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    Other people may like the large city and facility boxes as you now have them. So please give us the ability to choose our preference >> Dialog box or sidebar. I prefer the sidebar display.

    You can change to the sidebar view already.
    Quote from Changelog:

    Optional widescreens:

    We have stated in the past, that the widescreens will be added to the game and this update will add the first batch.
    Widescreens / centred screens are optional and can be switched on / off in the display options.
    This first wave will include screens for cities, megacities, factories, warehouses, harbours and landmarks.

    (go to "Options" (the tool icon up right(on map view))/choose "Display options" from "settings" /scroll down to "screens" and change the status of "centred screens")

    Here a screenshot of a mentor message: (from US-szenario)

    Is there a way for the person to respond to our initial Welcome - with two buttons, Accept Mentor / Dismiss Mentor?

    as you can see there are two options: leave the mentoring program or get a new/other mentor (both are links)

    The initial message we send as mentors should be sent to their message boxes with a Flag to catch their attention.

    you get this large icon (mentors avatar) on the right edge; this sure catches attention ;)

    For me it is frustrating putting in all the effort to be a mentor and there is no response.

    some people just do not want to answer; they even follow your instructions but without any answer or additional question

    .... and because of a bug you still get inactive players on your list (should be fixed soon) ... and without being online it is hard to react ;)

    As far as I know you can not delete your avatar after the endgame has ended; you have to create a new avatar after restart and then delete this one to get your gold transferred. (not 100% sure about it)

    If you pre-reg you get free HQ donations untill any level,if you have to pay 7.5 million that means lvl 14 ; more then 20 million per donating player in free HQ levels.

    No, you get a HQ voucher with the new tutorial ( no matter if pre registered or not).
    New tutorial is on SoE- and US-scenario server (no matter if you start at PC or mobile)
    New tutorial is also on classic if you start the server (first registration) with the APP. When you start classic with browser you will have the old tutorial which does not have a HQ voucher

    I have never heard of a 'Forum conversations Box' or 'wall'. I have no idea where those are. There are no obvious links to either on the Forum page I can see.

    Click on your name (top right). There you can find both: at 'my profile' is the "wall" and 'messages' is what samisu discribes as 'forum conversation box'

    Really I am surprised that teh Pre-Reg coding was passed without this issue arising adn getting dealt with at the same time. It should have been.

    The whole problem has nothing to do with the pre-register 'thing'.

    Classic is still running on an older code base (with a different tutorial). This will be 'fixed' in the near furture, I guess. (new version is on PTR-server for quite a while; masters was already on new code) (US- szenaro was running on a much older code until it was upgraded to the new one last october?(not 100% sure about october, but it was in the 2nd half of 2017))

    There was a point where Travian/BF decided to develope a new code base because the old one was not 'repairable' any more. So they started with the APP (which was already finished as 'multi platform version') and converted it step by step to the other scenarios; first the SoE followed by US and Classic will be ready in a few weeks (I hope)

    • you will get an HQ upgrade voucher on any SoE- and US- szenario (no matter if pre-registered, beginner tut, expert tut or sth else)
    • you will get an HQ upgrede voucher if you start (first registration) a Classic world with the App (also no limitation with pre-registration or sth. else) (keep in mind that you can only fulfill the tut steps via App, not with the browser version)
    • you will NOT get the HQ voucher if you start a Classic world with the 'normal' browser version (because then you are in the old tutorial which has no HQ voucher (never had))

    I have both purchased and acquired Gold, normally it would all go to the new round, as there is no new round can I now choose to which server I transfer it?

    It will be uploaded to the so called 'Metaserver' from where you can take it with the 'Transfer Gold/collect transferred gold' funktion in the options

    And if I can, what amount? Only the purchased Gold or all of it?

    All of your gold will be transferred

    (source for both answers: german QA member/head?/ link to original source (#12 and #15(in german))

    The rewards are not clearly set or balanced, we had 18 folks come on this round in Crankshaft and only 2 of the 18 were awarded the HQ voucher, in our case that’s a 7.5 mil reward in RN money . . .that is a huge discrepancy and huge mistake, it’s completely unbalanced, how could only 2 of 18 receive this????

    how about RN employees do the test, run the tutorials . .. it’s your job, not employees to fix,

    Crankshaft is classic-szenario, right?

    on classic there is still the "old" tutorial and there is no HQ-voucher in it!
    (the two with the HQ-voucher must have started with the mobile version (which already has the new tutorial))

    new tutorial is on US- and on SoE-szenario and on any szenario started with the app (mobile version)

    SoE-tasks (in german)
    new classic tasks (when you first log in via app/mobile device)

    old /normal classic tasks

    (all in german, sry/ we just collected it from the game)You get a list at 'task overview'
    (sry, I do not have a picture for classic (this is from US-szenario; SoE is the same))

    The rest of the tutorial tasks are the same after these scenario related tasks.

    this will be in the future when the new classic GUI is on the live server; right now there are two versions, as I wrote at the beginning: the classic version and the US-/SoE-/mobile version

    Yes, unfortunately the mentoring program still has problems/faults (as expected :( )

    maybe someone else kicked him and he was then 'your problem' (you can even get player again after you kicked them a few days ago)

    most of the german player disabled the mentoring funktion ( till it is fixed) and give their hints 'the good old way': via chat

    using Chrome and Firefox

    it is not an App, it is the "native" URL of the forum; the version you use is the ... lets say 'lobby version' with parts of the lobby at the right and left side (the "normal" link ;) )
    I prefer the wide screen version

    the WBB stands for Woltlab Burning Board; Woltlab GmbH is the developer of the forum software and the software itself is called 'Burning Board' (check out for more information)

    I don't know what server I am on. How do I find it?

    switch to the map; on top of your screen is the server name. (E/: at SoE and US server you can see the header on every screen (map, station and lab/reserch) only at classic it is limited to map-screen)

    this is how it looks for SoE- und US- szenario:

    ... and here for classic:

    As Isaid on the PC look to the left of this reply. You should see a column under the Rail Nation logo. In that column youwill find the Server name mentioned under Overview.

    Another location for the actual server is the URL youuse to log in to your game.

    I am in the forum on "full screen mode"; I do not have this column ;) (use for wide screen forum)

    the server- URL is very useful to find out the "country" you play at (there are for ex. many "Golden Gate" server around the world ;) )

    I have another question related to this ... What happens after Era 6 and the Endgame? Do we lose everything and start over with another game?

    Yes, the game starts at 0 (you only carry over your gold (and plus-days) and the career- engine to the next game- world)

    Maybe this can help you: