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    Our tech specialists do read the bug section every now and then, but this forum folder does not substitute game support in any way.

    It is always best to contact game support when you find a bug. And for many good reasons, for example

    • Support has contacts, tools and practices that help the issues be handled faster
    • A report by one player can be compared against other reports from all domains
    • Support is dedicated in solving issues or transferring those to the right people
    • Account related issues are easier to solve as support sees more technical details

    The forum crew does not have access to the same tools and information unfortunately. Some do, but not all - and oftentimes it is still best to report technical issues to game support.

    Oh thats a pity actually.. right after the introduction of HTML5, using the forum to report bugs was actually a very nice way to do that. There was no middleman anymore and by interacting with the people that classified the bugs you could really make sure that they were being able to reproduce the error and clearify if needed.. this is something that I dont have when I use the supportbutton ingame.. very often its just: "we reported the error" and after that no feedback (somehow it seems important that all tickets get closed asap).. so often I'm not even sure if the bug is reported correctly, whether devs knew about it already and if they could reproduce the error.

    By using so many middleman (for example I report often in Dutch support, so translation etc..) the risk of a bugreport being lost or wrongly communicated is quite large imho; thats a waste of the energy we, as players, put into the report.

    I'd like to add that being able to interact as close as possible to devs makes it easier to trust that people are actually working on it.

    Well, in anyway having a bugreport topic in the forum when we are supposed to use the supportbutton might have become irrelevant?

    The account management system (we call it Mellon) is a TG service. Many games from the Travian family are using it, but every game a little bit different, depending on the requirements of those games.

    If it could be fixed by just changing the way it is integrated into our system without the need of changing anything in Mellon itself, then it would be simple. Unfortunately that's not the case.

    Glad to know its not because of RN not wanting it to change now, but actually this makes matters worse lol..

    TG is a much larger company with many games.. so the fact that they let this problem exist for such a long time I can only account to indifference of TG

    I don't experience any troubles with the login.

    I login into the lobby - gameworlds, and then with rightclick I open the details of my 5 servers in as many tabs, and from there I open my gameworlds without having to login again.

    But for those players who do have troubles logging in, I hope they will be solved soon ;)

    That would be nice.. but unfortunately every couple of hours I get a popup message saying I am logged out due to connection problems. Btw thats new, until a short time ago I never experienced those sudden logouts but all the more annoying this loginproblem becomes..

    Ok thanks, but dont you guys agree that it would be much more convenient to have all this info in a central place? Now we have to go through forums and Q&A videos to find info; so its public info but hard to find.. why not create a blog article about the general rules and public balancing info for every gametype? Then create a link in the infosection of the game that leads to this blogarticle and voila, one place to go for all your questions.. if it isnt there it isnt made public.

    Thanks Saphirus for replying.

    I can fully understand that its hard to fix because it involves changing an entire system. However since this problem exists for as long as I can remember I dont see why this hasnt been fixed already.. you had time to create a new lobby, create multiple new gameworlds/styles, create events like masters and winterevent, create more and completely new trains, changed the EG multiple times and a complete redo of the game in HTML5..

    I could literally go on and on about all the major changes RN made to the game over the years but one vital part of playing a game smoothly is somehow "too big" to handle..

    Please explain this to me.. because it really seems that RN prioritizes new additions to the game over fixing older problems. A simple solution would be to divert all your devs to fixing problems instead of creating new content.. seems to me that you will have fixed 90% of the problems within 6 months

    This is a real problem, I wanted to create a topic for this but I saw this older post already existed so will just use this one.

    I play RN almost from the very beginning and all this time logging into the lobby and servers/worlds has been a complete disaster; but lately it seems that it has become even worse.

    In my opinion, logging into the lobby should eliminate the need to login to any of the worlds I am currently playing seperately. But thats exactly what happens, when I do a fresh login and want to attend my 5 current servers 9/10 times it will ask me to relogin 4-5 times.. sometimes loading the world is just delayed for no apparent reason so I hit reload just to find out the reason for the delay was actually that I was logged out somehow.

    I dont use FB login anymore, just username and pw, but with FB it wasnt better.

    So Johanna_BF , could you clear this up for us? Is RN paying attention to this problem and when will this be on a fix-list? Because I dont believe I am the only one experiencing this; a need to relogin should not be more then once every day

    Isnt this why we have different speeds? Players who want a short final will generally also want a short game, players who want a long final will generally have the preference for a longer game too.

    So 1x speed, aim for a 48-hour EG

    2x speed aim for a 24 hour EG

    4x speed aim for a 12 hour EG

    And then they are toying with a 0.5x server afaik so that will be a 4-day EG

    But all we have right now is the same length of EG on all servers, the faster EG's that do happen are not linked to serverspeed but to actual discipline and playercount on those servers. I think the actual challenge is to balance the game/EG in such a way that it will fit the serverspeed, meaning different calculation for different speeds, atm we are using the same balance everywhere.

    But are they? because as far as I know RN never publiced in detail whether pax counted as calculations towards EG goods, all info we have is on their tiny announcement from before Px started.

    @devteam Bruno_BF could you guys make a formal announcement with all the specific rules and changes for Px so that we know once and for all if pax is calculated or not and how this would effect the start of the EG? I dont see a reason why gamebalancing wouldnt be public info.

