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    My Rail Nation adventure started in 2013 when I was playing 2 other games from Travian Games; Miramagia and Travian Legends.

    Rail Nation was being advertised and I thought okay let's give it a try although I have no conncetions to trains or whatsoever!

    I started on one of the first com servers and in the beginning I did not understand a single thing; felt so stupid. Had to ask around for help (e.g. integration). Luckily a lot of fellow players were so kind to explain it to me and after the server was over I wanted to play another one to improve myself. After a couple of servers I convinced some Travian Legends friends to join and we started a common association in the Dutch domain.

    We played several rounds together but by now the association members changed a bit; some like USA better, others SoE. I still only play Classic and I like the express servers the best. With my current association I play round after round. I have to say the game has become more difficult in my opinion and also the lower player number on servers sometimes is a bit difficult, but I still like the game and am still around!

    Happy Birthday Rail Nation and keep up surprising us with new stuff.