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    This time may be available for genius ... or for people with a lot of experience in such tasks.

    But I couldn't even read through all the tasks

    My answer: 4 - Jumbo Jupiter,

    Explanation / reason

    1.The repair is worth it. But repairs of 4 hours and travel 2 more hours = 6 hours - passengers will be late - Rejected!

    2. Big loss of money and trust! - Rejected!

    3. This is a good option. Passengers will arrive on time - in less than 4 hours.

    Depending on the condition of the motor. There is insufficient information in this task for this decision. If a new motor is worth more than repairing it - it may worth it.

    The difference with the repair is only $ 4,000. And this is a new motor!

    We will assume that the repair is worth more - Rejected! (There is a better solution)

    4.Jumbo Jupiter - With an average speed of 120 km / h, the distance will be traveled in less than 5:30. Passengers will arrive on time. Good decision.

    A) 'Mecha-Heads' - $20 per unit, low durability, punctuality with 3 out of 5 stars.

    B) 'Swiss Metal' - $60 per unit, greatest durability, punctuality with 4 out of 5 stars.

    C) 'General Machines' - $40 per unit, average durability, punctuality with 4 out of 5 stars.

    1) a low price to be twice as important as punctuality

    2) and the quality twice as important as the price.

    Step 1) The most important thing is quality => B) or C) (They have different prices and the same punctuality)

    Step 2) The following important is low price => C)

    My choice is C) 'General Machines'

    Q1) 2 - B

    Q2) 4 - Scissors

    Q3) 1 - A

    Q4) 2 - B

    Q5) 1 - A (Sand)

    Q6) 1 - 20 rotations anticlockwise

    Q7) 2 - 10 kg

    Q8) 2 - 20 cm

    Q9) 2 - 2 x A

    Q10) 2 - Less than 5 cm

    The two trains run against each other.

    Their total speed is 160 + 120 = 280 km/h

    The distance between them is 140 km. At a total speed of 280 km.

    The crash in half an hour! (140/280).

    Supervisor is 6,300 metres away = 6.3 km away

    At a speed of 14 km/h, hi will travel 6.3 km in less than half an hour!!!

    Yes he will succeed!