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    Dear players,

    We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:

    USA Express scenario US-103 Broadway
    Starting on Thursday 25th of July, at 14:00 UTC

    USA scenario M1.101 Golden Gate
    Starting on Friday 26th of July, at 12:00 UTC

    Welcome to join the fascinating world of Rail Nation!

    Dear community,

    As you know we are upgrading to a new support system which we announced in the previous post. Because of this change the following email addresses are no longer supported and will be deactivated on July 15th:

    We will continue to support you via our new system which will give us more details about your account and allows us to help you faster. When using the new portal a new window will open where you can write us a ticket. Your tickets and replies will only appear in the Help Center. You will get email and in-game notifications that you have received a reply from us.

    You can find the help center from your lobby, in-game and from here for example: Support : Rail Nation

    Kind regards,

    Your Rail Nation Team


    Since no one else has shared their feedback to your idea, it may be that this feature is not necessary and the information can be found from the game easy enough?

    Or would you like to tell more about your feature idea / new widget? Even better if you could sketch something on top of a screenshot from the game to show what you meant by this timer widget?


    This is a wish easy to understand. On the other hand, moving one server start could lead to the rescheduling of the next ones starting as well, so there will always be servers with an EG during weekend and an EG during the week days with the scheduling we now have in place.

    What if we turned this discussion a bit more global? How many players would globally want the EG to hit a weekend vs week days? What are the pros and cons?

    Changing the restart schedules affect more that 1 server, so it would be really good to hear lots of opinions :saint:

    Dear railroaders,

    Today, we have a unique challenge for you!

    Our Game Designer just finished a beautiful painting of an engine.

    However, he was in the mood of challenging us and decided to split his painting into 30 pieces.

    Could you please help us finish this puzzle?

    You can upload your answer until 14.07.2019.

    Among all right solutions, we will randomly reward 10 winners with 5 lottery tickets. Prices will be added on Monday 15.07.2019.

    PS: Special bonus to the first player who will find out what train it is :engine:

    The first one that can tell us the correct name of the train will also get a 7-days plus account.

    1. Download the file (all the jigsaw pieces are there)

    > <

    If the first file does not work, try this one with 24 pieces:

    > <

    2. Open Create online photo collages

    3. Drag all jigsaw pieces to the screen

    4. Remove border from the images (select them all and set border to 0 from 'Edit' drop-down menu)

    5. Solve the puzzle, take a screenshot when it is finished

    6. Share the image in our moderated contest area > CLICK HERE <

    7. Mention the name of your game world and domain with your answer, so we know where to send the prize

    Good luck!

    Your Rail Nation team




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    Hi Montana Krazy ,

    We are starting new servers constantly, and the Primus promotion does not affect these serverstarts.

    COM-203 started a couple days back and COM-3 will start the day after tomorrow. Then we need to wait for the now running servers through their endgame and schedule the next serverstarts for next week. For example COM-202 and US-101 are still in Era 6, so it is not possible to restart the server during the week days this week. There will also be a downtime when the server is being prepared for a restart.

    You still have a chance to start a fresh round with the promo active, or join one that has just restarted :) If you like?

    Dear players,

    We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:

    Classic Express scenario COM-5 Cylinder Head
    Starting on Monday 15th of July, at 12:00 UTC

    Europe scenario M1.201 Scandinavia
    Starting on Monday 15th of July, at 12:00 UTC

    Classic scenario TR-2 Ateşleme Ocağı
    Starting on Thursday 18th of July, at 12:00 UTC

    Europe scenario COM-202 Loch Ness
    Starting on Friday 19th of July, at 12:00 UTC

    USA scenario US-101 Golden Gate
    Starting on Friday 19th of July, at 14:00 UTC

    Welcome to join the fascinating world of Rail Nation!

    Samisu, I just checked me email and there's been no survey sent to me, checked spam as well. I know RN has my email because I get the invoices if I purchase gold.

    Hi, hard to say why some didn't receive the survey, not everyone received it I hear. Feel free to use this thread to share your thoughts and wishes for an upcoming scenario theme, those will still count just like the survey.

    Hello everyone,

    Have you seen the survey that was sent out this week? Of course we hope you all participated, and if not, there is still time to do so.

