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    Hello AZOR99 , this is not correct. Most severely affected who got the compensation:

    • ...are "mobile only" players
    • ...played on a server that had it's endgame during the time of the major problems
    • ...were not able to log in at all during the time of the problems

    This has nothing to do with in-game purchases.

    The IGM I saw linked could be misunderstood, as happened here. Messages can be cropped, edited or taken out of context which is why both parties (or all parties) need to give a permission before sharing a private discussion or messages.

    I'm not saying the message I saw was edited in any way, but I did see it could cause unnecessary confusion if someone reading it did not have all the needed details. Someone might think no compensation was sent, which is not accurate.

    Compensation was sent to those who were most severely affected. Who these players are and what is the compensation, this information we cannot share due to privacy policy.

    Dear players,

    We are pleased to present two breath-taking production series!

    01 Series Shinkansen
    the classic production series for the Aten


    We wish to introduce you to the new production series for the Aten of Era 5: the ‘0 Series Shinkansen’. It’s a true masterpiece of Japanese engineering and a real classic of Japanese railway history. It was manufactured between 1963 and 1986 in Japan. At that time, this train reached 220 km/h in regular operation. Nowadays, the maximum operating speed of the newest Shinkansen version is 320 km/h.

    Shinkansen routes are completely separate from conventional railway lines. Consequently, the Shinkansen is not affected by slower local or freight trains.

    The NS20 Camel
    our familiar Hypnos in a spacious variant


    The second new production series is the NS20 ‘Camel’, belonging to the Hypnos of Era 4. It was built as a train for the management of the Dutch railway. Its striking appearance gave this train its curious name. The driver’s cabins are housed in two bumps in the roof, giving the passengers a panoramic view of the track from both the front and rear, while the driver looks over them. The train was soon named the ‘Camel’ for its bumps on the roof. This ageing model was in active service in the Netherlands until June 2019 and is now available to everyone in Rail Nation.

    Do you like them? You’ll receive the Shinkansen for free when you log in to any Rail Nation game world from 25 September 2019.

    The Camel will be available to you from the 28 September 2019. They are both free only until 6 October 2019, so make sure you don’t miss them!

    Your Rail Nation team

    Presumably that is why so many people aren't bothered about rising stars then - log in once a day to service their trains and that is it, if they do that much.

    Rising Stars server is full (over the original capacity of 3500) - they have their own prizes as well, trophy, medals and Gold up to 10k ^^

    I received a message saying I had won a bonus train, as I clicked ACCEPT, my 3 passenger train which were in my museum disappeared, and no bomus train either.. what happened??

    Hi. Please try refreshing the game, if it was some sort of graphics bug (trains are still moving, just not visible). If this doesn't work, try asking game support to check your account :)

    Good point there SweetBicard

    In this special situation, our artists could use inspirational images to know how you feel about the upcoming map theme: Orient, Northern Africa and the Arabic Peninsula. How these locations could show in the crests?

    You can find the thread here: Symbols - New Map

    Hello everyone!

    Did you know that more than one-third of Rail Nation’s players actually have some kind of link to trains or railways or at least are train enthusiasts?

    If you are one of them, this poll is for you. We would love to hear, what is your connection to trains/railroads?

    What about my question about the glitches?

    Right right :)

    I don't know of any other glitches than the one where Primus was not counted as a bonus engine towards some medals. This has been fixed.

    Dear Rail Friend,

    I take new gold, why i don t have Primus?

    Hi :)

    The campaign was running from 25.04.2019 forward for 3 months, when you purchased any gold package. After this, Primus can only be won from a lottery. Unless you are playing on Masters server as Sniffa mentioned above, then you might have a better luck?

    Dear challengers,

    Last weekend, we found the Master of Knowledge of the Rail Nation community!

    The title Master of Knowledge goes to:

    Congratulations to our Master of Knowledge, sacroima and to all the other challengers who made it to the top 10!

