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    I want to propose a solution.

    After playing a game.

    Each player can state that he no longer wants to play against one or both opponents.

    Thus, each player can choose not to repeat the game with other players. Or to repeat ;)

    So players personally choose to wait

    This is only additional information that can be a preliminary indication.

    You need to gather information from many matches played.

    If many complaints are filed against one player by different players.

    The behavior of this player can begin to be monitored purposefully.

    And if the irregularities are proven it can help to ban before to complete all the games.

    This can help eliminate the most careless intruders.


    I completely agree with the principles.

    Your idea is great.

    But I think we are facing the problem of few active players.

    To make the strategy of such players successful.

    They use the time when there are few players in the game.

    For example 3-4 players.

    If players are prevented from playing repeat games (with the same players).

    This will make it very difficult for such bad practices.

    But it will also make it impossible for many honest players to play.

    This idea is successful when there are a sufficient number of active players.

    But just then these bad practices are ineffective and not used.

    These bad practices are used when there are a small number of active players. But then this idea does not work.

    So. we need a similar idea that works with few active players.

    Unfortunately, I have no such idea.

    Unless bots are included in the game. But that will call into question honesty.


    I suggest that after each game played, players be able to alert other players to bad behavior.

    This can help detect bad players earlier.

    But it won't help much :(

    I have a very simple and effective solution.

    I play in active hours (when there are the most players in the game).

    Then the probability of such problems is really small.

    For another year, this solution works for me.


    I want the players who have been caught for 2 years in such scams to get a complete ban on participating in Clash.

    It is still fine to have discussions on your own language if it's between you and your friend(s). That is in no way against the rules if you all share the same language and understand each other.

    This rule is here only to ensure players will not be using different languages on public messages, chats, forums than what the server language is. Everyone should feel included in those public discussion channels - with the pre-defined server language.

    What you say sounds good.

    But I don't see the word "public" in the rules.

    According to the rules, all messages in another language are prohibited.

    Public and private.


    2.1. The use of a different language, other than the relevant and pre-defined server language or English in IGMs (in-game messages), chat messages, world chat and player profiles, is not permitted. The server language is determined by the country flags on the server selection screen. Multiple languages may be permitted as server languages; they are always directly displayed for each game world in a clear manner.

    I am Bulgarian. And I often communicate in Bulgarian in personal communications with other Bulgarians.

    I do not understand why this should deserve punishment.

    In addition, sometimes Bulgarians build Bulgarian teams and communicate in Bulgarian.

    This must be allowed.

    Why does the game allow new players into a round in era 5 or 6? I would even go as far as to say after the start of era 4 no new players should be allowed to start. The game is designed to be 6 eras, so players should have to play at least half, IMHO.

    - A player can search/join a team for the next round.

    - Players can assemble a team for the next round

    - A player can participate in career tourism

    - just for fun


    For many players, this war for the industries makes the game interesting.

    That is why this must continue to exist. And players should not be penalized for investing.

    The change must be in the mechanics of the game. Mechanics should not allow for such behavior!

    The majority is the cause of many conflicts in the game.

    I suggest having servers / scenarios with special rules in the industries.

    Where the majority cannot be broken. The waiting time depends only on the investment of the player and the team.

    All we are interested in is what real benefit these changes will have now and in the future.

    We are not interested in promises and empty words.

    We want to know what the real benefit will be for us.

    Now and in the future!

    We don't want you to promise to get better. And the game is getting worse!

    We really want the game to be bug-free and exciting for everyone:love:.

    We know you can do it. Please do it!

    Overal we think it is more balanced.


    You offer a free to play game.

    Have you ever tried to play this game without buying gold?

    I am one of the players who play for free.

    I want to express my deep indignation at the new changes in the login bonus.

    I play 2x speed.

    Before, I could count on 1 day plus account in each era.

    Now this is gone.

    I am very disappointed.