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    Already asked Support about all those issues and I´m waiting for their reply.

    One other thing, in my HomePage the score and prestige are still 0 althought I´ve been playing for the past 40 minutes and gained about 200 prestige points….

    Can this be another part of the current BUG that We are talking about?

    Thanks for the info, Samisu :)

    Waiting is the word….127 players 102 online at the moment...I´m still out and the red bar is still on the 83%...

    Can pre-registation be good and faster way to start a round ?

    Well..., it should be,... it would be... but it is not….

    Please fix that bug asap….one hour is already gone….and my online time for now is almost over….:(


    I´ve been trying for the past 42 minutes to login Smoke Chamber and so far….nothing.

    It´s taking ages to get the first red bar done then it freezes at 83% on the next red bar screen.

    I´m using Edge & Windows 10 and I´m pre-registered for this round.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Hello, Samisu. :thumbsup:

    I just wonder about this and I hope you can help me out.

    On your post below, the rules for the this contest were layed-out:

    All clear no doubts here, :thumbup:

    But then, on the winners list there are 2 members that "forgot" to write their world game name and still are considering as a winners? ?(

    Is it fair for all others friends that entered the contest and obey the rules, to be left out?

    Why didn´t RN choose another 2 members that fulfield the rules criteria of the contest?

    I don´t need those 150 gold, I´m just pointing out that the rules were not met to some winners and We all love to be considerer equals, right? :saint:

    Anyway, trains will keep on rolling and wheels will keep on turning. :D:P:)

    Cheers, :)

    For the last hour RN Masters back online and running with some hiccups, now & then but on overall, seems ok.

    Railin Ron, sorry miswriting your nick.

    Hello, Railin Rod.

    At the moment I´m having trouble entering RN Masters, during the day it was fine but now the red bar stops at the middle and freezes....6 minutes and counting and nothing happens.

    Already refresh a couple of times and still the same.

    My browser is the MSIE.

    By the way Smoke Chamber Works fine.