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    Samisu how can we delete our avatar from an event server which isn't available anymore???

    It's the Platform X gold we all talk about. I have gold left on Schrödinger and cant collect it and I don't play another German server, how to contact support??

    Here is the link to game support if you have questions about the purchases on your account: Support : Rail Nation

    When an international special server ends - and the player finished the endgame (did not delete their avatar during the game round) - the extra Gold will be transferred to the lobby within a few days - and can then be picked up on any domain.

    If you joined a DE server, then you can transfer the unused gold to other DE servers. This is how it has always been. Or from RU servers to other RU servers.

    You can be in contact with support if you have questions about purchases you made, or if there's an issue with the gold transfer.

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear the Gold transfer information (or lack of it) has led to these questions. This will change in the very near future and all Gold transfer information of special servers will be available before the servers start.

    Often on special servers, if COMM or M (international) servers are finished and you did not delete your avatar during the round, the Gold is uploaded to the lobby from where it can then be transferred to any domain.

    Please contact the game support to help you with the Gold transfer.

    Section 6 of General Terms and Conditions in full:


    (1) Game accounts are bound to the person registered at the beginning and may not
    be sold, traded, given away or otherwise transferred unless this has been expressly - 7 -
    approved in writing by TRAVIAN. A User may not share its game account with third
    parties, unless this option is expressly permitted by the type of game account (in particular for so-called "Dual-Accounts").

    (2) The use of the Game is only permitted through the regular channels provided for
    this purpose. For browser games, this means that the usage is rendered via a common
    Internet browser that has not been specifically modified or manipulated concerning the
    Game. If, on the other hand, the Game requires the installation of a client, only the
    unmodified client software originating from TRAVIAN in its respective latest version
    may be used to play the Game. The use of older client software versions is, in most
    cases, not possible for technical reasons. Use of the Game through modified client
    software originating from third parties is expressly prohibited.

    (3) The User undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to it when
    using all websites and Games operated by TRAVIAN.

    (4) Users undertake to comply with the applicable Game Rules.

    (5) The following actions are prohibited when using the Game and the communication
    and interaction options provided to the User by TRAVIAN, including the names and
    titles to be chosen by the User in the Game:
    • Disseminating statements with insulting, harassing, violent, violence promoting,
    riotous, sexist, obscene, pornographic, racist, morally reprehensible or otherwise objectionable or prohibited content;
    • Insulting, harassing, threatening, scaring, slandering other Users;
    • Spreading statements with religious or political content;
    • Distributing commercial advertising or corresponding promotional statements;
    • Any kind of spam or mass mailing of messages, especially messages with nongame related content, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and similar forms of
    • Spying on, passing on or disseminating personal or confidential information of
    third parties (including TRAVIAN and TRAVIAN employees) or otherwise disregarding the privacy of third parties;
    • Spreading untrue allegations about race, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
    origin, social position of third parties or the employees of TRAVIAN; - 8 -
    • Spreading untrue allegations about third parties or TRAVIAN;
    • Pretending to be an employee of TRAVIAN or an affiliated company or partner
    of TRAVIAN;
    • Unauthorized use of legally protected materials, in particular pictures, photographs, graphics, videos, music, sounds, texts, trademarks, titles, designations,
    software or other contents of third parties;
    • Use or distribution of prohibited content;
    • Deliberate exploitation of bugs, exploits, other errors, security gaps or weaknesses in the programming of the Game or the related website;
    • Taking measures that could lead to an excessive load on the servers and/or
    massively affect the game flow for other Users;
    • Hacking or cracking as well as the promotion or encouragement of hacking or
    cracking; this includes, in particular, the use of third-party software for this purpose;
    • Creation or use of cheats, mods, or hacks, as well as the use of other software
    produced by third parties which purposefully alters the game experience of the
    Game, without this being expressly intended by the Game;
    • Spreading files that contain viruses, Trojans, worms or other malware;
    • Use or distribution of software programs that have an automation function that
    assists the User in playing the Game or takes over the Game in whole or in part.
    This includes "macro", bot, script or other software programs and other "cheat
    utility" software programs;
    • Modifying or altering the Game, the websites of the Game, or any part thereof;
    • Using software that enables so-called "data mining" or otherwise intercepts, alters or collects information related to the Game, in particular data received and
    • Infiltrating the game servers or website servers of the Game.

