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    how to play this? first time to join... is there a problem with server though? When I click on a menu like the train...nothing happens heheeh... newbie hehehe

    Heya, welcome! There is the small tutorial phase for first time players (or at least there used to be) where all features and menus aren't activated right away but I guess you have already joined a normal game round? If that's the case, then try refreshing the game (f5 of ctrl+f5) or try another browser if available to see if this changes anything. Let me know how it goes and let's get your menus working!

    I will forward your feedback and experiences. Sorry to hear the second video was not fixed with the hotfix, or perhaps it fixed it for some players. I will try to get you more information after the weekend. Apologies for the wait.

    I have, I opened a support ticket when the problem started, they claim they resent it, but no email. Just the emails back and forth with support.

    Alright, sorry to hear it turned into a "ball game". There should be other ways to activate an account if for some unknown reason emails did not reach you. Please contact support once more, tell them you did not receive an email and that you have no way of registering your account, the emails get stuck somewhere while you need your account registered to be able to play.

    They can email back and forth with me by email, but the activation code is not coming to that email, even in spam folder. Isn't there a way to just enter it for me since they know that email works?

    Support can help you here (with account related issues, problems with registration). The forum crew does not have that sort of access and can't activate your account. I hope you sent a ticket asking for help with registration from Support? Link: Support : Rail Nation

    Does this include all "won" rather than "bought" gold and plus too?

    Yes, if you waited for the round to end (finish endgame) without deleting your avatar during the game round, all unused Gold and Plus will be transferred together with the purchased Gold.

    Is fast forward returning?

    Hi, Fast Forward servers were special servers and we have no plans to restart them for a third round. Unused Gold and Plus account can be collected in other game worlds once the transfer process is complete and FF servers are taken offline.

    We may see the return of faster than 2x speed servers some day, but I cannot make any promises. Same as with Origin Journey, players hoped to see that server again some day, but no plans have been made for it to run again. We will be sure to share news whenever something new is planned.

    I used to play years ago. I decided to come back and play again but I can't seem to get the system to send me an activation code for the game so I can get past that screen. Any ideas?

    Hi, a warm welcome back!

    If the activation code hasn't arrived to your email address (and not in the junk mail either) then please contact our game support for help with activating your account: Support : Rail Nation

    We will get your account activated for sure, thank you for your patience.

    I just had to look up this message, as I remembered it.

    You «advertise» these servers as English only, yet Tower Bridge Express last round was dominated by Turkish language. Even in the winning end-game city, calls where made in Turkish. I had to look up that Word «un» to find out it meant Flour.

    Is this the meaning of an English only server?

    Sorry to post this a bit out of topic, but it was the only was I knew how to quote it.

    There is unfortunately no way to stop people from writing whatever they want, on whatever language they want. All we can do is give warnings or bans, once we see someone is using a language not permitted. There's also no way to be in every city and in every discussion watching over what players write, so we depend on other players here. If you see someone using a wrong language or inappropriate comments, please report it to game support.

    '2.2. Using a different language, other than the relevant server language or English in IGMs (in-game messages), chat messages, in the world chat and in player profiles is not permitted. The server language is determined by the country flags on the server selection screen. Multiple languages can be server languages.'

    Game rules - Free browser-based online strategy game - Rail Nation

    This rule 2.2. does not ask for players to keep their private discussions in English (or whatever the server language is), but all public commenting and discussions should be in the server language. International servers (COM) are English only servers, even if the server Flag doesn't make this very clear. In regular COM worlds you can only select English as the game language, which tells what language to use.

    Speaking of that, you should not be punished for your plus account expiring. If that happens your cash should not disappear, you just shouldn't be allowed to gain any further cash.

    Thank you for the suggestion, and it makes sense. The other option is to spend money before the Plus account ends (by buying wagons or upgrading buildings, investing) which is also part of the game. There is a timer that tells when Plus will end.

    But in any case, let's forward this suggestion.

