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    i am one of the players that has been kicked in the teeth by this

    i have played rail nation on and off for years until my wife passed away in 2017 at that point i have consistently played travian games including spending my spare income on them

    when my wife passed away rail nation was what got me through it was somewhere to turn to a place to turn too and as a result i brought my daughter Emziie to rail nation a game i thought she would never stick at but she did

    she then went on to take roles to help the community and that includes me

    its time now that you show us that you care about the community you have and the player base you have built and not only those that will spend £5000 a round, i spend alot of money in respect of what i have on RN if you want my money you show me that you want me here and that means changing this now no more excuses no more trying to stall us we want answers and we want them now not next week not next month not next year not in 2 years when you decide to remove another feature

    i agree thetdoc if this is not fixed this round this will be my last round of rail nation and i will never touch a travian game after watching what they have done to the players they supposedly care about

    please remove take care from your signatures as you dont mean it



    its nice to know that the money i spend on this game as a player is no longer valued

    i will finish my current round and then i will no longer be playing

    i have played rail nation for 5 years and you have always been able to watch videos at the same time as other people and this improved when the widget was introduced as you no longer had to be on the train station

    congratulations on losing yourself players, gold purchases and ad revenue

    its nice to see that you care about the players that have a smaller wallet than those that can buy themselves tickets directly

    Hello the answers are







    However I think there is a mistake with the Rhinocerus - because in the letters given an R and an E are missing, but there is only one ? I have sat and gone through every era and every train and the only one it could potentially be in Rhinocerus - but it would mean theres a mistake in the origianl post.

    I am from COM03 Smoke Chamber.

    @Sting Ray.

    Children of the corn (wheat)

    Dude wheres my car (car)

    Saving private ryan (Electronic chips)

    Full Metal Jacket (Sheet metal)

    Iron Man (Iron bars)

    Ed wood (wood)

    Rear window – (Windows)

    The Toy Story (Ducks)

    Slumdog Millionare (money)

    Stand By me (Passengers/people)

    Com03 - Smoke Chamber