    (6) TRAVIAN only provides a platform for communication between the players. The
    User itself is responsible for the content of such communication. The platform serves - 9 -
    only for game-related communication. Systematic misuse of the platform made available for communication for non-game purposes is prohibited.

    (7) A culpable violation of paragraphs (1) to (6) constitutes a breach of contract and
    may, depending on the severity of the act of infringement, result in a deduction of the
    game progress, an immediate temporary suspension of the game account or an ordinary or even extraordinary termination of the Game License Agreement.

    (8) TRAVIAN reserves the right to refuse the User the conclusion of a new Game License Agreement after a permanent blocking or deletion of a game account, especially
    after an extraordinary termination of the Game License Agreement caused by the User.

    (9) The User must keep the password received for access to the Game confidential and
    change it regularly for security reasons. If a third party makes use of a User's game
    account after having obtained the related login data because the User has not sufficiently protected such data against unauthorized access, the User must allow itself to
    be treated as if the User itself had acted. The User is free to prove that it was not the
    User who acted and that the User has sufficiently secured the game account against
    unauthorized access. For special Dual-Accounts or comparable accounts offered by
    TRAVIAN for multiple Users, the authorized Users may share the account data as long
    as all authorized Users adhere to the special usage rules of the Dual-Accounts and
    observe the applicable restrictions.

    (10) TRAVIAN will communicate with the User mainly by e-mail. It is the responsibility
    of the User to ensure that e-mails sent by TRAVIAN to the e-mail address provided by
    the User during registration or later communicated to TRAVIAN reach the User and, in
    particular, that a spam filter does not block them and that the User takes note of them.

    Nice catch! We just updated the terms, and what used to be Section 11 is now found from Section 6: OBLIGATIONS OF THE USER

    All players have equal access to game support of their chosen language, and the support crew is more knowledgeable of current issues and bugs than the forum crew. They also have the tools and contacts to help solve issues, often before the news of an issue reaches the forum.

    If an issue is something the whole community should know about, we work with announcements and updates on the forum. If the issue affects just a handful of individual players, then a separate and translated announcement is not necessary, in my opinion - those issues can be handled 1 on 1 with support. Sometimes it takes time to first figure out how many players are affected, is it a global issue.

    That said, you (players) have brought valuable information from the German-speaking forum a few times, which is much appreciated. This is something we discuss in the team, how we can help share more information between the domains that potentially affect all players. One fresh and good example can be found here: FAQ Calculation of factories/warehouses/ports - Guides & Tutorials - Rail Nation Forum - The German CM helped translate and post a FAQ previously found only in German.


    I can not seem to be able to get to my gold that was left over from the end of Platform X.

    Any suggestions of how I get it to transfer to other game worlds?

    Hi, the Gold transfer is planned for this week so you should be able to collect the Gold soon on another server.

    Community Guidelines

    Welcome to the Rail Nation forum!

    This forum offers you a platform to enter interesting discussions with other players and the Rail Nation team. You have come to the right place if you want to discuss your ideas with others, are looking for information or help, or can provide assistance to others.

    These community guidelines form part of the Terms & Conditions. By registering on the forum, each user accepts these community guidelines as well as the Terms & Conditions and undertakes to observe them, especially Section 6: Obligations of the User.

    1.General behavior

    In addition to what is already stated in the Terms & Conditions, the following behavior is not tolerated:

    • Spamming, swearing, and insulting. A forum offers a pleasant environment only if there is a polite and respectful atmosphere.
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    • Excessive/repeated posting of similar texts. Posts should only be posted in one forum section and not be duplicated.
    • Impersonating staff, including posts in which the user points out that someone is breaking the rules.
    • Threads or posts created with the purpose of advertising web pages or products that have no relation to Rail Nation or other games by Travian Games GmbH.
    • Posting material that could be considered illegal or as a copyright violation according to international law.

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    5.External links

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    6.Organizational matters

    The Rail Nation Team reserves the right to change the guidelines at any time.

    These guidelines are not final and will be adjusted when required. Community Managers have the authority to enforce the above guidelines and additional restrictions, at their own discretion to ensure the community conducts themselves in a respectful and friendly manner.


    Saphirus Why these kinds of announcements are only made in German and not English.. I had to turn on the German forum to find some info

    Hi, thank you for bringing this up. We have plans to improve communications so that players get this type of information in English and German at a minimum.

    Are there any rules of the game in Czech?

