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    Also having this problem.

    I have better things to do with my time than watching endless videos, But, I am not able to disable the wretched Pollux so I have a choice between NEVER watching any videos or putting up with a lame engine which will be nothing but a pest in the end game. I deliberately pushed my career engine to era 6 so that I would not have to worry about it being unable to carry the called goods and getting stuck on an earlier call.

    Can we at least be able to put it in the museum out of harm's way, Please.

    I do think that this is very good feedback that I will take back to RN!

    Hello Saphirus, thank you for your message.

    Whenever I had strong suspicions of alternate accounts, I've let the support team know about them; I've done it this round too. Of course I understand you cannot take my word for it, I'm simply doing my due dilligence towards my team. Furthermore I don't know how your game infrastructure is built, apologize if I made it sound easy, I'm just someone who really likes the game and happens to be a data analyst. I'm just trying to find solutions to a problem that has been interfering with my game play more than once. Like I said, I would start by looking into these tables (if they exist that is): IP table, login timestamp, online time, number of competitions (alternate accounts don't run many, if any at all), private messages, number of actions, etc.

    Onto exploiting workers, you are correct (of course) about the timer but as you pointed out later the issue remains valid. As a solution, I was thinking that a newly joined player could not benefit from the workers the association has PRIOR to his acceptance. Instead he would benefit only from the workers the association hired AFTER he joined it. It's a thought.

    Mihai: just think of what RN employees (or agents that work on their behalf) are paid of. Usually these MA players also spend a lot of $$ in the game. That is most likely the reason that the effort to identify is not that big.

    (Edited by CM: Please contact game support if you suspect someone is breaking the rules)

    Kind regards,

    FrommArt (an average player who likes the game, spends enough for gold+ and some small packages, but not thousands to win a round, but getting frustrated by such behiaviour).

    How long can a sitter sit the other account? Until the last second before the end game starts or when the last day of the 6th round is over?