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    Rivalry only works whilst you hold the majority. In this situation you are forcing the free-hauler to break your majorities. The rival setting is almost always counterproductive.

    I know players want to be able to force everyone to do what they want (I've felt the same many times), but you shouldn't have that ability. Unless they have agreed to work with you (by joining your association, asking for your friendly or some other deal) then they owe you nothing. If you don't have enough active players to combat them then tough. You were going to lose anyway, at least now you have someone to blame.

    Trying to push the landmark works even less. Slowing him down by increasing wait times has been the most effective action so far but he has now got the city to 11 and someway to level 12, so almost 4 levels before the landmark raises once :(.

    As far as him struggling as the city grows it seems to be the reverse in that he is finding it even easier as level 11 took far less time than level 10 with that taking less than level 9 somehow.

    Every member of our association that has helped him has been booted, we only want members who work with the region, not against it.

    If you are not leveling the landmark, and he is still leveling the city, it is not working at all.

    Remember: Your aim is to level the landmark, and he is making it harder. If you dedicate your efforts to stopping him instead of hauling to the landmark you are hurting yourself (and the region) as well. Another 3 or 4 goods to deliver sucks, but it is not insurmountable.

    Don't get caught up in his game, play your own. I know this is easier said than done, and it has gotten very frustrating for you. But it is still the best advice.

    Unfortunately if he wants to haul to the city you can't really stop him. However frustrating it is, he has as much right to pursue his (stupid) strategy as you do yours.

    The good news is that he is probably going to struggle to push the city much further completely on his own. Each level will get progressively harder. Just give him zero help, and persuade the whole region to do the same. This means no pax hauling to the city, hold every player who does equally to blame as your saboteur.

    I'd focus on your own game and push the landmark rather then try to stop him The quicker you level the landmark the less far behind you'll be, and the less damage done. I know it's not what you want to hear, but trying to stop him isn't working so you need to try something else.

    I don't know why you choose only to haul passengers, would you explain your reasons?

    From my viewpoint passengers are just 1 of 49 goods. I would compare you saying 'I only haul pax' to another player saying 'I only haul coal'. Both are clearly sub-optimal strategies, which you are entitled to pursue, but with the consequence that the cash will often suck. I also think the same comparison stands for competitions and licenses.

    Maybe the new scenario will put far more weight on passenger hauling? That might be a way to mix things up more and differentiate is more clearly.

    I like the idea, but the prize would have to be very small. If the reward was too valuable players would created new 0 star accounts just to win it. Maybe just the honor of winning or something of low value, like a production series/clothing voucher. It just would be an achievable target for new players, and something to brag about.

    As others have pointed out, the real problem is that it is possible to go into endgame with a level 34 city. The game was designed assuming that reaching the top 10 would be difficult, and on most servers it isn't. On Firebox any half-decent 20 member association can get a city into endgame on their own, but they then struggle to clear goods.

    One solution that I haven't seen discussed much is reducing the number of endgame cities. I doubt many .com servers have more than 500 active and engaged players by the end. Wouldn't 6 or 7 megacities be enough for everyone? Honestly the whole map is too big for current player numbers, but that would be a far bigger change.

    A key part of RN is teamwork, and getting a larger association to work together is an important part of the game. New players need a place to learn to play, so why shouldn't the associations willing to take them in and help them learn get a bonus?

    Obviously not all large associations are good places for new players, but then those probably aren't winning many workers.

    With pre-registration I'd probably change things so large pre-formed associations have to unlock the second and third slots with donations rather than have them automatically available due to the HQ level. But I still think there should be benefits to playing with a bigger team.

    It was interesting to revisit this thread, over the last 6 months I've played a few endgames and hopefully learnt a few new things.

    One is that my arguments are biased because I do almost all of my calling on Firebox. Endgames last about 36-40 hours, and often the fourth (or sometimes even the third) placed city won't finish the first set of 12 goods. The prestige farming that @Triarius is describing is a bit pointless on that server; there isn't much prestige outside the top two or three contenders. On Firebox I really think picking a city and following the call is the best strategy whatever your aims.

    Another bias is that when I call an offline good I am planning to be done with the set of 12 in 8-10 hours, and consumption is usually very high (often 20%+). I am very lucky if an offline good clears before I have to call it. However, I do agree that players don't like coming back and finding the offline good finished, unless the set of 12 is done. I now try to avoid calling 'offline good until the recalc' whenever possible for that reason.

    I also play on Loch Ness, and that is different. Longer endgames allow less active cities a real chance to clear at least 24 goods, and a offline good that takes 24hs to clear isn't a complete waste of time. Also consumption is very different in a city clearing goods at half the rate, so tougher offline goods don't get 'stuck' at 75-80% as much. And fewer players mean lower wait times, so using that L1 factory isn't as bad.

    I still think my points are mostly valid, but I accept that maybe I was a little short-sighted. Offline hauling should always be for a purpose, but maybe there are more ways to achieve that than I originally thought.

    The Europe servers are a team game, so I don't mind players getting disproportionate rewards for successful teamwork. It makes selfish play counterproductive, and forces you to try and explain to those players why they need to cooperate.

