • The exact time for research point generation is now displayed in the laboratory station building
    • Login bonus information is now displayed as an info button on the bonus card in the shop
    • Association widget: "Bonus has already been collected" popup removed
    • Options: Server configs are being displayed now
    • Added an information window if popup blocker is preventing the player from certain actions in the game

    Bug fixes:

    • Dynamic bundle tile no longer flickers if the offer ends
    • Boost icon in the train list is now displayed the same size as the other icons
    • Checkout screen in the shop displays the correct Gold icon again
    • Fixed missing value in the confirmation pop-up if the player services a single train during cheaper repair event
    • Fixed overlapping buttons in the shop during an active sale
    • It's possible again to use a building price reduction voucher even if the player doesn't have enough money to start construction without the voucher
    • Fixed the display of construction costs for tracks while the player has the track worker active
    • RN2018-11218 Localisation: RU: Fixed too long text for the login bonus timer
    • RN2018-11219 Fixed an issue that prevented an instant reactivation of trains that have already been taken out of the museum
    • RN2018-11261 Bonus codes with more than three items are displayed correctly again
    • RN2018-11280 Trains are sorted alphabetically again in the schedule calculator
    • RN2018-11381 Localisation: RU: Changed the wording for offers and packages in the shop
    • RN2018-11579 Localisation: US-EN: Changed wording for associations/corporations
    • RN2018-11787 Centre city function: Added missing scrollbar
    • RN2018-11788 Titles: Added missing scrollbar to the filter function
    • RN2018-11812 Widgets: Added missing scrollbar to the city selection
    • RN2018-11861 Station: Fixed display issues for the station buttons which occurred when switching through association members' stations
    • RN2018-11867 Remaining time for temporary shop packages is displayed correctly again
    • RN2018-11871 Correct buttons are displayed again in the city selection
    • RN2018-11911 City competition: Added missing scrollbar to the reward icon tool-tip

    Dear Players,

    We are excited to announce that the Video Engine update will take place in the next few days!

    What's new?


    Pollux: The new bonus engine for everyone!

    What an exciting update to Rail Nation! We're giving you a new bonus engine — its name: Pollux. It can be obtained in a unique way than any of the bonus engines thus far.

    The Pollux, however, is a cargo engine and is integrated into our video feature. Everyone receives this bonus engine after watching the first bonus video of a game round. Everyone can easily unlock and improve the new bonus engine Pollux constantly. More than 90 upgrades make the Pollux grow from a rail trolley to a true force of the tracks.

    To prevent a few players from watching hundreds of videos a day and gaining an unfair advantage, we have limited the number of videos a player can watch a day to 56. Additionally, we have made sure that you can always watch your own video, even if an association member has already watched it.

    The video feature changes take effect as soon as a game world restarts. Ongoing rounds will not be affected by this feature update.

    Improvements and bug fixes

    This update also includes several improvements and bug fixes that apply immediately to all game worlds, including those currently running. Several smaller issues have been resolved, such as:

    • Researcher is now displayed in the station building laboratory.
    • Boost icon in the train list is now displayed in the same size as the other icons.
    • Reactivating trains from the museum works again.
    • Bonus code contents are displayed correctly again.
    • Trains with schedules containing delivery and pickup are no longer displayed in the train list without a schedule.


    Both the introduction of the Pollux and the new video limit will be live after 11.02.2021 on all DE and RU restarting gameworlds and after 18.02.2021 on all other restarting gameworlds.

    What are your thoughts about the Pollux?

    Tell us more in this dedicated discussion thread

    Have lots of fun!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    DiscordCommunity Guidelines

    Welcome to the Rail Nation forum!

    This forum offers you a platform to enter interesting discussions with other players and the Rail Nation team. You have come to the right place if you want to discuss your ideas with others, are looking for information or help, or can provide assistance to others.

    These community guidelines form part of the Terms & Conditions. By registering on the forum, each user accepts these community guidelines as well as the Terms & Conditions and undertakes to observe them, especially Section 6: Obligations of the User.

    1.General behavior

    In addition to what is already stated in the Terms & Conditions, the following behavior is not tolerated:

    • Spamming, swearing, and insulting. A forum offers a pleasant environment only if there is a polite and respectful atmosphere.
    • Multi-accounting. Each user may have only one account on the forum.
    • Excessive/repeated posting of similar texts. Posts should only be posted in one forum section and not be duplicated.
    • Impersonating staff, including posts in which the user points out that someone is breaking the rules.
    • Threads or posts created with the purpose of advertising web pages or products that have no relation to Rail Nation or other games by Travian Games GmbH.
    • Posting material that could be considered illegal or as a copyright violation according to international law.
    • No Case Discussion: For more information click the following link.

