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    Children of the Corn
    Dude, Where's My Car
    Saving Private Ryan
    Full Metal Jacket
    Man of Steel

    Ed Wood
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    The Donald Duck story

    Slumdog Millionaire
    Stand by me

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    Well... they will build a raft!
    Theywill tie 2 coconut palms and banana with the sturdystring
    Onthe raft will go up Professon and Mr. Mechanic who do not know how toswim and paddles will use the badminton'srackets after wrapping them with ducttape and thesticks of croquetset!
    Withthe coconutς and sturdystring they will make a belt thatWilliam will wear and he also willhold the volley ball andwill be belted with the towel with the craft!
    Luckywill sit comfortably on the flamingo that will be chainedin the raft with the chain from the pendant.

    Thatwas so !!
    Soon,very soon all four will be in mainland!

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    Point to one of the trains and ask the following question to one of the conductors. "If I ask the other conductor if this is the correct train to the party will he say yes or no?" If he answers is "no" then it is the correct train to the party.

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    Shoe = 4
    Bathtub = 5
    Ball = 1
    Berger = 8

    the equations:

    So ?? = 60

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