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    jpxt   Dutcher

    Please test your internet connection with

    Could you please visit our looking glass page:

    Travian Games GmbH - Looking Glass - Looking Glass

    1. click on your displayed IP address. It will be pasted into the text box.

    2. chose mtr from the dropdown

    3. press the "run test" button
    And then post the result here.
    The mtr check will run traceroute from our server to your IP. It's bascially a reverse route to see if anything is wrong with the routing.

    Well to be honest, all the logs look good. There is no significant packet loss, latency is fine. Whatever issues you had yesterday seems were not caused by any routing issue. I will check with our sys admisn and look at the server logs if I see anything that would impact performance more than usual.

    When did this all start for you to get bad? Was it a specific time recently or is it something that you have for a long time? Also, is it just that one server you have the issues with or is it all your servers?

    When I have a problem - there is a problem with all the servers. And all browsers.

    Furthermore, there is no difference between flash and HTML 5. I have the same problems with both (I play on many servers).

    My case is complicated if we talk for a long time.

    I have had a similar problem with the game for over a year.

    And as time went on, the problem got bigger.

    At the beginning of the year, I started having too many problems.

    But not just with the game. Many web pages were slow to open.

    I noticed that my internet connection was very slow.

    Then I contacted my ISP.

    And they started analyzing the network and the problem.

    They found that they had a problem with some devices.

    As a result, my internet connection became slow and I had big packet losses - up to 30% to my gateway.

    They replaced the problematic devices. For more than a month, there are no packet losses.

    And internet speed is now normal (high).

    In this moment.

    I thought I would no longer have problems with the game.

    But unfortunately it is not.

    The game problems for me are much less. But they continue.

    What I can see as a problem of the game.

    Is that it is very sensitive to packet loss.

    Even with very high package losses - other sites are opening. Slowly! Slowly but they open.

    But the game has big problems, even with very small packet losses.

    This can be seen with my problem yesterday.

    When there is a 5% packet loss somewhere along the route.

    The game starts freezing. (This is also the case with Joe Blackwater - The Game Hangs All The Time! )

    The game seems to work seamlessly - only when there are no packet losses across the route. When everything is 100% OK.

    Unfortunately, this cannot be expected for an internet connection at such distances.

    The game is played around the world from different devices and different ISPs.

    And it is surprising to me that this problems will not be reflected / noticed anywhere else.

    Everything else works 100% for me.

    Only the Rail Nation has problems.

    Hm, but for you the problem is not permanent?

    Yes, the problem is not permanent for me.

    For me, the problem is mostly in the evening (when the Internet is the busiest).

    Today I had only a few incidents :)

    In fact, in recent days I have had less problems.

    But others are out of luck. They have a constant problem.

    I will give further MTR information when I have bigger problems, if necessary.

    The "lobby loads only 50%" bug happens for me too from time to time. Reload normally fixes it.

    The game not loading could be a routing problem or some problem between your PC and our server. Especially when using a VPN fixes it.

    This freezing occurs up to 10-20 times a day. (I often get in the game)(Problem occurs to me without VPN)

    Yes, reloading helps. But it's annoying.

    In addition, for the consumer, this indicates a low quality of the game. When you have a similar problem before you start loading a game!

    In my opinion, such an amazing game should not have such a spot.


    1) When there is NO problem

    2) When there IS a little problem (little = 1 game loading refresh)


    When I have a problem it is on all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). WIn 10 64

    I have a problem with both HTML 5 and Flash Servers!

    Clearing browser's cache and flash cache doesn't help.

    Sometimes using a VPN server helps.

    Very often I have to press F5 (reload) to fully load the game.

    If I don't press reload, it will never* open (I've tried many times/*In very rare cases, waiting helps).

    Often, with the help of reload, it becomes relatively fast. (fast - I have to reload it 1-5 times to open the server)

    It seems as if the load is hanging it doesn't try again!!!

    And the problem does not always occur.

    Sometimes for a long time there is no problem. But when it is, it's horror!

    And sometimes there is a problem for a very long time

    Mostly there are problems in the evening. When Internet traffic is the busiest.

    But I have no problem opening other sites.

    The most common (but not only) problem occurs in the following 3 cases:

    1. When opening the lobby. Freezes at 50% - during some validation (like The Game Hangs All The Time!)

    2.When loading a game - right from the start - I don't know what it loads

    3.When loading a game - after the middle...

    ??????.dat - very big ".dat" file with some game data

    Scenario 1-2-3

    Type: Event scenarios

    Map: Classic

    Special conditions:City level limit

    The city level may exceed the level of the nearest 3 cities with a maximum of X levels.

    (X = era)

    Example (Era 2):

    If the neighboring 3 cities have a level of 8-9-10

    Your city's highest possible level is 10 (8 + 2)

    What do you think of such a scenario?

    not if all the cities have less than 100 players, which we have

    The more players there are in one city / region, the more goods must be delivered.

    A 10-player city will have to deliver much less goods than a 50-player city.