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    Les Schtroumphs

    Watch it Gargamel !

    Some grumblers, some pranksters, a small mushroom town is our motto. Where's OUR town ? Everywhere ... Meaning especially that if you don't watch them, you'll see them in Kansas City at the start, and 3 era and an half after, San Francisco will be THEIR.

    Obvisouly for me, the new change concerning the pre-registration is not working well.

    As Sacroima said, the first morning after the start of the server, I made some observations : 2 large corps in one city and two other in other 2 towns of the same region. By large corps I count only the players who had actually start the server on the morning.

    If they could start on the same city or region, they were pre-registered, no ? So the system allowed 2 pre-registrations in the same town (meaning 40 players) and 2 more corps in the region meaning a total of 74 players.

    Meanwhile, one other corp was forbidden to put a foot un a region with 2 large corp and a smaller (meaning 50 players at all).

    My purpose saying that is : the new system is clearly bugged. Where ? that's to the developpers to say.

    What is abnormal on the start on the ARC of Triomphe (FR202) is : one region is populated with 4 corps at least 15 members due of pre-registration, an the others region couldn't do it


    And 2 large corps (18 and 21 members) on the same town

    What can RN says with that ? Oups ? It's a bug ??

    Impossible to connect (again) on th computer, and on the tel it'takes me 20minutes the last time to change one loco.
    And the developpers are working ? That's not their fault, the server is drastically underweight and that's Travian choice, not the developpers

    When I finally was able to be connected, it was only to see that 'someone must have sell all my locos' ? Ugh ?????
    So when you wanted the players not to refresh to often, I would like to do this, only if I can see my loco, and also copy just my traject to ONE loco ?