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    Starting with punctuality, the factor of least importance, the different companies are rated Mecha-Heads 3, Swiss Metal 4, General machines 4. These scores are graded out of 5.

    The other ratios (for punctuality and durability) are graded out of 3, so the raw scores will be adjusted to maintain consistency. The raw scores will be divided by 5 (stars) and multiplied by 3.

    This method gives the scores Mecha-Heads 1.8, Swiss Metal 2.4, General Machines 2.4.

    The ratio for low pricing is 3:1:2 for Mecha-Heads : Swiss Metal : General Machines.

    As pricing is twice as important as punctuality, these ratio scores will be doubled.

    Mecha-Heads scores 6, Swiss Metal scores 2, General Machines scores 4.

    Keeping the ratio 1:2:3, Mecha-Heads has a low durability so scores 1, General Machines has an average durability so scores 2 and Swiss Metal has the greatest durability so scores 3.

    As durability is twice as important as pricing, these ratio scores will be multiplied by a factor of 4.

    Mecha-Heads scores 4, Swiss Metal scores 12 and General Machines scores 8.

    Adding the scores gives Mecha-Heads a total of 11.8, Swiss Metal a total of 16.4 and General Machines a total of 14.4.

    Swiss Metal is the supplier chosen.

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