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    Yes I agree, it would become an issue if players could add their own images and share those crests with everyone else. It's clear that people would use any images no matter if they have the right to use those or not.

    This is why we are collecting images that could inspire the artists to see what the community wants. If someone wants to make their original art and wants to give us the permission to use that art in some way, that's okay too.

    Just came across someone purposefully crashing himself against me. Managed to grab second though. Where do we report cheaters like that ?

    Pretty annoying to lose points to that behaviour (especially when the first guy seems to manage to get 60 easily every day these days, as if that was possible with the generation and the crazies around LOL).

    There are no rules against cutting the route / crashing purposefully, and if there was - it could be hard to prove something like that. So, to my knowledge, no way to report players who are using "dirty tactics"

    I would rather think of ways how to make the next Clash! (if there ever will be one) better.

    I finished the entire tech tree during my recent End Game on Crankshaft. My mates tell me there is a 1000 PP award for completing the entire tree. I am guessing, since I did not get such reward, that you have to complete the tech tree by the end of Era 6 in order to qualify.

    Maybe somebody else knows the details.


    Congrats on researching all engines and upgrades (of all eras?)

    If you visit the medals, you can see how to earn PP

    Medal 52 is 'rigorous researcher - research all technologies of an era'. 250 PP

    But there is no medal for 1000 PP

    I think there used to be one (not sure though), long time ago 8)

    I had no idea they did this. I probably have the email. I was just trying to make it easier to find

    I'll put a quote from Salix here, from 20 hours ago:

    Player who are eligable for compensation already received it last week and also received the mail, unless they unsubscribed from emails, in which case they might have gotten the compensation without noticing it. The gold (if you received it) can be downloaded on any server of the same domain in by using the function in the option menu.

    I was one of those players. Who is the email from. And subject so I can search my email for it.

    Please contact game support if something is unclear. The compensation was already sent so it can be collected (by those who got the compensation). The email is just a notice of the compensation.

    And now I have a reply for you, but no promises yet.

    The idea of creating a "real" Museum has been on the table and there are different ideas the Rail Nation team already has.

    That's not much of a news yet, but... we are open for (more) ideas and wishes in this thread.

    Let's keep playing with the idea of a Museum, even if at this point we can't make any promises.

    If you got to decide, what sort of Museum would you have on your station concourse?

    Dear challengers,

    The second Masters Community Challenge is about to begin.

    In this event, we're looking for players with an exceptional knowledge of Rail Nation.

    The best of the best from all the clever challengers are invited to show their wits in a duel of questions until only the winner, the Master of Knowledge remains.

    Event description:

    • This challenge is a one-time event that will take place on Saturday, 21 September 2019, at 7:00 PM GMT+2, on the Discord channel created especially for this event.
    • To sign up for this challenge, simply click on the link and join the Discord channel with your RN name. Registrations are possible until Friday, 20 September 2019, at 7:00 PM GMT+2. Afterwards, it will no longer be possible to join.
    • On Saturday at 7:00 PM GMT+2, the Quiz Master will open the chat so participants can write. The Quiz Master will explain the rules before starting with the qualification round.

    Qualification round:

    • The Quiz Master will ask ten easy Rail Nation questions, one by one. The challengers will have about five seconds to reply to a question before the next question is posted.
      • For each question, the challenger who posts the first correct answer will earn three points.
      • The next four fastest challengers to post the correct answer will pick up two points.
      • The next 15 fastest challengers with the correct answer will get one point.
      • All answers must not contain any typos to be valid.
    • Each challenger can submit one reply only. Further replies will not be considered
    • Correcting/editing the reply is not allowed. Edited replies will become invalid
    • Once all ten questions have been asked, there will be a short break while the RN team counts the points.
    • The top 10 players will proceed to the knockout rounds.


    • The top 10 players will be marked as finalists. All other players will be muted, but are allowed to stay and watch.
    • The Quiz Master will ask 30 questions. Every 6 questions, the level of difficulty will rise.
    • During the 1st level of difficulty, the first person to write the correct answer to a question wins 1 point. After 6 questions, we will get to the 2nd level of difficulty and the winners will get 2 points. And so on, until the 5th level of difficulty.
    • Keep in mind that in some cases, you may not know the answer and will have to investigate faster than your opponent in order to win. It is also highly recommended to have Rail Nation open while you participate in the tournament.


