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    arrive the time off mentoring.

    never the gamer answert if you want a mentor, put the newbie ('noob) i me town.


    le temps des mentors est arrivé.

    le noob ne répond jamais de toute façon, si vous voulez un mentor: mettez-le dans ma ville, pas à _ 8 voies.


    hi all,

    the final of ptr3 was not funny, 2 associations; but our 130000 and the other 90000, and to the end more people, and as usually some people in our association never playing the final, for me at all level (8 finish) change 130000 vs 90000 to annother money. exemple 100 vs 110 k

    It's the second server who is crashing at the final, you have let down flash for html and don't understand why the don't working. cool

    Every hours the pc crashes because ram and swap are full, we stopp and replay 300 go enter to the pc, at the final it's all 15 mn , the server cannot give so to go,

    300 go X4X 1000= 1200000 go/hour

    the program is not good, rail-nation is for trains, not for aéroplans as Boeing.

    You know it's very important for a player of passengers to know if you are ok to have much prestige, some problems to see passengers in title, a good idea is to put passengers number one and money number two and so one and I can see if I am good or bad.

    As you well know, when we play passengers we have no calculation method, and to know if we are good or bad we scroll the list, you have a bug which makes it impossible to read the last resources.

    So I propose to put passengers instead of money, and money in number 2 and so on.

    It's less difficult for a developer to change the word order than to redo a failed scrolling file.

    It is only for the passengers that it is very important, the others do not even look at the results.

    I play under linux and mozilla (chrome is too wasteful of ram) and by restarting regularly it goes very well and it restarts quickly, and I always have the terminal open to empty the ram, there is just a big bug that arrives very quickly when I want to watch the competitions, there is just a small loco running, there is too high a request for data to the server. (lplm, la petite loco de la mort, lol! or lld little loco of dead mdr!)

    For my friends who unfortunately suffer Windows (on the ptr we have html for months), I advised to test Opera, they are very happy with it.

    As much geeks I'am playing on linux, my browser is Mozilla the last update and better as before to htmls, my pc is old 5 years dual core 4 go ram, and for me htmls is better than flash, more quickly and can playing easely on lowscreen.

    For Windows if your browser working bad, play on opéra the solution for old pc.

    I have no solution for mac, the more recent is à g5, lol!

    I also play on cm05 (English, Bretons we are naturally bilingual), obviously the restart always resumes the same day a Tuesday it seems to me at the same time, it has to be the best.

    I am not a supporter for the weekend, lack of time and make the final on a Sunday when no one is without the "caller" we are about to lose the final.

    *Translated via Google Translate. Please use only English here on COM/US forum, thank you. Regards, Samisu.

    Hi all,

    for the master and other servers test, you thing boost with a lot of money (thank's it's very funny), but it's not very quickly, the problem off all speed, the laboratory is too low, yesterday we finish a level 5 and the the era with raven; with mole it would be very speed and I don't made the coupling (little interest for me I y play passengers by I am n't alone also to my "friendmembers")

    time labo x 2 or price/2: good idea is'n it!