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    Obiously the people from Belgium feel the same I suppose since they dont have their own language region too and have to do it with "us Dutchies", they never complain.. As I see it RN creates its regions based on the servers they have, they apparently dont have seperate servers for Canada so you either have to join the USA, the UK or International as many many other regions/countries do.. there are only 19 regions defined in RN but as you are aware there are many more actual regions in the world..

    So a valid suggestion might be whether Canada has enough players to have its own Region.. but absolutely not why its undervalued as a country.. I dont think this has anything to do with that...

    And thank you and all for the liberation in the 2nd WW, we as Dutch are particular happy that you were there since you liberated most of our country... but you dont hear me about the liberation of Dutch Acadia from the French in 1674 either. History teaches us not to make the same mistakes again but is not an eternal reason to stay great as a nation..

    Ri-di-cu-lous!! This is a bug... a known bug no less.. so if you can't fix it fine, but then deal with the consequenses and assign the player who experienced it a generous amount of starting capital to make up for those 3 days.

    There is a solution here.. its ripe for the taking and still RN doesnt want to move even a tiny little bit to compensate a player.. while they should jump to the possibility of doing so.

    There are countless examples of RN p***ing on their players while other games are giving generous rewards for even a scheduled maintenance that happens 3 or 4 times a week....

    You are not hobbyist guys... you are professionals in the gaming industry; start to act like it please..

    But the 2nd Video isn't fixed - so it hasn't fixed it?

    Is it not worthwhile for you to have 10 Players buying Lottery Tickets as opposed to 1 Player buying Lottery Ticket?

    My Video ranking is quite high over Rail Nation. I DO purchase products from the Videos if its something I purchase, and I have NEVER used a bot to watch a video.

    Emziie is going full attack on RN... its everyones right ofc, but to see this from a person with the RN community logo on her avatar.... seems a little strange to me. I would suggest creating a different account for such things because this doesn't show a very united RN Team.

    But on topic: the fact that it would be possible for 2 or more people to watch the same video on a players station is obviously a bug.. there is no way an advertiser would encourage such thing. The more massviews on a video the less its going to be worth.. I have been playing RN for a very long time already and I personally always saw those videos dissapear after someone else watched it. Maybe from time to time due to a bug it didnt but regularly it behaved like it should. Anyone can see that this is a bug and not a feature....

    RN would have to make a looot of changes to the current message and forum system before I would considder using a specific chair/deputy forum (or chat for that matter). Discord offers so many advantages and is very easy to use. Im sure a lot of other programs are easy as well. Bottomline is that the current system RN has in place is shortcoming in too many aspects to make it worth their while to actually add new functionality.

    The countdown timer on the mayorvoting screen doesnt show the correct time. In our gameworld the mayor is chosen at 7pm while the countdown shows a current time of 5.15pm (and yesterday it showed a countdown to 5.30pm); however the time of 7pm hasnt been changed since a new mayor was chosen today.

    The countdown changes with every refresh of the game btw.

    Hi Johanna_BF

    Tried again by rewriting the complete post in a temporary forum until it worked and then pasted that one in the right topic, that seemed to work.

    The problem now however is that when you past the message in the messagebox the system adds al kinds of spaces between lines that arent really there.. (screenhot spaces); this makes it completely impossible to edit the pasted message, we want to keep things uniform so its kind of important that we can.. this is responsible for all the different formatting we have going on there.

    Also visible in the screenshot is that the edit box is really small, and when you try to scroll through the message it does with multiple lines at the same time, so its impossible to find the right spot to edit unless you use the tiny scrollbar on the right with the mousepointer to search for the exact part that needs editing.

    The box should be about 2 or 3 times the current size to actually be able to work with it, also scrolling with the scrollwheel should go line-by-line.

    I hope you will be able to recreate these errors, what worked with me is pasting it in notepad (which removes all formatting by default) and then past it into the messagebox, this way is the only way we can edit messages right now and copy them back.

    Let me know if you need further details ;) Thanks for looking into it!


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    Hi Johanna_BF

    The map does move quite quickly in general but there is no acceleration in it.

    It looks like this functionality is by design.. if so its not a bug ofcourse, but want to be sure of that.

    In the flash version the mousepointer fixated on a certain point on the map and you could drag the map through the screen, now its more dynamic and the mousepointer doesnt fixate on a certain point on the map anymore but slowly moves which allows you to "travel" further within mouserange. But it doesnt feel intuitively.. or maybe I have to get used to it but that depends on whether this is a bug or its by design.


    Hi Johanna_BF

    I have been using Chrome and Edge (both newest versions and all internet data/cookies erased)

    In both browsers the message system is awfull to be honest, its like im looking at it from a mobile phone instead of a PC.

    I discovered some new issues today, when creating a message the spacing isnt correctly applied, I added 2 screenshots where you can see the difference in exactly the same message between the flash and HTML5 version.

    I tried formatting it again by creating a new one instead of just copying the message but that didnt help unfortunately.

    Since the message system is kind of vital in gameplay I really hope that this kind of bugs get prioritized, a lot of bugs are visual but its less of a problem to play with those bugs for a while then the functionality bugs.