    Until when we are going to continue in this crap, return the game as it was before. They should give us gold in bulk for holding on so far. No one in the game answers?

    Hi there, we aren't able to return back to Flash version. Switch to HTML5 needs to happen, and unfortunately the switch has not been as smooth as we would have liked - at least not for all players. We are constantly working on issues the switch brought, and this is our main focus, priority 1.

    Here: HTML5 - Announcements

    You can find our browser recommendations, info on login issues and information on bugs and bug reporting.

    hi i'm new in game. plz tel me what is the final target of the game.

    Hi, welcome to Rail Nation!
    I would say the goal is to have fun and compete with others for prestige points, or work together with other players so you can all reach a top position. Plenty of ways to play and try different tactics, in different scenarios (Europe, Classic, American Dream).

    Agreed. I resent spending gold on a server when you can't even log in. I'd like at the very least my 450 gold worth of plus account reimbursed that I've wasted on my current server. Awful.

    Hi, please contact game support if you are unable to join a server where your Plus account is rolling. There should be a way to transfer the unused Plus to another server or turn it back into Gold until you can play the server of your choosing again.

    Support : Rail Nation

    Doh....yes, I was confusing myself there, thinking 102 was Broadway and not Grand Central. But it's listed as a server start in your original post. But the US103 Broadway server is already running?

    Yes, US103 is still running, and the next time it starts it will become American Dream scenario (no longer USA scenario)

    We rarely, if ever, share the restarting dates this early so no wonder if players have questions.

    Seems to be starting on 5th of June, 2020 ...That's one month from now 8|

    The hotfix is listed in an announcement on the server. Is the time listed in our local time, UTC, or what? No information given except date and time.

    You can find the time in that Hotfix announcement I linked earlier.

    'The following servers will be down between 07:45 - 09:15 am UTC'

    The time shown in-game when you tap on the wrench icon will show your local time. It will automatically pick your time zone.

    Hi, happy to hear you enjoyed it!

    Fast Forward servers were special rounds and we do not have plans to restart a third wave of these servers. After the rounds end, the unused Gold and Plus account can be collected on other servers. This might take a few days though.

    ok we had a major update yesterday and according to the bug list there is still 229 outstanding and no increase to the fixed bugs so exactly why where the servers off line for 1.5 hours yesterday??? i think the md of rn needs to explain this action

    The update yesterday was in preparation for American Dream scenario. An icon was activated on all servers with a tool icon (that also tells you what the update is about when you tap on it, and time).

    Details of an upcoming update: Video Hotfix on 8th of May 2020

    Here's an example for the update tomorrow (the time shown is your local time). When you see the wrench icon with a timer, try tapping it to learn more.

    Dear players,

    We will have a video hotfix update tomorrow morning 8th of May, 2020.


    • Video: Players were not always able to watch videos if they weren't part of an Association
    • Video: Players were unable to watch the second video
    • Other: Logins with lower internet bandwidths will not freeze as often during loading process.

    The following servers will be down between 07:45 - 09:15 am UTC


    The following servers have already been updated


    Servers that are offline or in endgame will be updated before the next round starts.

    Apologies for the inconvenience,

    Your Rail Nation team

    So am I correct in thinking that the current server "US 102 Broadway" will just become the "US 103 Broadway" server when you guys do maintenance in a few hours? Because the post makes it look like you're starting a new broadway server when there's already one running...

    These are the 4 US domain servers. US 102 stays as Grand Central, and I'm not completely sure where you got the idea? Did you perhaps mix it with one of the Broadway-servers of other domains?

    US01 Crankshaft

    US101 Golden Gate

    s.gif?_dc=1444906680US102 Grand Central

    US103 Broadway (2x)

    How long do you not appear in the race logos, what kind of maintenance do you care /

    Märkischer Kreis

    Hi Adamor, do you have more information on the bug or issue? Google couldn't translate your comment any better, so I'm not sure what you mean.