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    Dear players,

    Don't miss the opportunity to fill your Gold storage with this +30% Gold promotion!

    From Tuesday, December 29th at 14:00 GMT+1 to Dec 31st at 23:59 GMT+1, you'll get +30% more Gold for the same price with each purchase!

    There is also an exclusive 12% discount on packs of 10 Lottery tickets.

    As always, the servers in endgame or offline will benefit from this promotion later, after their restart.

    We wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2021, and take care!

    Your Rail Nation Team

    It is not a must, as long as you do not play with both of these accounts in the same game world. That would be against the rules.

    In general, the in-game currency purchases you make are tied to the account where the purchase was made. One exception that comes to mind is the right of revocation (canceling an unused purchase within 14 days) mentioned in our terms and conditions. If you wish to learn more, please contact our game support as they will have all your necessary account information.

    I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for sharing your time with Rail Nation, with me, and with our whole team this year. It has been a strange and challenging year in many ways, and while we keep a distance from each other in the real life, sharing these challenges (and playing multiplayer games) has somehow brought us closer together as well. I take some comfort in that.

    This was an eventful year for Rail Nation. The team poured so much focus and effort into making the HTML switch happen. We know how much it asked for your patience. And as promised, fixing bugs and improving performance can now continue with better results than before. Not just for the browser version, but improving the App will play a big part in our upcoming efforts.

    The Rail Nation team has met some changes and we will see more changes in 2021. To be part of the changes we can offer you, please have a look at a Feedback Mega Thread created by our new and very passionate CCM.

    In other changes - did you know the COM community has just grown to include Greek, Romanian and Portuguese players as well? A big and heartfelt welcome to the COM community forum and Support!

    The year 2021 is starting to look brighter, and I wish you all the health and happiness in the world!

    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!


    Let's take good care of each other during these difficult times,

    enjoy the warmth of the festive season beverages,

    and play games that bring us closer together.

    With 🧡 Your Rail Nation family

    Good, we found your original account!

    Now you can request the removal of your secondary account by contacting support from that secondary account and then rename this SteamySingal into SteamySignal - might be easier to find the right account the next time.

    Classic scenario GR-1 Steam Boiler has started? I ask you because I can not find it in the worlds.

    The server is available in the lobby, select 'Join new game world' and from the drop-down menu select Greece (last item on the list). 305 players are there already, and the day is 2 of era 1.

    I connected a city 20 minutes ago and haven't it counted as a task to be fulfilled, and got no winter points. Why is that?

    Hi, it would be better if you contact support as they can see what is happening on your account and see to it that your points are all counted correctly.

    This extra mention in the rules, 3.5, means the team can act in situations that aren't detailed in the rules but still require us to act.

    The general gameplay has not changed, rules stay the same. This 3.5 is for the team to act in toxic situations we could not list in the rules in full detail. Trolling for example - someone follows another player around the map, not to play the game but to smoke the other out of the game by canceling all the majorities in every city the other player tries to make their home, away from the trolling player. Now we can act, even if this behavior was not mentioned in the rules.

    It is unfortunate the rule change has led to more questions than answers, at least here on the forum. Healthy competition will always be part of the normal gameplay.

    The second topic, how some get sanctioned and some do not. This is not as simple as it sounds in the comment above. Players can have a different history of infractions, someone may be throwing insults often while the other threw insults for the first time and learned not to get into heated "discussions" like that again. The level and gravity of insults may need different actions. The same goes for threatening other players. Multi-accounts may need longer investigation. Good to keep in mind that sanctions are not public information, and may not be visible to other players in any way.

    Mihai - your comments and feedback around this topic have been forwarded, as have the comments of others from different threads. I cannot promise your comments will lead to changes or tell what those changes could be, but you've been heard. Or better said, all threads have been noticed on this forum as rules, multis etc. has been a burning topic for the past weeks for those who do use forum.

    Hi dammys

    🚂 Classic scenario GR-1 Steam Boiler
    Starting on 18.12.2020, at 13:00 UTC

    You will find the server start information from the English forum from now on.

    Here is a list of servers starting this month: Servers starting on December 2020 - Serverstarts - Rail Nation Forum

    And the Platform X server Rosen will also have Greek language available: Platform X Servers starting on December 2020 - Serverstarts - Rail Nation Forum

    Rosen starts 17.12.2020 at 13:00 UTC

    This game is a tailor, sorry for writing in Spanish .....

    my starter pack was never delivered to me.

    I bought 150 of Gold, they gave me 48 hours of plush and 45 of Gold, they never gave it to me.



    Hi, please contact our game support: Support : Rail Nation

    Attach a receipt of your purchase and our team will take care of the rest. Our support team will offer service in Spanish.

    ^ my comment above was just to add to the brainstorming. Good to know that map pins are not needed - but an easy way to insert a factory/city/player to the discussion as a link would add something useful?

    Could you share different scenarios/user stories where you'd need this feature if we ever see one?

    Your Gold from the first PX round will be waiting for you on the next starting PX server.

    The Gold transfer is handled like on any other server. Once the next round starts, go to settings and look for the option to delete your avatar. If I'm wrong and Gold will only be transferred after the round is over, I'll come and edit my comment, but I don't remember reading anywhere that players couldn't delete their avatars.