    If you did not receive this survey, feel free to use this thread to share your hopes and wishes for a new scenario theme, and also features you would like to see!

    The outcome is not known yet, but in the meantime we would like to know what you think of these possible scenario/map locations:

    • Africa
    • Berlin
    • China
    • Great Britain
    • India
    • Russia and Germany
    • Russia, Mongolia, China
    • The future
    • The Orient Express

    Please leave us your comments, feedback, anything that is on your mind in an open discussion.

    We are looking forward to it.

    Your Rail Nation team

    What a great topic!

    I would also love to hear how everyone feels about the breaks, especially those who keep playing on the same server round after round. Do the breaks make the other servers more inviting if you need a longer break than a week? How often do people skip a round if they need a longer break? Or is a short break just the thing that keeps people returning to the same server?

    Hello everyone,

    I have a special topic and also a request for you.

    Going through all the different roles in Rail Nation, what do you think are the responsibilities and rights of each role?

    Once those are clear, who would like to create a guide, simple or more detailed, for the different roles?


    • President
    • Mayor
    • City Council
    • Chair
    • Deputy
    • Member

    Do some of these roles and responsibilities change depending on the scenario you are playing?

    Is there a right way to be a Mayor or a wrong way to be a President? How about the other roles?

    Greetings, I am a new player who has figured out quite a bit and made it to career level 3, but I would really enjoy a mentor. Since the program appears to have failed and there isn't any benefit to veterans, is there anything I can do as your protege that would interest you in mentoring? I wash trains and am not opposed to mopping station floors.

    Thank you for your consideration,


    Congratulations on reaching level 3. The mentor program is for players on level 1, and from there you have many ways to learn how the game goes.

    You could start from here if you like: Newbie Guides

    And then what many players suggest is join an association and let the whole association mentor you. Rail Nation players can be very helpful and many are building long lasting associations. Ask in the game chat or in-game forums who would take you in, or create an association of your own and start recruiting :)

    What is Rail Nation known for? Bomb factories, monster trains and exploding engine houses!

    Let me recap some of the thoughts here, thank you for all ideas so far!

    • Mayor or President to have the ability to both increase and decrease city consumption of an RG (by 10%). Not a good idea to raise consumption as that might lead to hostile mayor takeovers and not being able to level your own town. Reducing consumption is already found in the game.
    • Server without any chance to purchase gold, free Plus account for everyone. This kind of server can only be achieved with an entry fee, which needs to cover the costs of running the server. We tried it once and everyone got 20k for the price of 2k Gold. Did we have something like 2k players or a bit more there, not sure?
    • Small Turbo that boosts the speed and acc of engine at the cost of reliability (risk of breaking the engine to 0%). There is already a way to boost the engine, but this would I guess be an even bigger boost?
    • Special research reminded me of the idea where some engines could have an extra slot for a random engine part, decided at the start of the round.
    • Robbers to USA scenario, not sure if this was an actual wish but sounds fun, especially to fans of western films! Just to play with the idea, should it be AI that steals by turning some trainspotters into negative effects, stealing cash from you? Or what if players had the option to hide railway robbers next to a track somewhere?
    • The idea of adventurers, new building that lets you send people (adventurers) to find loot... interesting. Can't say it fits the RN lore, but interesting if you could make it fit somehow. The lottery hall is the closest thing to adventures we have.

    I hope I got all the ideas? Feel free to play with these or add more to the list of risky / non-risky features or changes :engine1:

    Why does Zurich not have it's own Bakery??? :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Hi there o/

    All cities have a different setup of factories after the basic goods, some later era goods can be closer or further away depending on the city. Some cities can have 2 of the same factory close by and other two cities must share one or travel further away for the same good. All cities still have a chance to upgrade and win the end game.

    In Europe scenario there is a bakery just next to Zürich, SW. And in Origin Journey scenario the new Large-scale Bakery is further away from Zürich but some other goods may be closer than with neighbors. I noticed Zürich is not the only city that does not have a Bakery, and that's just how the game goes.

    Okay, so less risks when it comes to other players, a way to minimize some risks while still giving everyone the same rights in the game.

    If you were to design a completely new themed scenario like OJ, but with 'offensive measures' - how would they look like?