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    Well like Klabbauter suggested the dark button did the trick. :thumbsup:

    The Game is running smooth again. 8)

    Sorry for any trouble and thanks once again. :thumbup:

    I´m not a very big fan of the "3rd Party Cookies" all together, in this site or any other, so We can only hope that allowing the "only necessary cookies" from RN, We won´t have any further issues with it.

    Keep those trains running and Keep up the good work! :love:


    Everything was honkey-donkey until this came up a few moments ago,

    Don´t know what to do with it cause German is not a familiar language to me...

    Can anyone tell me, how am I suppose to play?

    If this is another way for players to consent the 3rd party cookies ( since it begun I´ve never watched a video again ) my trains will be off for good...

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Hello, Samisu.

    Nope,... haven´t see it so far ... must be a bit late...didn´t get to my station yet...maybe later on. :)

    Still can´t pass the screen posted on my March 3rd post.

    I´m on my station waiting for it . :)

    Thanks. :)

    Yours truly,


    Smoke Chamber

    Hello, Saphirus.

    Did even better...Browser´s 3rd party cookies allowed and not allowed, tried them both and still no videos....or bonuses...nothing.

    So any help down the road would be appreciated.

    Thanks. :)

    Yours truly,


    Smoke Chamber


    Since my last post , on February 18th , everything was running smoothly:

    Didn´t change anything on my 3rd party cookies policy on my browser, disallowed every option on 3rd parties cookies and continue to the site, watched the videos, collected the bonuses and so on...

    Until today.... that new screen with browsers options, to allow 3rd parties cookies appeared...and no videos to watch, no bonuses to collect, just one part of this lovely game gone out the window...

    If by any chance RN has a solution for this, fine, otherwise, I´ll be just sad for not enjoying this game to the max. as I´ve done since the beginning....loooooong time ago.:)

    Hope it can be fixed...

    Yours truly,


    Smoke Chamber

    ps: the famous screen...


    I´m on pc, running Chrome and videos not playing ... also tried Microsoft Edge ( waaaaaaaaaaayyy slloooooooooooowwwwwwwwer.. :) ... ) videos not playing.

    Same happen to a lot of Friends over Smoke Chamber.

    Any help would be great.



    Well, I´ve tried to watch the usual videos a few moments ago and a box appears, posting the already know information about the Ads policy, no harm there, everybody needs to make some $$$$..

    The problem comes up when I clicked the "continue to use this site" buttom ( without allowing anything to the listed companies ) and the box doesn´t go away...and the video doesn´t start.

    I´m guessing to watch videos, we´ll need to allow, at least one company, right? :)

    But since I am playing RN, why should I go to another company website, to get a bonus within the game?

    Like I said everybody needs to make some $$$$ but not like this and not on my expenses...

    Let those companies pay RN for their Ads and leave the players alone to enjoy a Great Game.

    So for the moment and until some solution comes up from RN , I´m not watching videos....and yes, not getting those bonus, for me or for the rest of the Association Members.

    Yours truly,



    Since a few minutes ago, I notice that after log into RN, the screen starts flashing between black & the intro screen and then within the game it flashes again for a few seconds, then turns completly black and I can´t get acess to play the game.

    It worked fine about 3 hours ago but now it goes black on both servers… Does anyone have any idea on what to do ?

    Can´t get no print screen cause I´m not fast enough to click while flashing.



    Smoke Chamber


    Don´t know what is happening but 2 hours ago everything was fine but now can´t log in on any server.

    After clicking to log in , the screen turns black and flashes continuously between the black screen and the opening server screen, never allowing me to play.

    Also refresh the browser and cleaned all the cache and still goes the same….

    All the other sites and net traffic is pretty fine.

    Bottom line:

    One server in the EG stage and the other 2 on the regular Eras and can´t play them.

    Can I get some help on this, please?


    Hello, Samisu.:)

    How are you doing? Fine I hope.:)

    Long time no see….RL´s work is "killing" me, so my online time is waaaaaayyy too short at the moment but still manage to join in this Sudoku Quest.:)

    Here is my answer:

    PS: The red circles are my filled spaces.:)


    Smoke Chamber