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    Aren't they expending to much money and time already because of the mess made when changed from Flash to Html5?

    The situation is very complicated.

    Many problems are created because it is in the development of the game have to add features that are not planned at the beginning...

    Besides, writing a game is a group task... Even one programmer writing low quality code... can spoil the work of many quality programmers....

    And writing quality code is not for everyone and does not come with time... I know many "advanced" programmers who never learned to write quality code...

    So even the code in flash had a lot of problems.

    They transferred these problems to HTML5 by adding new problems in the transition.

    By spending a lot of time and money...

    Now they have to maintain and develop a game with a lot of "complicated" code to keep the interest of the players...

    And that requires heroic efforts from the programmers.

    And the code is getting more and more complex as time goes on...

    Will they decide to spend time and money rewriting the code along with this... since they have lost so much so far?!!?!?!?

    And new code(game) doesn't necessarily mean quality code :!:  8o

    If the code was written with high quality.

    To rewrite the game would have meant rewriting no more than 10-15% of the code.

    Unfortunately that is not the case here.

    Rewriting the entire game would take too much time and money.

    They would never decide to do such a thing...

    But there is still hope...

    After the game dies...

    We hope it will be rewritten by another company 8o ...


    Hello my friend!

    I fully support your idea of fair play.

    But this case cannot be solved with penalties.

    We need to change the rules of the game so that no one can harm.

    That is the only right way! You won't harm if you can't do it 8o

    An example of such fair rules:

    Zero time on all industries during end game.

    And exciting delivery rules that test team organization and strategy. (like RE: Rail Nation - Endgame - Enigma!)

    P.S. Please be kind and send some photos about how to change the LANGUAGE in my game because I have all features written in Greek so I can't find any of them by English description or name. I cant even read the indications of the game so some photos will be very useful.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Step 4


    I maintain that this change is motivated by Travian giving up on spending money to fix a broken system that over the five years since its introduction has proven unfixable and unprofitable.

    I don’t believe the limitations of videos is due to Travian looking after the health of their players. If this was the case, why is there no limitation on the time one can be logged into the game? I know many players who stay up during EG. Is that healthy, no, but certainty is allowed.

    If capping the advantages that a bot can secure is the real objective, then why not give support the tools to identify bot users. I don’t mean to be an armchair developer, but I would guess data can be collected on the time intervals between game events. Find they are always x seconds apart, you have found a bot user. Another thought is to randomly shift the center of the building screen when moving to the next player. I can’t think of a non annoying way to do the same on the widget, but certainly there are things that can be done to counter bots that do not make make legit players collateral damage.

    Developers, time is a competitive edge that can be enhanced with the bonuses provided by videos to keep up with those who spend vast amounts of money. If players are willing to sacrifice their time to watch 30 sec timers count down for a larger collection of bonuses, why restrict their access? A couple of things that I think has been failed to anticipate. How much revenue will be lost because there will be less videos to watch and therefore less discounted lotto tickets to be purchased? If you are taking away the competitive edge of players with time, will those with money spend less in the game because there is less competition?

    I assure you that they will never find a problem in themselves!

    They are just perfect!

    They will kill the game with their own decisions!

    But all the blame will fall on the players who just leave ...

    So ... whatever "correct" decisions they make ...

    The blame for the failure of the game will be only us (the players) 8o

    Z.B. die V200 (Prometheus) als Kurzstreckenlok zu bezeichnen ist lächerlich. Die lief mit dem BLAUER ENZIAN quer durch Deutschland. Normale Tenderlokomotiven (Falke) werden als LANGSTRECKENLOK bezeichnet.

    Ich stimme Ihren Argumenten zu, wenn es um echte Lokomotiven geht.

    Aber dies ist nur ein Spiel.

    Und die Eigenschaften der Lokomotiven sind so gewählt, dass das Spiel interessant ist. 8o

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    Different repair prices are displayed from different menus.

    In one case it is the right price - including all train upgrades

    In the other case, the wrong price is based only on the base price of the train.

    Yes, I understand that, but why are my investments so expensive then? I can not do , ex 5 clicks for 484.000, like he did. Thats why I wondered how he can put more clicks in, than me, because 1 click for me cost more than he invested in total at this level. -

    But now I had a thought.. does the investment price for you, personally, rise for each investment REGARDLESS the industry had a new level?
    I have always thought the price for investing in an industry was a fixed price calculated from the industry level, and the same for everybody.
    But I can see that is not true, now you say XL77 had more clicks. So... how is that calculated?
    Each click get more expensive, that is easy to see. But is it only calculated from your total clicks in the industry, and have nothing to do with industry level, as I always thought?

    I'm probably wrong.

    The investment at each step is the same for the players. Regardless of the previous level and investment.

    Probably the difference comes from integration.