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    The issue has been going on for some time, since little before the announcement about the issue. That was over 6 hrs ago. What's going on with the fix so we may get back into the game? Will the servers be rolled back to the time before they started preventing people from getting in? 6 hrs is a lot of play time to be lost (add in however many more hours until it's fixed). As a person who has been paying to stay competitive and this is cutting into a large portion of the time I get to play today, this really hurts.

    A person with multiple accounts is already an abuse offender as it breaks Rule 1.1. If rules are being enforced, then wouldn't that really make the point moot?

    Unfortunately, it still happens...A LOT. My guess is that Travian doesn't care because they are getting money. I can see 2 people who seem like the same person in the Association I'm in on 1 of my current games. Account 1: Inital + LastNameWithADifferentInital. Acount 2: InitialSameSecondInitial 1 and they always play 1 right after another with the online alerts.

    I don't have experience with the old PLUS system, only the new one, but I do have some feedback I'd like to share:

    I'm currently paying cold hard cash for PLUS. Someone asked me to sit their account for a decent chunk of time and they are NOT a PLUS member. Since I'm paying you, how about you let me just set schedules for multiple engines and service multiple engines for accounts I'm sitting so I can get back to playing the game I want to play enough to give you my money for? That's all I'm asking is those two things, there is no need to apply any other benefits while sitting, but I'm doing some guy a favor which is only going to increase the odds that guy comes back and gives you some cash of his own. It can be chore enough to sit an account, there's no need to make it a burdensome and tedious one for your paying customers.

    It's a good idea, but it'd be abused. A person with multiple accounts would just sit his/her 2nd account that is not a PLUS account with PLUS account bonuses from the 1st one.

    The changes all seem fine, except the increased gold cost. Unless you are going to get rid of the video sponsors that help fun Rail Nation, you should not be increasing the price for pretty much the same services that has been provided all along. The changes are pretty minor and does not warrant a price increase. Every time I play, I always run a PLUS account for the entire time I am playing, as I'm sure a lot of people do. I even pay extra for some extra lotto chances. With the fact that you over priced the Era trains as it is, you REALLY shouldn't be increasing the price for PLUS Accounts.

    Even though my comments are against the price change, do not think I am against Rail Nation all together. I will continue to play as long as the price is not increase. I'm already paying you $26.99 for each game I'm playing (1,200 Gold to cover 12 weeks of PLUS account time for 6 Eras) and usually an extra purchase for lotto chances. I will never pay over $50 for an Era train, that's just insanely over priced. And I usually play more than 1 game at a time. If you increase it, I'll have to say I'll stop playing and you'll lose a customer.