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    you are completely right. If someone would like to do something there are indicators as mentioned above: zero trains, investing millions of money, no career points and so on. However, it is the issue that RN is not willing to do something than blowing bubbles, repeating the rules, moving the issue from one desk to the another in the proven hope that at the end the customers resp. players will loose interest in continuing the discussion.

    Let me summarize the results as up to now:

    - nothing will be done against multi and fake accounts because nobody has a clue what to do.

    - for community managers it is not sufficient to be included in the discussion. Their job is to repeat rules and to create additional difficulties. They need a separate PN before they put in promising to do anything.whatever that will be.

    No, I don't feel pissed because I know this behaviour already from support on several servers in several regions.

    So once again, RN go ahead with this manner of hearing and handling customer complaints.


    you wrote that we can contact ANY community manager. You did not mention any restrictions. You wrote some general remakrs. This means that the contact has been established. We expect action. So again, what are you doing with regard to our issue?


    general statements do not provide any help. Support has been contacted by many players. However, support does not take action. As a consequence we make this unacceptable behaviour of both fake players and support public in the forum.

    In my opinion Travian should take action immediately. Who will be interested in playing games which are disrupted by fake players? NOBODY. What is the consequence? The number of players of Travian games will be reduced. Travian's income generated with advertising videos will be reduced. The name of Travian as a serious game developer will suffer from it.

    So go ahead, Travian.