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    I also play on cm05 (English, Bretons we are naturally bilingual), obviously the restart always resumes the same day a Tuesday it seems to me at the same time, it has to be the best.

    I am not a supporter for the weekend, lack of time and make the final on a Sunday when no one is without the "caller" we are about to lose the final.

    *Translated via Google Translate. Please use only English here on COM/US forum, thank you. Regards, Samisu.

    Hi all,

    for the master and other servers test, you thing boost with a lot of money (thank's it's very funny), but it's not very quickly, the problem off all speed, the laboratory is too low, yesterday we finish a level 5 and the the era with raven; with mole it would be very speed and I don't made the coupling (little interest for me I y play passengers by I am n't alone also to my "friendmembers")

    time labo x 2 or price/2: good idea is'n it!