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    Hello everyone who awaited for a new round of Fast Forward!

    This time we have one server dedicated for English speaking players.

    Fast Forward 3 is arriving at the end of July, and this time there will be one server (Rapid Rail) saved just for English speakers. You will find more information from our blog.

    The server Fast Track will offer you all the Rail Nation languages like during last round.

    Time to start gathering your team and spread the word...
    Jeff Tracy™   Kev Super   Thetdoc™ @•Miffy•  Rhoswen   TweetyBug   naike   Dezziw @  Jumper52   TheMerovingian   MadBaron   Microraptor™   TexasFred   SixPT   Giovanus   alin mihai   Kathryn™   Spring Bries   travelready   SvenO   Exo Force   Squirrel Nutkin   tycoonboy   Cyrus V.   Dutcher   TheEarl and everyone else who wished for Rapid Rail to come back.

    can you track your progress somewhere?

    Unfortunately there's no statistics or leaderboard running we could update. We will look into giving halfway statistics if that is possible, but no promises just yet. The final results of course we will gather from all servers.

    Dear players,

    +50% Flash sale

    Has just started today 9th of July.

    The sale will end on 13th of July 2020, at 14:00 UTC+2.

    During the sale:

    • You will get +50% more Gold in all packages (except for SMS packages)
    • This offer is available for both desktop and mobile version (excluding SMS packages)
    • Servers that are offline or in endgame will get their replacement sale on a later date

    ✨ Happy Hauling ✨

    Your Rail Nation team

    Heya, as mentioned in this blog post, all players will participate in the Summer Games automatically. There is no separate registration or new features in the game. In order to win though, you will need to be one of the top 3 players of your server in one or more of these disciplines:


    Achieve the highest profit from a single transport.


    Achieve the highest hourly profit with trains.


    Accumulate as many transports as possible. In this case, a transport with a X-slot engine counts as X transports.

    Jack of all trades

    Succeed in the most competitions. Succeeding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take first place. It just means that you have to complete the competition task in time as often as possible. City competitions are not included.


    Help your association to acquire a worker successfully as often as possible.

    Dear players,

    we have just realized that something did not go as intended or announced with the rollout of the new payment shop.

    As you probably noticed, with the new shop rollout the prices of the SMS packages and some local currency packages have changed and some packages were removed.

    This change was supposed to happen already in January, but we decided back then to wait until the new shop was online. Unfortunately, due to some internal miscommunication, it got forgotten. We do apologize deeply for this.

    For transparency, here you can have a look at the changes we have implemented:

    Hi there, the app does not have the new shop so login bonus can still be redeemed in the welcome screen.

    If you are getting an error message instead of a login bonus, please contact our game support and share your experiences so our tech people can help you.

    Samisu I am pretty sure it used to be 10 euros for 820 gold via sms now it £10 for 520...??? That's a massive hike if it's not in error.

    Hi, you seem to be correct. One of the SMS packages for UK (GBP) has dropped in value. I can see one DK SMS package went a bit up in value and for other Nordic countries (FI, NO, SE) - the smallest SMS package was removed completely. We are sorry for not communicating this change beforehand.

    @Samisu Mobile Payment not working on Steam Over Europe - COM201 - Big Ben - Not great timing with new era about to start! :(

    Thank you for reporting this. The issue is known and we are working on it.

    In the meantime, you can login to the browser version for visiting the shop.

    this dosnt work on USA brodway express :( place with offers shows only gold packages

    Hi, the issue is known that .us servers do not have the Full Steam packages yet, we are working on it.

    why cant you buy gold with mobile payment anymore?

    Hi, which server is this? Mobile payment should work but I just heard those may be missing on two CZ servers. We are looking into it.

    Hi, you can find correct answers from the winners of the competition.

    For example here is one, and another one.

    Thank you to all who participated in this tricky puzzle.

    How to visit all 22 landmarks before arriving in Barcelona, if you can visit each of the landmarks only once? The solution is, you can return to the starting and ending locations of Barcelona and St Petersburg - just not to any of the landmarks.

    Some of you figured it out, nicely done!

    From the start, you could visit Helsinki once, return to St Petersburg and then continue from Gdansk forward. You could also start with Gdansk instead of Helsinki. You can do the same when you reach Barcelona, visit Marseille for example before returning back to Barcelona.