    It sounds to me btw like the city thats able to "rig" the EG best before start will win the game.. probably not how this is intended.

    Magnificent argument! You really built your case well!

    Theory 1: they never thought of this in Germany.. so this post of yours will be a real eyeopener and they will finally change this ridiculous definition of an "active" player

    Theory 2: Back in Germany, they developed the game themselves.. so obviously they know how this works but for some reason they believe its important to keep a backdoor open to cheaters that want to wreck EG's or score easy points by just logging in..

    Which of those sound more likely?

    But honestly, I like your post and I'm fully in agreement with it!

    Hey Mr Hoeven,

    i tried it and it first blanded out the sound as it should and then it was muted. Does that never work with you?

    It doesn't work always, sometimes it does. All I know is that before the update it almost never had issues and now it does, so then to me it looks like an RN issue and not a chrome one (I use Edge Chromium btw)

    But the more pressing issue is the stuttering sounds when going back to an open RN tab.. thats new and always present. Ofc it fades out after a couple of seconds but still..

    Automatic muting when leaving a tab in chrome (changing to another) didnt always work before the XXL update, but since it has become worse. Now most of the time it won't mute.

    The workaround before the update was to open and leave the tab again, but that's not an option anymore ||

    Another related bug: when going back to a tab the sound stutters a lot before it eventually returns to the normal melody of RN

    I like where you are going with this but I don't think a corporation has enough players to really do this. Perhaps for the server?

    Maybe one corporation is too small indeed, the whole server might be an idea.

    But while I love it when it is there, I do think the main reason we love it, is because it doesn't stay the whole year.

    Perhaps you are right, maybe not.. only one way to find out. I think having clash throughout the year in a smaller competition like server or corporation and once in a big competition together with the Masters might add the extra value. And as rounds stop and start weekly or biweekly you can easily opt-out one or more rounds.

    Clash! is a very nice in between game that many of us welcome during the masters. But how fun would it be when we can play this game everyday but only with our fellow corporation members?

    For example 3-5 games a day, weekly ranking between corp members and the top 3 get a small prize for their effort.

    Prizes could be anything from a little prestige to a few lottery tickets for example. Nothing big but worth your while.

    Hi all,

    In our corporation we found ourselves in a little discussion as to when you can have the maximum amount of paxtrains on the rails.

    This used to be with the depot on lvl 25 en the station concourse on lvl 22, but with recent changes in RN the amount of paxtrains you can OWN has become much larger. But to my recollection this is purely about the number of paxtrains in the museum and the maximum amount of paxtrains on the RAILS is still defined by the depot.

    But someone claimed that he had been using 25 paxtrains on rails with depot on 25 and concourse on lvl 14 (you can own 25 paxtrains). In the previous rounds I tried this it has never been possible but that was already a few rounds ago.

    So is there anyone who can give us a finite answer on this topic?


    Obiously the people from Belgium feel the same I suppose since they dont have their own language region too and have to do it with "us Dutchies", they never complain.. As I see it RN creates its regions based on the servers they have, they apparently dont have seperate servers for Canada so you either have to join the USA, the UK or International as many many other regions/countries do.. there are only 19 regions defined in RN but as you are aware there are many more actual regions in the world..

    So a valid suggestion might be whether Canada has enough players to have its own Region.. but absolutely not why its undervalued as a country.. I dont think this has anything to do with that...

    And thank you and all for the liberation in the 2nd WW, we as Dutch are particular happy that you were there since you liberated most of our country... but you dont hear me about the liberation of Dutch Acadia from the French in 1674 either. History teaches us not to make the same mistakes again but is not an eternal reason to stay great as a nation..

    Ri-di-cu-lous!! This is a bug... a known bug no less.. so if you can't fix it fine, but then deal with the consequenses and assign the player who experienced it a generous amount of starting capital to make up for those 3 days.

    There is a solution here.. its ripe for the taking and still RN doesnt want to move even a tiny little bit to compensate a player.. while they should jump to the possibility of doing so.

    There are countless examples of RN p***ing on their players while other games are giving generous rewards for even a scheduled maintenance that happens 3 or 4 times a week....

    You are not hobbyist guys... you are professionals in the gaming industry; start to act like it please..

    But the 2nd Video isn't fixed - so it hasn't fixed it?

    Is it not worthwhile for you to have 10 Players buying Lottery Tickets as opposed to 1 Player buying Lottery Ticket?

    My Video ranking is quite high over Rail Nation. I DO purchase products from the Videos if its something I purchase, and I have NEVER used a bot to watch a video.

    Emziie is going full attack on RN... its everyones right ofc, but to see this from a person with the RN community logo on her avatar.... seems a little strange to me. I would suggest creating a different account for such things because this doesn't show a very united RN Team.

    But on topic: the fact that it would be possible for 2 or more people to watch the same video on a players station is obviously a bug.. there is no way an advertiser would encourage such thing. The more massviews on a video the less its going to be worth.. I have been playing RN for a very long time already and I personally always saw those videos dissapear after someone else watched it. Maybe from time to time due to a bug it didnt but regularly it behaved like it should. Anyone can see that this is a bug and not a feature....