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    The system is good..

    The city that has the most activ players ( measured by the population ) wins..

    A city that has 100 connections and 75 activ players can definatly compete with a 300 connected and 200 activ players..

    Sadly.. the players turn their back on the small city and haul to the big ones instead, But thats not the fault of the system.

    Well, it seems like there are some server started wrong..

    they didnot get the right software..

    Do you remeber how much the first level of the landmark did cost?

    If it was more than 2.000.000

    Do you win licences instead of free licence vouchers..

    Your server has the old way of playing the endgame

    You need to change your city. This can be done in options. Or, open the city window. At the top there is a button with the city symbol and two green arrows. Click it and you will set your new home city.

    On Steam on Europe and American Dream , there is NO way to change the Region..

    You can move anywere.. no limits.. but your Region ist chosen by startup and cannot be changed.

    I'm very happy with discord. This chat program is specially build for gaming communities. Very stable, I use it now I think for almost two years. I experienced two short downtimes in this time.

    Moderating in-game has become a very rare thing. Discord you can moderate yourself or with bots

    Using a different platform as the game provides.. I do as well..

    but I do know that there are a lot of players that are not willing (or allowed) to give there emails to yet another extern community.

    Naike talks about a SoE server with less than 550 players in the game round.

    Winning Region pulls all active players.. 95

    All other regions have someting about 45-50 players

    Now without balancing to the totall amount of players on the servers, this is just a joke..

    My personal Performance issues have nothing to do with an old System..

    Ok.. its not newest..

    But I use Windows 10

    and I have the newest versions of different browsers ( Opera, OperaGX, Microsoft Edge, Chrome)

    And I updated to a SSD and have 8GB RAM instead of 4 ..

    HTML ..only D205 opened ...

    Its not the traffic (Browser doesnot take more than1 GB,)

    its not the Ram ( using 5 out of 8GB)

    Its not the CPU ( dualcore regular 2.16 goes up to 2.46 if needed) (2.17)

    Trying to make a new trainplan is just a crime..( takes about a minute or 2 and no thats not a visual Bug)

    Flash: 3 server opened in Browser different Tabs dailyroutine in less 3 Minutes

    BrowserTraffic 1,5 GB , CPU goes up to 2,19, Ram 5 out of 8 )


    Please update your browser.. You are running ME 44.XXXX

    Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge ist auf dem neuesten Stand

    Version 80.0.361.57 (Offizielles Build) (64-Bit)

    You start new again.

    You start with your Carreertrain and your gold.

    If you buy in the endgame a starterpackage that comes along too, it activates itself at new start.

    So you wipe out and start in a clean place..

    Doing it better as you did before or make the same (or different) mistakes.