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    That there are a lot of strange people in the game, I like to believe that. And that some players like you play 1 round full-time to get that No. 1 spot. I know that too. But you can't keep that up for several rounds to play that way.

    It is difficult to see who and how many are behind 1 account. But suppose there is an account shared to play 24/7. Railnation does not check whether more accounts are active on the same IP address on the same server. Because you see that a lot on servers. Family or a couple who both play Railnation, and also log into each other's account.

    But that something is difficult to control doesn't have to mean just allowing it there. No action is even taken by Railnation to tackle conspicuous cheaters. (in any form of cheating)

    But in theory we can now make an association of 25 accounts according to the rules. You still arrange 25 to 50 people and you can have your association and accounts play around with 2 to 3 people per account 24/7.

    Samisu, I get what you say. But I don't entirely agree.

    On a large scale you see accounts that are active 24/7. This can only be done by sharing accounts. But I think this is the problem in all Travian Games games, The Makers can't enforce their rules, So they just adjust the rules that cheaters are allowed.

    And this destroys the game. Nothing is done against multi accounts, nothing is done against sharing accounts. nothing is done against cheating. Some 25% servers are simply accounts that do not follow the rules.

    And I don't understand that Travian Games doesn't do anything about it at all. And what you see within Railnation, That one team does try to catch people who cheat. But other Teams from other countries servers do nothing at all.

    And it is not personal to you samisu, But at the headquarters they would have committed 100% extra in the technical field as well as in the human field to detecting cheating players. although this causes many banned accounts.

    If the suit probability is 80 to 100% then after a while it is a lot calmer with people who still cheat. And this will only make the game better, And maybe bring players back to the game.

    Samisu, that new method is not as innocent as you say. They collect much more data than is necessary. In addition, that data (via cookies) is shared with many companies. And if you go to those companies, they can in many cases also sell your data on to other parties.

    And all of that by agreeing to watch movies

    So I advise players to carefully read all the information before they agree. So they make a good decision.

    And about wrong information, and the right to delete messages. I can understand this. But as Railnation, first look at yourself.

    Only about the Android error and compensation go through your employees a lot of different stories and information.

    And all of you say something different so that players no longer know what is true.

    It is always easy to blame everything on players or other companies, as you do in this case. That the app is out for a week. was Google's fault. That players are now talking about compensation because nobody has ever had anything. is the fault of the players. Because they are difficult.

    While Railnation is the only culprit in this story.

    - The rules of google not after life.

    - Doing something secretive about the compensation, Then suddenly bringing it out. Then as a company just ignore all players, if they have questions.

    Am I going to get an answer where Salix stays ?, If Bright funture and travian games send you all to Salix. then it is handy that this employee does respond to players.

    About the compensation to how many people was this sent from ?, Because no matter on which server you asked it, nobody had an email or compensation.

    Then it is still simple, 2 types of compensation schemes. People who only use the app receive a higher compensation.

    And people who use both the browser or IOS in addition to the Android app, get a little less. It is no higher math, although they think that with Bright funture and Travian Games.

    But again Everyone sends all players to Salix, because salix would be about this. But where is salix then?

    But now I want to know how you guys have figured this. For you speak badly affected players get compensation.

    But who are the players ?, Because everyone is so badly affected that uses the android app?

    And why get there first then called all employees of Rail Nation. Use iOS or browser to play RN.?,

    So all those players who have listened to the people lose weight?

    And why everyone, even sends the Complaints Department of the players Salix ?, and Why Does Salix since 18-9 not the players?

    I think right here anything about, each player on any server you ask has not received any compensation. or mail on this topic.

    And all employees are suddenly silent since Wednesday 18-9-2019, and how you want to contact, Everybody refer you to Salix because Salix would go over here. But the nice thing is that since Salix 18-9 unresponsive.

    Now explain to me is how can someone be hit harder than anyone else that week that the app did not work ?, Anyone used Android app is just as severely affected.

    You would at Bright Funture and Travian Games is to behave like a real business, instead pretend all your games is a hobby.

    Then you've already got further with Rail Nation than I came today I got the answer from Germany. That Salix had already recorded contact me via the forum.

    Well I do not know what Salix, Salix But who commented here since last Wednesday not seen.

    But apparently wants Bright Funture and Travian, I'd love of their game Rail Nation off. If they would continue their failure to take players and certainly no paid players especially.

    Thanks for your answer, then I'd get a pm from you with the information to email them. Because every other default channel from the local to the central office. Refuse to answer the tickets or emails.

    At the point that it does not ignore the intent of Rail Nation players, unfortunately it might work for new players yet. But players who have been playing longer know Rail Nation also 0% to give their players.

    The complex is capable of, but I have not heard one player who has yet received compensation.

    Hey Samisu

    all first thanks for your quick response

    Normally you actually get response within 24 hours, on this subject would be two days still can. But once this issue is you are as a player immediately ignored by Rail Nation.

    And it is starting to resemble that Rail Nation make every attempt to do to compensate anyone. And apparently the people who go on here no intention but to take some responsibility. And players just to speak to through whatever channel.

    And that to you quite a compliment worthy that you are the only one who talks to players.

    But it's just so simple, the fault lay with Rail Nation, not the players. So why not simply offset the android users. For how Rail Nation is now working but you only lose players. So it would be nice if there is responsibility taken word by Rail Nation.

    Hi Rype

    You sent a private message to Salix with the 9 questions, and have not received an answer yet? Please wait for a little longer. As Salix said, it might take some time to answer.

    Hey Samisu

    How long should people wait than all ?, Rail Nation employees silence since Wednesday, both through support, if the forum, as through complaints.

    You're the only one who responds to questions from players.

    But it is strange that after 2 weeks you make the rules regarding compensation public. And during the bug call to use OIS or the browser to play railnation.

    And what was invented by Railnation in all those weeks. Only players who only use the Android receive compensation.

    Maybe they didn't set one? I don't know for sure since I haven't had the chance to lead one since the update.

    That is not possible, if the President chooses to ignore his account removed or its function, the function word or automatically transferred to someone else from the asso. or the President must transfer its function. But apparently has tech support here also no answer to how it can be that there is an asso without President is