    The second Community Challenge has come to an end, and two more lie ahead. Come back tomorrow to find out what the next challenge will be!

    I'm sorry to hear you feel ignored by us, that is the last thing we want.

    Information is important, to help everyone affected to know what happened and what was done by us to solve it. And everything was done once we found out the cigar image had suddenly caused the game to come down on Android. When we learned the reason, we uploaded a new version of the image without the cigar, asap, and waited it to be approved by the Play store.

    To why I'm commenting here is, well, that is my role here on international COM forum. There are moderators and other CMs at their own "stations". Then, there is the game support who will always be the first contact point when you have something account related to discuss where the player community or public discussions can't help or join the discussion. Game support will answer within 24 hours, that is our rule.

    If you started this discussion on another language, let's say on the Russian part of the forum - then you would get the Russian speaking team to join the discussion. You will see team members with an online status, but it rarely (if ever) means they would spend their time in the same community or discussions where you are. I now have an online status on Russian part of the forum (and everywhere else), but I am not visiting any of those threads.

    Different options for compensation were on the table, and the best (if there is one) was picked. Why some were compensated while others were not? Why not everyone? These are very understandable questions, and it was a hard decision to pick the criteria.

    We are so very sorry that Android 9 users could not access the game and that it asked for so much patience waiting for a fix and updates.

    I can give an email address where to write your feedback (via DM) and our Communications MGR Salix wrote earlier that you can contact him with a private message here on forum. The answer may take time as the topic is more complicated than you might expect. As I wrote earlier, there are reasons why we haven't been as open as usually. Finding a satisfactory answer to all questions may not be possible.

    Hey Samisu

    How long should people wait than all ?, Rail Nation employees silence since Wednesday, both through support, if the forum, as through complaints.

    You're the only one who responds to questions from players.


    Support will answer within 24 hours to tickets you send there (if you contacted support and have not received an answer, please send a new ticket and mention that you did not get an answer to the first one). If you use other routes, it may take more time depending on your message and who receives it.

    This Android topic took a long discussion before the team could arrive at a compensation decision. I know it has been much more complicated than with the previous issues, when compensation and news come pretty much right away. There are also reasons why we haven't been as open as we usually are about a compensation - this might rise even more questions, I know.

    Hi Rype

    You sent a private message to Salix with the 9 questions, and have not received an answer yet? Please wait for a little longer. As Salix said, it might take some time to answer.

    Might take me some time to answer though, sorry about that.

    What is wrong on clash game? I try to play 2 times today but map appear and message like "RN says something is wrong, error listed". I cannot move my locomotion from home depo and nobody other as well. I must cancel game, but counter shows that I have 2 games lost today!

    No play but counter is working. It makes me sad. :(

    Hi, this was just tested and the game works without an issue. Hard to say what was the cause for the message you received, so please contact game support and ask if they could help you out with the lost progress :)

    Let's add this to the list of suggestions/wishes then.

    Would it be the chair who only has this permission to block someone from sending applications?

    If someone keeps sending applications multiple times per day and does not respond to any messages, ever - to me it sounds like intentional spamming and can be reported to game support.


    A player asks to join our corp every time we refuse him. Any way to stop that ?

    Pretty annoying to get the green notification...

    Have you contacted the player yet, that unfortunately there is no room for new members in your association?

    In the asso window you can only switch between automatically accepting new applicants or not. But have you tried the 'ignore' from the player profile if that helps with the notifications?

    It's discrimination against people who don't speak English. Especially good conditions of competition that the answer should be given in 5 seconds and without mistakes.

    Write down at once that this contest is for native English speakers only. )

    This 5 second rule affects only the first part of the event, and since the answers have to be typed within 5 seconds, you will know most of the answers. Language should not become an issue, and there's room for a typo.

    In the second part, there is no time limit and it is suggested that you have the game open then. You could even pick the English language for the game if it helps. Or why not find friends to help if you reach the final.

    And hey, there will be 2 more events after this one ;-)