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    I can see some of the reasons being:

    • All players have the same rights, all players can pick any starting city.
    • First player to pre-register has the highest chance to get the right city picked that the association wants. If the chair is unavailable, this chance may be missed.
    • The members in the association can discuss where to start the next round, at any time before the pre-registration starts.
    • Associations pick their members, and if they happen to pick someone who is there just to pick a wrong starting city ...well that's on the HR policy of the association.
    • Starting city can be changed if someone picked a wrong one, as long as you are in contact with that player.
    • Default starting city would mean certain associations would always hold the same cities by default. That's not really an option imo.

    all member are telling that thy not see videos ,but can someone explane wath to do with the screen off

    The vids were fixed pretty fast. This site you mentioned, where did it appear and could you take a screenshot of it? When does it show up and how often?

    Dear Community,

    Thank you for your comments and thoughts. Based on the votes and the feedback of the community we have decided to not make a change to how the points and titles are given in the forum.

    The only small change that we will undertake in the following days is expanding the amount of (railway related) titles from 5 to 10. Thank you again for your votes and your thoughts on this matter. Your Rail Nation team

    Hi new to this but can other people take your bonus from your hotel?

    Welcome to Rail Nation!

    Others can pick your bonus for you - you will get the bonus when someone taps the hotel or the other buildings that give similar bonuses. And you can do this for others :)

    The only exception is the additional bonuses for watching ad videos, bonuses for these will be given to whoever watches an ad video.

    How is the history and the railway transportation scene in Australia?

    Would the map be balanced or would it need completely new mechanics to work?

    Yeah, I don't think I will be able to tell my friends to participate sorry. If this is another marketing scam and they have to invest their time with no reward, they will want advance payment next time. I think I will too!

    The survey is in no way a 'marketing scam' - it is to help us make the forum a better place for you, to offer things here you find valuable and entertaining.

    I don't have the exact date or time when the lottery tickets will be sent, but nevertheless those will be sent.

    Did you get an achievement for that or how can i know if i redeemed it?

    These bonus codes are redeemed in the in-game store, there's a text field where you can type the code and that's it. Bonus codes can hold Gold, unique clothing items, coupons etc and the only person who knows if you redeemed the code is you :) Did you type the code or not...

    Hello everyone waiting for the lottery tickets!

    Just confirmed that the tickets have not been sent yet, but will be :engine1: delivered in the following days. Apologies for the wait.

    While waiting for the lottery tickets, feel free to discuss the contents of the survey here and invite your friends to participate in the survey as well. Would definitely help to get a bigger and better picture :saint:

    Hard to say Corflu

    Everything looks good in my end.

    Did you try clearing cache & cookies yet? Or try another browser, or incognito mode, to see if there's something stuck in cache & cookies.

    If this didn't help, you could take a screenshot or two of the graphics issue, and contact game support. Tell them you tried clearing cache & cookies, which browser you use and when this started.

    Dear players,

    We would like to apologize for the short, temporary connection issues today with no access to game worlds, website or forum.

    These issues have been fixed and all the services are up and running again.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Kind regards,

    Your Rail Nation Team


    I don't think we've had this discussion before: What are your thoughts on the learning curve in Rail Nation?

    Learning curve in different scenarios? Gameplay elements that are too easy for you? Too hard or just perfect when it comes to learning and mastering?

    For example, learning to balance your income and learning to make enough money in Classic/SoE/USA scenarios, is it too easy to make money depending on a scenario or too hard? I already heard a couple players mentioning that making money is too easy in Europe scenario...

    Come join the discussion and share your thoughts, no matter if you are a new player or a true railroad veteran!

    I have my ticket in and am waiting not so patiently. 3 days in now. Not sure how many rounds ago I should have gotten credit for some achievements, but last 3 I have been watching closer. I pay my share for playing this game but RN could care less about getting you what you earned from paying and playing hours on end! Say something derogatory to somebody or put a music link in comms and they got that ban hammer out immediately though.


    If you visit the career page in Lobby: Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

    You should see Career achievements at least. Your message doesn't tell which achievements you meant though or what sort of credits you are missing?

    The next topic, bans. There's always a documented reason behind a ban, and music link in itself should not lead to ban. Perhaps there was something else happening in the background or the link took somewhere not allowed in the rules. Hard to say anything really without knowing the case, and even then ban details should never be discussed on a public forum: Bans and similar account related decisions to be kept out from forum

    One small comment : you should probably have the list posted somewhere visible, once we have chosen it, so that people know what every title stands for.

    I've come across one or two people that thought I was a staff member with my title (don't remember what it was, platform supervisor maybe?).

    Sure, yeah, that's a nice idea and would make sense. Plus the number of titles seems to be growing :)

    Good thing there's a poll then ^^

    When going through the list of railway related titles, do you have any favorites or would you change something to better fit the theme of being the owner of a huge or growing transportation business?

    I would like to return to this "love for home city" idea from a bit different perspective.

    Instead of moving between cities and switching home cities, what sort of bonuses and incentives would make you stick to just one city? How could the game mechanics or features help you grow more attached to your starting city - or at least would always make you think thoroughly before switching the home city?

    Prestige bonus, income bonus, association bonus (association would be registered in one city, where members get a bonus for transports in that city), extra newcomer slot or worker slot...

    Who would like to throw around some ideas? Would a "Home Town" scenario or feature make sense?