    2.Posts and topical relevance

    Please attempt to provide an objective line of argumentation when replying. Try to stick to the discussion topic. Phrase your opinion in an understandable way and take into account the arguments of other users. Unverifiable accusations or suspicions should not be posted. Constructive criticism is welcome if it is written in a respectful and factual manner and supported by relevant arguments.

    3.Warnings and bans

    Any account violating the Terms & Conditions or these community guidelines may be warned, banned, or deleted by staff members depending on the severity of the infraction inflicted on these rules.


    Moderators make sure that the community guidelines are being followed. For questions about a ban, please contact the moderator concerned by private message. If there is good reason to assume an abuse of power by the moderator, the list of Community Managers can be found here.

    5.External links

    Travian Games is not liable for the content of external links. Liability lies solely with the owner of the web page in question. It's unreasonable for the provider to regularly check the content of linked content. If we become aware of violations by external links, they will be removed. Until then, users click on links at their own risk.

    6.Organizational matters

    The Rail Nation Team reserves the right to change the guidelines at any time.

    These guidelines are not final and will be adjusted when required. Community Managers have the authority to enforce the above guidelines and additional restrictions, at their own discretion to ensure the community conducts themselves in a respectful and friendly manner.


    Dear players,

    We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:

    🚂 Classic scenario COM-5 Cylinder Head (2x)

    Starting on Friday 5th of February, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 American Dream scenario M1.101 Golden Gate
    Starting on Thursday 11th of February, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 American Dream scenario US-103 Broadway (2x)
    Starting on Wednesday 17th of February, at 15:00 UTC

    🚂 Classic scenario PT-1 Caldeira de Vapor
    Starting on Thursday 18th of February, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 American Dream scenario COM-101 Rocky Mountains
    Starting on Friday 19th of February, at 13:00 UTC

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Rail Nation!

    This list of servers will be updated as more servers are scheduled.

    Dear players,

    Due to a technical issue, some players have received some additional gold on the Origin Journey servers COM301 and RU301. We have now resolved this issue and additional gold will no longer be given in error.

    Those players who have received the additional gold we be allowed to keep it to avoid causing further confusion. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Your Rail Nation team

    The time to celebrate the 8th Birthday of Rail Nation has come!


    But that's not it!

    To get started, we offer you an exclusive Flash Sale and a Feature Discount!

    Flash Sale:



    Gold Bonus


    28.1.2021 14:00

    30.1.2021 23:59


    Global (including OJ EN + RU)

    30.1.2021 14:00

    01.02.2021 23:59


    Origin Journey: INT, DE1, EE

    2.2.2021 14:00

    04.02.2021 23:59


    Origin Journey: DE2

    Feature Discount:






    28.1.2021 14:00

    30.1.2021 23:59

    10 Lottery tickets

    -20% (180 Gold)

    Global (including OJ EN + RU)

    30.1.2021 14:00

    1.2.2021 23:59

    10 Lottery tickets

    -20% (180 Gold)

    Origin Journey INT + DE1 + EE

    2.2.2021 14:00

    4.2.2021 23:59

    10 Lottery tickets

    -20% (180 Gold)

    Origin Journey DE2

    Note: the flash sale and the discounts are only available from PC/Mac, not on the App.

    Happy Birthday, Rail Nation!

    Here is the compensation for all players on COM-05

    When you log in to the server, you will get a popup message asking you to accept the following items:

    • Titan - Bonus engine for the current round
    • Super starter package for the next round
    • 300 Gold
    • 24 hours of Plus account

    ❗ Please note that you need to login to the server and accept these items before the endgame is over to receive all the bonuses.

    By accepting the gift, the SSP for the next round will be purchased and the resources and train will be awarded. Should you already have the Titan you will not be getting a second copy. If you had already purchased SSP, you will get your Gold reimbursed.

    We are extremely sorry for the frustration and disappointment this sudden emergency maintenance caused you. Thank you for your patience.

    Your Rail Nation team


    Dear players,

    We have the pleasure to reveal a new exciting competition: The Rail Nation Community Trophy!

    How does it work?

