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    Feel free to translate the post into German Klabbouter (you may want to add the reaction of Samisu in as well as its given). Thanks for the reply Samisu, it made some things surely more clear (especially the part that there is fair play when it comes to player ranks I find something very important) :)

    Well lets talk about masters.. feedback wise....

    1. The server (technically speaking)

    The server is down a lot of times. Today even for at least 4 hours!!! If it is running, it often barely wants to load. Theres a lot of lag in train station too (like with bonus collecting for your association where you often see your station or someone elses despite you changed to another player trying to collect his/her bonus for them). Its extremely glitchy, visually you often see black parts on screen (I would describe it as that). Having absolutely no maintenances on this server only makes it worse coz better a maint downtime than a crash downtime and a very unstable game on top.

    2. Game design vs population load

    I don't think this game is made for having a "massive" population. There is no way you can make any cash to progress in your game because all industries are on 300% capacity and you also have to share them with your neighbour towns. On any not city RG in era 2, you are lucky if your trains make 3k per hour on an RG in the money table of city goods. Also the whole mayority system of industries can be thrown out of the game completely with this many players.

    3. Players allowed to join masters

    This master round is created for your birthday... Why leave out all under 2 star players? They don't play over a year? Aren't they loyal costumers (paying or not)?

    4. Language

    A big problem is that masters server includes all communities/languages on 1 server. It does not work. There is an overload of posts you can't read and no you cannot block all in city forum. Some cities don't even have any RG division in English (Take a look at Milton atm, its 100% in Russian, and who speaks Russian except Russians?)

    5. Greed from Travian

    Pay gold to win this game.... Its not a competition about skill its about spending thousands of real life cash to be in the top. And if you want to be nr 1 (if he even did it legal without cheating), you need to spend 3x more than the price you will win. You cannot have a train station maxed out in era 1 in 2 days. Yes you can speed up building with instants but how to get the cash? Only way is from lottery tickets to purchase but that doesn't give much cash and neither does train station itself (bank and lab went max before money buildings) nor the hauling of rg. Using gold to do this is millions of gold... which is very unlikely someone would do hence the... is someone cheating?

    6. Ranks of cities is pure RNG based.

    You have about 20 cities with exact the same level before era change... Era changes and a random 10 cities will be on top (no the % of completion of city don't get count). Example: Oldtown was 24th. Server crashes... we are rank 10 with exact same values as before.. Last week we showed rank 2... server crashed... now we are 13 or so...

    7. Availability of employees when server goes down

    Before I went sleep the server was down. I instantly wrote on your facebook page that it was down. No reaction from Travian.... Found out that 4 hours later it was still down.... Have some team working in night maybe? To fast fix and notice servers down? And inform your players that the server went down so they dont qq and try find fixes on their ends...

    8. Focus

    If you are running such event as big as this have a dedicated team focussed on it full time. Even the regular servers suffer a lot lately regarding lag/bugs/glitches. I know you are working on a new game but this should never affect your already running games!

    The Master servers are down again. Fix fast pls !!! Already made notice on facebook (in a post for your quiz coz we cannot comment there). Its happening for more than just me. Game doesn't load past 50% and can't enter world.

    Asked others to try log, cleared history, tried multiple browser, asked a friend to log my account in case it would fix that way but no luck. So servers must be down!!