    If you think the regional bonus is to high, and you want to be rewarded for your own performance, play classic. Find a server (and association!) that suits how you want to play.

    If the occupancy rate is 50% the industry doesn't grow. Every 10% above that makes the industry grow by 1% towards a new level, up to a maximum of 25% (the maximum occupancy rate is 300%).

    If occupancy rate drops below 50% the industry gets further away from growth at the same rate. However you can't lose a level.

    Each investment adds (I think) 0.2% towards a new level, and is unlimited. If everyone in an association adds a couple of clicks of investment it can add up, but generally investing should be done to reduce wait times or hunting for prestige, not to grow an industry. It becomes very expensive before it makes a huge amount of difference. (Of course reducing wait times means you can haul more, which increases occupancy and let's you level quicker.)

    Being able to create an invited group channel in chat for the leaders of a city would be my choice. In endgame especially I would like the option of chatting through calls with a small leadership group without it becoming too public.

    I guess a group message thread would do the same thing, but the smaller resizable chat box would be better. I would prefer a group thread than multiple recipients for individual messages for leadership discussions, but it too might be a good addition.

    I'd like to be able to invite whoever I wanted, regardless of which association they are in or if they are chairs/deputies.

    You can always start researching from the first train of each era. Completing the research tree as far as the coupling (the last researchable 'upgrade') allows trains to haul the next era's goods (e.g. era 1 trains to haul era 2 goods). However it is not necessary to research the next era's trains.

    This is more of a thought to consider than a fully formed proposal. But...

    One idea I have often thought about is giving each EG megacity an opportunity to have track maintenance appear on a track section of their choice. On the SoE servers this power could be given to the mayor. On other servers I am not sure who the power should go to (maybe a mayor could be elected even if he has no other real power?)

    It would only be usable on one of the three tracks coming out of the city, only during EG and only once every 24 hours.

    It would slow down everyone hauling to the city from every factory that side of the city. It could be used to cool down factories, and to 'encourage' outside players not following the call to move on.

    It has the benefit of hitting everyone equally, so it can't be used to hog prestige or target individuals. If incorporated into a plan it would only effect those not following the call.

    I would like it to last more than 1 hour, maybe 3 hours, so it forces cities to think long and hard about when/if to use it. Top cities are probably clearing goods to quickly to make use of it, but then they have the hauling power to overcome the 'saboteurs'. Smaller cities can probably plan around this restriction if they really do have skill/organisation and are only being prevented from competing by 'saboteurs'.

    It is important that this comes with most of the restrictions I have mentioned (and maybe even more) so it doesn't become too powerful/destructive.

    As @DramaMagneTSorry has said, it's a lot of hauling power you are ignoring if you just treat offline hauling as something to keep players busy. If you think about it, most of endgame you will have 30% of your players online if your lucky.

    I think part of the problem is that the callers are usually the super-active players, as are their friends. It is tempting to dismiss players who can only log in for 4 or 5 calls a day as meaningless, when they make up the majority of the city.

    If you pick the right offline good they can get it up to 85%+, which is a manageable push from completion. If they cannot get the good close enough to finish, then you have picked the wrong offline good.

    Don't be affraid to pick a slightly easier good as offline, although if you do you will get a lot of flack in chat. Online players like to keep all the easier goods (and the prestige) for themselves, so the most vocal players won't be happy. But if you don't have big numbers in the city a 5 track good will be hard to finish in an hour, but might make a decent offline good.

    For offline goods I'd advise you pick a good:

    with a short, simple supply chain;
    no good in the supply chain is demanded;
    the factory is too far to finish the good in 1 hour;
    the wagons aren't too expensive.

    By picking a good with a short supply chain you can keep the wait times manageable, and give offline players a chance to make some money for when they come back online. Remember, the players who are only joining you for a couple of calls a day are probably the players with the fewest wagons going in to endgame. By letting them make some cash whilst offline they can fully contribute to a few goods when they come back online.

    Expect players to haul supplies to the offline good, so make sure there are no demanded goods in the supply chain.. They will do this even if you tell them not to, it will be too profitable to resist for some. Also, when the new set is opened up all factories in your offline goods supply chain will be trashed for the first hour. The shorter the chain, the less damage.

    If the good is 6 or 7 tracks away it will be hard to finish it in an hour or two (or more), so there is no opportunity lost. It also should take several hours even with lots of players hauling it, meaning that players feel involved when offline.

    One common mistake is to pick an era 6 good because it is hard. The players who are least active are less likely to have a full set of era 6 wagons, tracks to unused factories, or the cash to buy them. Many will just go and haul something else if they can't follow the instructions.

    Whist every city varies, silicon, chemicals, pottery and aluminium are usually good options. Glass and paper are usually too close to the city, but if you need a second offline good during the set they can be useful (especially if the wait time is already trashed). Slightly longer, but still simple, supply chains include plastics, petrol, wires, steel, and textiles.

    The next best option is a good with no supplies, like crude oil or bauxite. Please don't pick cars! If you want to win endgame the offline good has to be part of a plan to win, rather than a way to forget about something because it is hard and hope it goes away.