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    Or it doesn't work at all. It is a gross mistake that even a few days until the final it is not clear to see who is, who is not an active player and not knowing at what point the recalculation of active players takes place. Whether it is at the moment when the specified time has elapsed since the last delivery or not being online, or at some recalculation, or at another, undefined moment.

    It works. We tested it at the PTR-Server.

    The active players will be count every 15 minutes at the city consumption.

    I left the city on all the trains on Saturday at 20:30. On Sunday at 20:31, the number of active players in the city did not change even after the game was restarted. There was no change even at 21:01, when the recalculation of factory occupancy was. So when will it be evaluated that I left the city (I stopped supplying anything to it) more than 24 hours ago?

    Maybe another player starts to deliver something to your city ? You don't know, because the list of connections doesn't show who is active and who isn't.

    is the active players calculation for the next set calculated at the exact moment we change the set? If not can you tell me when????

    The active players are counted at the consumption every 15 minutes. The calculation for the next set is based for the active players at the last consumption.

    All other things are right.

    I play Rail Nation long enough to know, that they give never the whole information you need at one place.

    There is only one possibility to know everything: testing the stuff at the PTR-Servers. You don't have to make the whole round there but it helps a lot, if you log in on PTR when there is something new for testing.

    Hello, is there any formula how you calculate the ammount of passengers needed to deliver to Mega Cities during EG?

    It depends, beside the level of the Megatown and the connections, also where the city is located. If its in the middle, there are more passengers needed and if its somewhere outside you need less passengers, because the way is longer for the trains and you have less neighbourcities.

    This is a normal game (1 - 6 Era). Is endgame different? In the Endgame I get prestige for the reduced waiting time from all metropolises. For normal game. Here too (PlatformX ) ?

    I understand correctly, that after the start of the Endgame, if I do not level up in the city, there is not point in going there and it is better to go to the metropolis?

    In a normal game, you'll get Prestige at night and when the city levels for the good, that is away.

    I think, you get the prestige for waiting time, wenn the endgame is finish, but I am not very sure of it.

    And yes, there is no use to deliver anything to city 11 - 50. You'll get only money for the deliverings but no prestige, because they won't level anymore.


    What will happen to deliveries to cities that are not TOP 10?

    Will prestige be paid, when the game is over?

    Will prestige from reducing waiting time in the city and Megacity, when the game is over?

    If the cities level, you get Prestige for all 4 goods. If they don't level, you won't get any Prestige.

    According to the preliminary information I have:

    - 1 ton of delivery of any goods is enough to count the player as active (no limit for the day)

    - carrying passengers are counted as active

    That was in the first final on PTR.

    As far as I know, we will have changes in the second round on PTR.

    What speed the game will be ?

    Express, 2x

    1. So from what I understand, the tons will be the same for all megacities regardless of the level is that?

    The connections to the megacities makes the tons different

    More questions(sorry ;)) :

    Will there be passengers?
    Will there be maximum limits for city climbs during the 6 Eras?

    same as on classic.

    With passengers

    the same maximum as it is on classic