    • The player with the highest score will be rewarded with:
      • The forum title “Master of Knowledge” until the end of the Masters period.
      • Choose one: Up to 3 workers of your choice for your association OR 1000 Gold
      • If the winner chooses the workers, he/she will have a maximum of three days to inform the Community Manager about which three workers he/she wants to have, and they will agree on the date the workers will be added (within the next 3 days)
      • All three workers will be activated at the same time on the agreed day, somewhere between 15:00 and 20:00 GMT+2
      • If there are less than three slots available, you'll only get as many workers as the free slots you have.


    • Spelling matters! If your answer has more than one spelling mistake it will be invalid. It is allowed to write all answers in lower-case letters though.
    • Abbreviations are not allowed except for scenarios (Steam Over Europe = SoE; USA = USA; Origin Journey = OJ), everything else must be written out completely.
    • In this type of event, it's important for all involved to maintain a proper overview. For this reason, the RN team asks you to cooperate and follow the rules. The RN team may remove any participant who tries to cheat or disturbs others (such as by spamming/flooding the channel, etc.).
    • The Quiz Master's decisions are final and may not be discussed.
    • All questions will be asked in English.

    It's very easy to play together with two against someone else. If you don't start together keep returning to the lobby before the clash game starts and keep entering until you can start together. It's just that easy.
    Also high ranked players have this same method if they are paired with other high rank players. They keep returning to the lobby until they are matched with less expierenced players

    This way of playing is for me also cheating

    Interesting, I had no idea people did that.

    Master of Who-Learned-To-Play-The-System :/

    You start a game, you don't like your odds (no friends or tough competition you do not want to go against) - you just refresh the game until you know you will win? Is this how it works?

    Now that is what I would call cheating - yes. But then again the matches are capped (to 5) each day and you will lose one of your chances for points making the refresh-tactic not so smart move...

    But is that cheating? Giving room to your friend by cutting the path from 3rd player, vice versa.

    How often does it happen that two people who know each other work together in Clash!?

    How easy is it to tell those pairs apart from those who just happen to play that way?

    Subscribed players, to Masters 2 servers you mean? If you visit the lobby, you should find the amount of players per server.

    Rising Stars: 3,247/3500
    Allstars Qualifications 1, 2 & 3: 4707/7500

    Dropout players, no idea.

    Available places? Not sure what you mean by this.

    This is mentioned in the Lobby:

    Please note:

    Once you have chosen a qualification game world, you can no longer register for any other world or delete your avatar. So make sure you talk with your friends first if you want to play in the same game world.

    And the comment below is from this thread:

    What will happen with Gold and Plus Account after finishing?

    Gold/Plus that has not been used can be transferred to any another game server after the player completes the tournament. When moving from qualification servers to the Final, all unused Gold/Plus are transferred automatically to the Final.

    How do I get my gold and left over days in my plus account from my previous game

    Hi Eddie steady (nice nick)

    This is pretty simple. The Gold and plus will transfer automatically to the next round of the same server where you played and the endgame finished. Those will be waiting for you there (usually restarts in a week or two)

    Especially when he has been told that it is ok. Who changed it? Samisu any suggestions?

    I've been in contact with the player, and he can discuss it through with game support in private.

    My personal impression was that if a name has been in use for multiple years without any reports, it would probably stay that way. On the other hand, if someone found a justification for the name change - then we should start following those policies. As long as we will not end in a situation where players need to compare their names and make requests based on our previous actions.

    The same tip still holds I wrote earlier, if you are unsure if the name you are about to pick follows the rules (does it insult someone?), try picking another one.

    I wrote here from the beginning that was an error and I was losing points, so is it a compensation and what does it consist in?

    Am I in or not?

    Unfortunately I'm unable to share details of who gets a compensation or what the compensation is exactly, here on public forum.