    • Each Birthday event a new trophy will be announced.
    • Every month a new member of the community will be selected to be a “Community Conductor” and have their name engraved on the trophy
    • Community conductors will be selected based on community events we host or exceptional contributions towards the community
    • At the end of the 12 months, the community conductor with the most contributions to the community that year will become that year's “Community Conductor of the year”
    • The trophy will then be sent to that person

    We can't wait to discover the first Community Conductors and the Community Conductor of the year!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Happy 8th Birthday, Rail Nation!

    Celebrate with us at the  event  Origin Journey: 8th Birthday Edition


    It's been 8 years since the first round of Rail Nation was launched, and it's been captivating railroad tycoons around the world ever since.

    Celebrate the 8th birthday with us and join Rail Nation on a journey back to its origin. We're returning to our homeland to kick off an event round of Rail Nation - Origin Journey: 8th Birthday Edition. 50 cities, 3 countries, 1 map! From Hamburg to Zurich, from the North Sea to the Alps.

    Prestige party

    Every Origin Journey: 8th Birthday Edition player is automatically entered into our Prestige Party for a chance to win great prizes!


    • Everyone who earns at least 3,000 prestige on an Origin Journey server in the first era will receive 8 days of Plus Account!
    • In addition, we will draw a Community Conductor whose name will be the first to be engraved on our new trophy of honour.
    • As the third prize level of the Prestige Party, we will award the top 5 players of each game world of Origin Journey: 8th Birthday Edition with the achievement "Silver Community Hero" which comes with at least 100 career points.

    We are happy to celebrate Rail Nation's 8th birthday together with all the players.

    What is Rail Nation - Origin Journey?

    • Scenario/Feature Set: Classic
    • Map: Germany, Austria & Switzerland
    • 50 original cities and landmarks
    • 11 local goods: Water, milk, cheese, chocolate, beer, cake, lederhosen, wristwatch, paint, cell phone, garden gnome
    • New matching characters

    When will the Origin Journey servers start?

    The servers will start on different dates, all at 14:00 GMT+1.


    Have fun!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:

    🚂 Europe scenario COM-203 Tower Bridge (2x)

    Starting on Wednesday 20th of January, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 Classic scenario COM-3 Smoke Chamber
    Starting on Friday 22nd of January, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 Europe scenario M1.201 Scandinavia
    Starting on Wednesday 27th of January, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 Classic scenario TR-2 Ateşleme Ocağı
    Starting on Wednesday 27th of January, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 Europe scenario COM-202 Loch Ness
    Starting on Friday 29th of January, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 American Dream scenario US-101 Golden Gate
    Starting on Friday 29th of January, at 15:00 UTC

    🚂 Origin Journey scenarios:


    Welcome to the fascinating world of Rail Nation!

    Dear players,

    Don't miss the opportunity to fill your Gold storage with this +30% Gold promotion!

    From Tuesday, December 29th at 14:00 GMT+1 to Dec 31st at 23:59 GMT+1, you'll get +30% more Gold for the same price with each purchase!

    There is also an exclusive 12% discount on packs of 10 Lottery tickets.

    As always, the servers in endgame or offline will benefit from this promotion later, after their restart.

    We wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2021, and take care!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    As you might have heard, the calculation of active players on the Platform X game worlds has resulted in a big disadvantage for the first mega city that enters the end game. This was not intended. We apologize for the issue and are working on a solution right now.

    We are trying to finish this fix for the two remaining game worlds that enter the end game tomorrow, but at this moment we are not sure if we can fix and test it in time. It will definitely be finished for the second round of Platform X next week.

    As compensation for this problem, all players on the affected game worlds of Platform X will receive 400 gold. Please make sure to log in before the endgame finishes to receive this gold. In addition, we will set up a login bonus of 10 lottery tickets for the second round of Platform X.

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Oh oh oh,

    The Winter Event just started and we have 3 exclusive packages available for you in the shop:

    Winter Coins Diamonds Event resources Gold Price
    Package 1 50 1 1 of each 265 4,99€
    Package 2 150 3 3 of each 560 9,99€
    Package 3 350 7 7 of each 1,200 19,99€

    These packages will be available until the end of the event on Dec 18th, at 11:00 AM UTC. Please note that you can only buy one of the bundles per avatar.

    Have fun with the Winter Event!

    Snowly yours,

    The Rail Nation Team



    Dear players,

    The Winter event is coming back!

    Here is all you need to know about dates and game worlds, so you can plan where you participate.


