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    Hi wvmatt

    This problem will be fixed with the new version (4.5.0)

    Quote from changelog:

    RN2018-2474 TUTORIAL: If players are already in association via pre-register cannot finish step 8 of closed tutorial because other association members collected their station bonus, the step will now auto-trigger

    A quote from german part of the forum:

    rough translation:
    wood career level 1 -3
    bronze " 4 -6
    platinum " 7 - 9
    platinum with star " 10 -12
    Gold " 13 - xx

    Gold with a golden star is for "first claas member" (how to get first claas membership is not published)

    Dear Samisu

    may I rent your time maschine? ;):D

    Now we have made a selection for possible new passenger trains of the fourth era. Time for you to vote again! For the result, the votes of all countries (both forum and Facebook) are added together. The poll ends on Sunday 17th December 23:00 UTC.

    There is a (first) version of the new Classic- szenario on PTR3

    (as far as I know there is no restriction for entering the PTR- servers any more (maybe the "one star" rule is still active, but that should be no problem for most of us) ; just switch to "ptr" at; register and see the news "first hand"

    There is a PTR-forum as well for closer contact to the developers)

    There is a total number of trains you are allowed to own. Have a look at your engine house! I am pretty sure you have too many engines (in use and in museum). You have to sell some to buy new ones

    . Who is going to be the chief for example if the existing chief is not the first one to register in the new world?


    copy from the german announcement I linked earlier (to copy it into your prefered translation tool) :
    "Wenn sich der ursprüngliche Vorsitzende in der neuen Runde noch nicht angemeldet hat, wird der Spieler mit der höchsten Position in der Gesellschaft, Übergangsvorsitzender mit eingeschränkten Rechten. Sobald der eigentliche Vorsitzende das Spiel betritt, wird dieser auch wieder regulär zum Vorsitzenden."

    ... and a rough translation by myself:
    "if the original chief has not entered the game, the player with the highest position in the association wil get chief with limited rights. as soon as the original chief enters the game he will get "new" chief"
    Addition: the limitation of rights will only last for the first 3 days; if, for what reason ever, the original chief does not enter the game, the then new chief has full rights

    I think it will start in SoE scenario; they normally do not change scenarios

    Do not trust in facebook- announcements; there are mistakes nearly every week

    (just saw it is announced here in the forum as USA too ??? But I still think it will start as SoE)

    Also what's going to happen if everyone pre-registers in the same city? At what point RN will start restricting new pre-registrations?

    The pre-registration is not restricted. (But your pre-registration is only "valid" for the first 3 days)

    When will this be active? Com5 is starting tomorrow, can I pre-register there? If yes, how?

    This will be activ with version 4.4.0. At the end of the server you can pre-register for the next server (your association headquarter sice and your start-city)
    There is no way to pre register for com5

    more information:
    It has nothing to do with the ad number; sometimes it works with these two and sometimes not.

    I tried to mute the tab again while the ad is playing -> short massage in the video window: sth like: you have aborted the video sound ( not sure about the correct words, it was really short visible (and in english; my browser and game settings are german). then the game crashes and was reloaded.

    I think it has something to do with the time you have the game active without reload; something seems to 'get lost'; do not know wether on FF or on RN side.

    After the reload the videos were played muted

    (Saphirus or Baldur may contact me via PN to get precise info in german if it might be helpful)

    E/: just watched 8 videos (restaurant was "ready") during writing this without any problems (only 20928 and 17168)

    I can confirm the behavior of FF. I use it to play the german DE101 (us-scenario).

    It unmutes when I press the green button at my station building to start a video or when I start the 2nd video (Plus-acc)

    (ad-numbers for example: 20928 and 17168 (there are more, but only got these two on my last tries))

    Firefox might need a 3rd party plugins, and those are not supported.

    as far as I know it is a FF basic (right- click on the tab- "head")

    (english is not my native language ;) )

    E/: the tab is still muted, but you get all the sounds of the game after the video has ended. You have to unmute the tab and then mute it again

    Does anyone else have or had the same problem and found the solution?

    The only solution is to try it over and over again, sry

    we have some reports in the german part of this forum too; it is "labeled" RN2018-1825

    the game can crash when entering sitter-mode and when leaving it

    (german report (tech. supp. answer in # 14))

    There will be a decision by the end of this week; we had 2 publik holidays in germany (tue and wed in some regions), so the process has to be a little bit longer ;)