    Here are our 7 winners of 7 days of Plus account and 7 lottery tickets:

    Congratulations to all winners and remember to follow our blog for interesting event news!

    Hi, welcome to Rail Nation!

    Passenger trains transport people from city to city - or in the Europe scenario you can also transport passengers to Landmarks next to each city. The passenger trains can bring a lot of cash, but you may need to change your schedules quite often or create a multi-stop schedule that always brings some cash...

    How to change the gender of a player?

    Hi, you can select a different gender for all game rounds you start, when creating your avatar - but it is not possible to change gender after you have joined a game world.

    It is completely fine to share an account, it is against the rules only if one player has access to more than one account in the same game world. We created the sitter function so you could have someone else help with your game, who plays in the same game world.

    In practice, there is no way to monitor if for example a married couple shares an account - and we support 100% this choice. We call these dual accounts; very rare in Rail Nation to my knowledge, but more popular in games that ask for high activity around the clock. Playing dual is a great way to try out games and later decide if you create your own separate account.

    On reaching a top position... I know players who are skilled and dedicated enough to do that by themselves - you do not need to share an account in order to reach a top position in this game. Some play through the endgame with the power of coffee and cookies, kudos!

    Hello, my new and helpful friends,

    My name is Alexander and I've lived my whole life in St Petersburg - never traveled anywhere, until now. I got invited to Barcelona by a friend of mine, and since this is my first trip abroad I wish to visit lots of famous landmarks on the way.

    I made a travel plan for myself and will visit 22 landmarks by train before arriving to Barcelona. The railroad paths I can travel are marked in black, but I do not wish to return back to any of the landmarks once visited. If you manage to help plan a route for me that visits all landmarks only once, starting from St Petersburg and ends in Barcelona, I'd be forever thankful. I will even gather some gifts for you from my travels.

    Thank you already for your kind help,



    • Find a path from St Petersburg to Barcelona that visits each landmark only once, by following the railroad tracks marked on the map.
    • Give your answer together with the name of your game world where you wish to receive the prize, by Sunday 5th of July, 21:00 UTC, 2020.
    • How you give your answer is up to you, by drawing/typing on top of the map or listing the order of landmarks to visit, for example.


    • One week of Plus Account and 7 lottery tickets to 7 randomly selected players with a correct answer.
    • Only answers with a game world mentioned will take part in the prize draw.

    This thread is moderated, and all answers will be published after the contest is over.

    Good luck everyone!

    Your Rail Nation team


    Dear players,

    Since the ultimate sporting event in Tokyo has now been postponed until next year, we are launching our own interpretation on all game worlds – the Rail Nation Summer Games. From 7th - 28th July you can compete against all other players on your game world in following disciplines:

    • Sprinting

    • Running

    • Marathon

    • Jack of all trades

    • Teamwork

    What the disciplines exactly mean you can read in our blogpost.

    The rules

    • You can participate on any game world and on as many game worlds as you want. However, you can only pick up a prize on one server. If you are eligible for prizes on multiple servers, you will receive it on the server where you are eligible for the highest number of prizes (no matter which ones). On the other game worlds, you will be ignored in the ranking.
    • You can win in multiple disciplines on one game world.
    • If your game world restarts between 7th – 28th July, only the second round counts for this event, not the previous one.
    • You do not have to register for this event.
    • The Summer Games end on 28th July at 14:00 UTC+2. Your final result in the event will be measured at that time. Due to technical reasons, a delay of a few seconds or minutes cannot be completely ruled out.
    • If your game world was already running before the Summer Games started, whatever you achieve until then IS INCLUDED in your final result. So, for example, if you already won competitions on that game world, they will contribute to your total number of won competitions at the end of the Summer Games.

    The prizes

    What would the Summer Games be without medals!

    In every category and every game world, the top three will win a prize:

    • Rank 1: Community Hero Achievement (Gold)
    • Rank 2: Community Hero Achievement (Silver)
    • Rank 3: Community Hero Achievement (Bronze)

    The Rail Nation team wishes everyone good luck and may the best ones win!

    Your Rail Nation Summer Games committee