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    Hi :)

    Regional Bonus is a group effort - players working together to make their region grow, upgrading cities and landmarks.

    To get a larger bonus - listen if president or mayors need help and join the work party. Same goes of course for East vs West battles in USA scenario, keeping the cities under your colour and leveling up cities. There's little you can do alone to raise this prestige :)

    I can well understand that if all good stuff has already been opened, there's not much you can do with the clothing coupons.

    Asking for more clothing items makes perfect sense :saint:

    Now comes the but: The main focus at the time is improving the game performance. First performance improvement was installed today without a downtime and the bigger updates come in the beginning of next week. I believe this is the best possible "but" for many players. This also means that new features that have nothing to do with improving game performance might be pushed a little lower on the list.

    With this said - why not share images and ideas you have for new clothing items so we can inspire the designers ;) What kind of new stuff would you like to see in the game some day?

    Dear players,

    A new round of Classic server COM-5 Cylinder Head is about to start. Server will restart on 4th of September, 12:00 UTC.

    Welcome to join the round!

    'Great Central Railways May 2018 "Goods Galore" event showcasing 7 steam and 3 diesel locomotives hauling a variety of goods trains along with an intensive passenger service on the UK's only preserved mainline.'

    Hi @scooby7177

    Support will answer to tickets within 24 hours. I'm sorry if the answer hasn't come through.

    If you contacted support from the game world where you are playing, you can tap the same support icon again and choose 'My Tickets' to see the answer.

    If you contacted support via email, then I would start with checking the spam filter.

    And, if for some reason your message did not reach support, then please try sending an email to or use the support icon again.

    Try sending a new ticket or email, or both - answer should follow soon.

    Hello, William here!

    I'm so impressed by all the postcards you've been sending to the Rail Nation team so far! And so I decided to do some travelling of my own.

    I would love to share photos and cards from my travels here in this thread, and will leave the guessing to you. Where was each image taken?

    P.S. No need to travel away from the world of Rail Nation.

    There ^^

    Simplified version, if I got it right: On top of the City Competitions we now have, there would be a city fair auction system, where those who set for example New York as their home city, would offer money to their city pool.

    If New York offered the winning bet, this city fair would be organized in New York and bonuses would be shared between everyone "living" there.

    So far sounds fun, like something between auctioning a worker + city competition together. This sort of city fair would invite others to move to the winning city for the duration of the fair, if they also get the boosted effect then.

    This way it also sounds natural that the most popular and biggest cities would have most potential to win with their money pool. Perhaps it's something that would fit the USA scenario? Firework animations and new strategies in East vs West battle. Invite your Blue team members to fight off the Reds and organize Olympics in your city!

    But this is as far as I got from the original idea. It gets a lot more complicated when multiple cities can win the fair, or when gold can be used to purchase the event as a private event.

    Now if only others would join the fair :D

    Interesting point there @Cats/N/Dogs

    What would be the perfect ratio of express vs regular servers?

    I've played on both and they both have their sides, normal servers are more forgiving if you have hurry-worries in real life while express may need you to play on the go with mobile phone, tablet or laptop in your arm.

    We just added new Express servers for you to pick from. Now there's one for each scenario on COM, and then US got their own Express as well - so 4 Express servers in total for English speaking domain. If those servers get filled up, I'd expect there to be more Express servers if players clearly need those. Though, that's not my decision to make :D

    Hello players!

    Starting today 29th of August at 12:00 pm UTC you get a whopping 40% extra gold when buying a gold package until Friday, 12:00 pm UTC!

    And you don’t have to do anything in order to get it, only buy your gold as usual by clicking on the shop-icon. If you for example treat yourself to 1.200 gold you automatically get 480 gold as a bonus on top!

    +40% More Gold is in all regular packages. SMS packages are excluded.

    Those game worlds on a server break or endgame during this Flash Sale will get the promotion on another date.

    Great topic to follow, and I thought to add my two cents.

    Prestige rewards from lottery tickets are gone for a good reason. Sure, if you can gather 3 coins you can turn them into super small amount of prestige if you have no need for money or research points. It's a bad deal to use coins for prestige, unlike money or research points. But winning prestige from lottery tickets gets a big no-no from me, players should not win or purchase prestige - it needs to be earned. Work, work, work :thumbup:

    Money jackpot sounds fun! Although more useful might be a ticket jackpot. You may have bank full of money you saved for a building so money jackpot may not be of any use - but a mystery ticket box with goodies is always useful and fun to get! Or a money jackpot voucher you can use when your bank is empty. Super rare!

    Worker contribution voucher sounds useful as well.

    Please do continue with the topic, I love reading what kind of prizes players wish for and if those are in any way similar to what I might have in mind :D

    I can then gather the best ideas together and send them forward. Yum yum!

    Hi @Sylv

    Have you earlier played either the Europe or USA scenario and this is your first Classic scenario?

    Rules are the same with same basic objectives. There are no politics with regions or East vs West duel, map is in a fantasy world and you get to transport both goods and passengers.

    Lucy will help you in the beginning with her tutorial tasks and you can find more game tips from fan made guides for example: Guides & Tutorials

    The heavens are opening up above Rail Nation in a golden spectacle! Rail Nation is giving away 1,000,000 Gold to its community!

    Between 29.08. and 31.08.2018, Rail Nation is raffling off 100x 10,000 Gold. To participate in the prize draw, simply log into any Rail Nation game world during the event. Every player who's active during this time will be automatically entered into the raffle and will have a chance of winning one of 100 Gold packages.

    Each player can only take part in the prize draw once per account. So there's no advantage to logging into multiple game worlds during these golden times. The first avatar used to access one of the Rail Nation game worlds during the event will be decisive. In the event that you delete your avatar, you will be able to transfer any Gold you win during the event to another game world.

    Each account can win a maximum of one Gold package. Purchasing in-game products or services will have no impact on your chance of winning.

    Once the event is over, the 100 winners will be drawn at random. The Gold will be credited to the chosen avatars within seven days of the end of the event.

    The Caravaggio is the last candidate in this series. The new passenger engine for the sixth era will use up five slots and have a tremendous tractive force (1,550-1,750 passengers). Its acceleration and speed aren't as impressive though.

    It won't be long now until you can find the new passenger engines on your tracks!

    A 3D model of the last of the new engines can now also be found on Facebook.