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    My view is on End Games. Don,t try to control them so much and allow small and middle sized groups to haul what they want. Big controlling associations take the fun out of End games. This on play and off play is rubbish. There are so many people from all over the world playing in different time zones. Golden hour is a load of rubbish as well. Its a myth put into play years ago by the hourly prestige pinchers. Its lack of supply that makes loading times high. So when you smart, no it all players, haul direct in golden hour you are in fact the ones making loading times higher.

    Something needs to change, for sure. There is really unfair play in the south on Tower Bridge this round. Its a really good game." BUT " Always so much bickering. Perhaps the mayor with the most votes in the Region, by the second round, could become President. When players have had time to sort out where they want to play. They can either take the position or give it another Association member.

    Why has the train clicking clack over tracks disappeared. The environment is too load. The industry is too load. But even when you turn the sound down and have the train noise up. NO train sounds. Please fix I do love the sounds of trains.