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    it was during the game round. That will explain it than. Why not introduced with the update? The income is reduced a lot but still the same high amounts of money have to be payed.

    'Income is reduced a lot' - how so?

    If costs or prestige amounts are changed, those changes will be activated only in starting rounds and not in the middle of the round. This will keep the game balanced and the changes will not give anyone an edge. In the case of HQ, it would not be fair if one player pays only half to upgrade the HQ compared to another player who already upgraded the HQ. :saint:

    Thanks for the topic!

    Good evening

    I suggest that in every server, the staff who replies to players concerns, reports, etc be able to respond at least in English ( even us who are not native English speaker, can understand).

    I play at several servers at several countries and hear from many players (especially at Japanese server) that the person who receives their message/ report clearly could not understand their message in English.

    And good evening to you too :saint:

    English can be used when contacting game support, and also when playing the game or using the forum - even if the server you are playing on has been translated into Japanese or Greek for example.

    When players contact support, they will get service in English if they so want. All crew members can speak English, and if there are any issues understanding the message - they can give it to someone else to look at.

    Sometimes the answer may come in the server language, and if you want to make sure you get an answer in English, please mention that also in the message. Sounds a bit counter-intuitive I know, but it makes sense to tell the support you do not understand the language of the server where you are playing on.

    The information has never been released, but based on experience, high activity is enough. ^^

    That and some history with the game. Can it be achieved with Gold? No idea. Usually those who play actively also use the Plus Account though.

    There shall be light!

    Thank you everyone for participating,

    here are out lucky 15 winners! Congratulations!

    You do need to sign in to the game world where you avatar is, and from there delete it. It's a quick couple of clicks and that's it.

    Sorry for not being more clear in my earlier message.

    Hi Yuki!

    Sorry to hear you had a stressful situation in the game that made you leave the round.

    The way to remove an avatar is to go to the game world, tap 'Options' -> 'Transfer Gold' -> 'Transfer Gold and delete avatar'

    This route makes sure that all purchased or transferable gold is safe once the avatar is removed. After this, you don't need to sign in to that server anymore and the avatar will be removed in a few days.

    Hi hi, you are right - Career engine can be reset by contacting support but this can happen only once per game account.

    I haven't had the need for reset, all the upgrades will cost more points per each level so I figured I'd be pretty much in the same position after the reset :D

    Dear players,

    Here is a puzzle for you from one of our passenger engines: The toilet door is closed and you cannot see if the light is on or off through the door. However, you know the light is off at the start. Outside of the toilet, there are three light switches on the right (1, 2, 3). One of the switches controls the light bulb in the toilet. You can flip the switches however you want, but once you open the door, you can no longer touch the switches.

    How do you figure out without a doubt which switch controls the light?

    Write us your solution by commenting to this thread, and remember to mention the name of your game world. Only answers with game world mentioned will be part of the prize draw. Please also note that your entry will not be visible immediately.

    You can leave us your solution until Friday 22.03.2019 15:00 GMT+1. We will announce the winners by Saturday 23.03.2019 12:00 GMT+1 the latest.

    Among all correct entries we will reward 15 winners and give them 3 lottery tickets each.

    Please do not forget to mention your server/domain so we know where to send the prize.

    Good luck,

    Your Rail Nation team

    Would you really be interested if I throw questions at the Developer team? Sounds fun!

    Why not come up with questions you would like to ask the team ^^

    And I don't mind at all if you want to pick some questions from the previous ones, but we can also create new ones together :love:

    I don't believe returning to the past version is an option, but I'm happy to gather all wishes and ideas you might have to make the game experience smoother for you. What would you like to have changed especially? If you have screenshots, even better!

    what is tracktive force and how do i use it?:?:

    Hi jb :)

    Tractive force tells how much weight (number of wagons) the engine can pull. Just research the tractive force of your favorite engines to the max and upgrade your engines to pull all the wagons they can to make more money!

    Out of curiosity how is wear determined and how does the rating affect it?

    Hi :)

    Each engine can be upgraded to their own max reliability. With reliability 60, the engine will need maintenance much sooner than with 95. With 100 reliability, the engine will never need maintenance. This value determines how fast the engine will deteriorate in use, the higher the better.

    links were rampant in the birthday server

    The rules changed globally during the round of Festival server:

    • 2.3. We do not allow any links in chat, profile or game forums. Exempt are links leading to domains of Travian Games GmbH and/or affiliated companies or trusted pages (Youtube, Wikipedia etc.).

    Game rules here: Game rules - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

    So, players can now share more links, but the content of the link must still follow the rules. It has to be safe to click on the link, hence the link has to say where it takes you.