    • 07.12.2020 – 14:00 UTC+1: Construction phase
    • 10.12.2020 - 14:00 UTC+1: Start of the event
    • 18.12.2020 - 14:00 UTC+1: Deconstruction phase
    • 21.12.2020 - 14:00 UTC+1: End of the event

    The Winter event will be active on the following game worlds:

    • DE-1 - Dampfkessel
    • DE-3 - Rauchkammer
    • DE-4 - Kohlekasten
    • DE-5 - Kurbelwelle
    • DE-8 - Kuppelstange
    • DE-9 - Regulator
    • DE-11 - Dieselpumpe
    • DE-18 - Stellwerk
    • DE-101 - Golden Gate
    • DE-105 - Grand Canyon
    • DE-107 - Broadway
    • DE-201 - Brandenburger Tor
    • DE-204 - Neuschwanstein
    • DE-205 - Holstentor
    • COM-1 - Steam Boiler
    • COM-2 - Firebox
    • COM-3 - Smoke Chamber
    • COM-101 - Rocky Mountains
    • COM-201 - Big Ben
    • COM-202 - Loch Ness
    • COM-203 - Tower Bridge
    • FR-1 - Chaudière à vapeur
    • FR-3 - Boite à fumée
    • FR-101 - Golden Gate
    • FR-201 - Tour Eiffel
    • FR-202 - Arc de Triomphe
    • M1 - Nordic Rail
    • M1.101 - Golden Gate
    • M1.201 - Scandinavia
    • ES-1 - Máquina de Vapor
    • ES-2 - Caja de Fuego
    • ES-201 - El Escorial
    • PT-1 - Caldeira a vapor
    • PT-2 - Fornalha
    • RU-1 - Паровой котел
    • RU-2 - Угольная топка
    • RU-3 - Дымовая коробка
    • RU-5 - Коленчатый вал
    • RU-6 - Блок цилиндров
    • RU-7 - Колесная пара
    • RU-8 - Сцепная штанга
    • RU-15 - Ведущая ось
    • RU-101 - Золотые Ворота
    • RU-103 - Шоссе 66
    • RU-105 - Бродвей
    • RU-201 - Золотое кольцо
    • RU-203 - Останкино
    • RU-204 - Зимний дворец
    • TR-1 - Buhar Kazanı
    • TR-2 - Ateşleme Ocağı
    • IT-3 - Camino
    • IT-101 - Golden Gate
    • IT-201 - Colosseo
    • UA-1 - Паровий котел
    • UA-2 - Вугільна топка
    • PL-1 - Kocioł parowy
    • PL-3 - Komora dymna
    • PL-5 - Wał korbowy
    • PL-101 - Golden Gate
    • PL-201 - Wawel
    • NL-1 - Stoomketel
    • NL-2 - Kolenkast
    • NL-201 - Euromast
    • RO-1 - Cazanul de aburi
    • RO-2 - Cutia de foc
    • CZ-1 - Kotel
    • CZ-7 - Rychlík
    • CZ-101 - Golden Gate
    • CZ-201 - Vyšehrad
    • US-1 - Crankshaft
    • US-101 - Golden Gate
    • US-102 - Grand Central

    The following game worlds will not be able to participate in the Winter Event this year: DE-7, COM-5, GR-1, IT-1, PL-11, CZ-3, US-103, all Platform X game worlds

    Enjoy the hot chocolate and keep yourselves warm!

    Your Rail Nation team

    Dear players,

    As announced at the beginning, all Platform X – Working Class Heroes will enter a second round! If you missed the first time or you want to perfect your strategy with your newly acquired experience, you shouldn’t miss this last chance!

    All game worlds will enter the second round at the same day of the week they did in the first round. Here is a list of all starting Platform X game worlds, and they all start at 13:00 UTC:

    Date Game World
    16.12. DE-401 Schrödinger (DE)
    RU-401 Хокинг (RU)
    17.12. 17.12. COM-401 Einstein (EN)
    M4.401 Wheeler (PL, CZ, UA, RO)
    comm-401 Rosen (international)
    19.12. 19.12. DE-402 Schwarzschild (DE)
    RU-402 Минковский (RU)


    Good luck and have fun,

    Your Rail Nation Team

    Dear players,

    The Black Weekend is ahead of us! During the weekend you will not only find some great unique offers in the Rail Nation shop but we also have some gifts for you!

    Starting at midnight, every 6 hours we will release bonus codes on our Facebook page and you can redeem them in the game to get some free items.

    Each code is valid until the next one is released, so be quick if you don’t want to miss any!

    Have a fantastic weekend,
    Your Rail Nation Team.