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    The videos don't work anymore. Reload of game same result, changing computer same result. Work on basics of the game instead of implementing new bullshit.

    Salix: I don't think Yuki misunderstoods you. As far as I understood her she is so disappointed that no actions are taken by your support. To make it clear and that no misunderstandings between myself and you Salix comes up: "No action" means beside a reply message "Thank you for your report.... we'll back to you soon." (copied from email to me received 15.06.2019 um 19:40 Uhr). Since that time I did not get a single additional reply. This is more than a week now. And I suppose my team mates from japanese server do made the same experience. So what are you talking about???? If necessary or misunderstood I can paste and copy all your emails to my account regarding my reports for fake players with time and date to this forum to show that I am serious and to show everyone your response time.

    Me I already made the decision to leave the japanese server after the final game and I understand very well, if many other players will follow me!!!

    Well spoken YUKI. Thumbs up.

    But 2way-autentification does not help on the current issue or it can not be implemented so quick. I took screenshots just now to prove from factories and from fake players (Yes to me they are fake players too). I should have done it earlier from saturday onwards, but who expected that this issue would take so long to be solved.

    The so called "churns" according to our dear Communications MGR would follow the Tutorial when they start a new game they have not played before. Tutorial starts with "Buy a train" and a yellow arrow shows you what to do. I can not imagine in the tutorial where it says: "click on a factory and press the invest button". Please help me if I am wrong. None of the "fakers" have trains, NO trains, ZERO !!!

    It is been now more than 4 days that I and my team mates have contacted the support on our server and the only thing that we receive is: Thank you for your message. We will check". Is this an auto reply? No further news from the support, more the older tickets disappear on my account. What is the support doing?

    More, this morning we are facing AGAIN (!!!!) several fake players, do not call them churns, grabbing our majorities. I checked them, 2 new players with no trains, no stars, no station buildings execpt the vouchers bank etc. Do I have to make screenshots every time I coming online???

    I am so fed up with this that I can not express any more. There are so many players here trying to support us and to give their feelings and their comments, but beside supervisor comments: It is not easy to sustain bla bla bla....

    If nothing happens today I will again post all players that we found suspecious. If you don't like it or not.

    Last solution for me is to vote by feet!!!!


    I just want to ask, if I understood you correctly. Perhaps the 15-20 players are only newbies who just started a new game to see what it is about? And accidentally, because they are new at RN they don't know what to do with the "start-up" vouchers and money and they simply invest everything in "our" factories? Well, to be honest, I do not believe in easter bunny or santa claus any more.

    I will ask my team mates to comment on this as well and we will see, if they want to comment this too.

    I was naming the players here to give the readers an idea that we are not talking about 1 or 2 players. And I can assure you there are more. I stopped the list coz I just wanted to point out that it is not a singular problem we are facing.


    I want to leave another comment on my posting. I did what you recommend and It is now 24 hours from my first ticket to support on the japanese server. Now there are 5 tickets from me with always new fake players. So far, I checked it 5 minutes ago, no response at all from support side.

    How sad is that? I do understand that during weekends the support has not so much man power, although most players are active during the weekend. I would have expected at least a note like: "Thanks for your report. I will check it carefully". But no response is very disappointing and disgusting.

    Since yesterday we are facing on above mentioned server massive invest of fake players on "our" factories. Why do I call them fak players? Hmm, there are a minimum of 15 players with no trains, I really mean zero trains and massive invest of 5-8 millions mainly on our factories. All fake players are new, no career stars at all. Meanwhile I have written the 5th report to support, but not a single reply from the support.

    Fake player names like: [*removed by CM] just to name some of them. This list could be extended.

    Any comment or means from japan support or general support?

    *If you find players you suspect of breaking the rules, please send the list of names to game support (like you did). Let's not name accounts for breaking the rules here on public forum, as no one here can confirm if rules have actually been broken - and account related decisions will never be discussed on a public forum. The Japanese game support will help you and give you answers, and they are the people with access to JP servers.