    Hi, we have Czech rules and a whole Czech forum available for you!
    > Pravidla hry <

    Let me show you how to change the language of your forum and how to join the Czech community forum. There you will find other Czechs and a Czech Community Manager to help answer questions:


    1. Open your User Account settings. From Control Panel, select General.

    2. Select the language of your forum from the drop-down menu. In the example image we have English language selected. Once you have selected a new language, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the submit button. This will save your language settings.

    3. Select your community or communities you would like to follow, by checking a box next to a domain language. In the example image, we have only the English community selected. This means you can only see the English language threads and discussions from other players. Check your favorite box or boxes, scroll down to submit button again.

    There have been no changes made to the Origin Journey, OJ servers are just like the regular servers.

    Nothing from PX (Platform X), including the higher consumption rate, has made its way to OJ.

    Higher consumption you are experiencing is part of the normal gameplay, and in cities where consumption is higher - we have a higher number of active players. Event game worlds like OJ are usually much more popular.

    Dear players,

    We have new rounds of the following servers starting soon:

    🚂 Classic scenario COM-5 Cylinder Head (2x)

    Starting on Friday 5th of February, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 American Dream scenario M1.101 Golden Gate
    Starting on Thursday 11th of February, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 American Dream scenario US-103 Broadway (2x)
    Starting on Wednesday 17th of February, at 15:00 UTC

    🚂 Classic scenario PT-1 Caldeira de Vapor
    Starting on Thursday 18th of February, at 13:00 UTC

    🚂 American Dream scenario COM-101 Rocky Mountains
    Starting on Friday 19th of February, at 13:00 UTC

    Welcome to the fascinating world of Rail Nation!

    This list of servers will be updated as more servers are scheduled.

    Happy to help, I just don't speak German so I hope you can Google translate well.

    Both of these two game worlds will appear in your lobby the moment the server starts.

    Visit the lobby next Saturday, 30.01.2021, and DE-301 will show up there at 14:00 CET. (Join new game world tab)

    DE-302 will appear in your lobby on 02.02.2021, at 14:00 CET. That is the moment you can join Bodensee.

    There is no separate registration, you just join the server when it starts or any time after it has started.

    Hi, on which of these servers are you trying to register? The German server DE-301 starts tomorrow, 14:00 CET.


    I think for crashes, Einstein started to lag yesterday also at some point and people not receiving in-game messages anymore.

    The Einstein will not face the same issues as Cylinder Head. There may be old performance issues you are familiar with, but nothing like what happened on COM203 or COM05.

    the gold from Platform X can transferred to other servers after finishing the endgame? Or only bought gold and the winnings needs to change to plus account?

    The leftover Gold and Plus will be transferred to your lobby automatically if you let the round end "naturally" and not delete your avatar. If you delete your avatar to transfer your Gold before the round ends, then the game will tell you how much purchased Gold and Plus you can transfer, before making that decision.

    Dear players,

    Due to a technical issue, some players have received some additional gold on the Origin Journey servers COM301 and RU301. We have now resolved this issue and additional gold will no longer be given in error.

    Those players who have received the additional gold we be allowed to keep it to avoid causing further confusion. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Your Rail Nation team

    The time to celebrate the 8th Birthday of Rail Nation has come!


    But that's not it!

    To get started, we offer you an exclusive Flash Sale and a Feature Discount!

    Flash Sale:



    Gold Bonus


    28.1.2021 14:00

    30.1.2021 23:59


    Global (including OJ EN + RU)

    30.1.2021 14:00

    01.02.2021 23:59


    Origin Journey: INT, DE1, EE

    2.2.2021 14:00

    04.02.2021 23:59


    Origin Journey: DE2

    Feature Discount:






    28.1.2021 14:00

    30.1.2021 23:59

    10 Lottery tickets

    -20% (180 Gold)

    Global (including OJ EN + RU)

    30.1.2021 14:00

    1.2.2021 23:59

    10 Lottery tickets

    -20% (180 Gold)

    Origin Journey INT + DE1 + EE

    2.2.2021 14:00

    4.2.2021 23:59

    10 Lottery tickets

    -20% (180 Gold)

    Origin Journey DE2

    Note: the flash sale and the discounts are only available from PC/Mac, not on the App.

    Happy Birthday, Rail Nation!

    Samisu, perhaps you missed my previous post/question?

    Do you have an answer? It will influence my choice of server to play OJ on :-)

    Hi, sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

    From COM servers like Firefox, you can transfer Gold to both M-301 Lake Constance, and COM-301 Zugspitze