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    With Masters progressing to the endgame, it will be just a few days before its over.
    One thing I always wondered about is "what happens with my Gold at the end"

    I have both purchased and acquired Gold, normally it would all go to the new round, as there is no new round can I now choose to which server I transfer it?

    And if I can, what amount? Only the purchased Gold or all of it?
    If only purchased gold can be transferred, would it make sense to buy plus account for the rest of it, can plusdays also be transferred?

    Hope to find out ;) Thanks a lot!

    What a nonsense, complaing about something you already knew for weeks; they announced it properly and I personally cheer for the fact that the Masters are played in the new interface; after all this is what all servers will look like within a few months.


    Now that we are playing the masters on the new interface I have a question about the chat-notification. Every time someone in one of the many chatrooms writes a new message my chat-module is flagged with a "letter" notifying me that a new message has been posted.

    This feature is very helpfull but not for all chats... we have a lot of country chats that are posted in almost continuesly. So is there an option to mark which chats should be monitored and which not?

    I really hope so otherwise this feature is pointless.

    Regards, Pieter

    I think there are eleven. The barrel in the back looks suspiciously fake but I cant place it as a RN good.
    Clothing, Lamps, Household supplies, windows, cattle, meat, electronics, pharmaceuticals, toys, shoes and grain.

    Those 2 lottery tickets should have been integrated already to the PLUS Account, but let's wait until tomorrow and for days to change.

    Hi Samisu,

    Unfortunately it didnt work yet when I logged in.
    Just saw a post on RN-facebook which is a little confusing, the package with the new price will be from Nov 1st, but from Oct 30th (or 31st because of the server problems) will be the day the lottery tickets will be included.

    "Dear gamers,
    we just wanted to remind you that on November 1st the price for PLUS-accounts will be raised to 150 gold. The moment of the price-change depends on the respective server. So, keep an eye out for the countdown that you can find on the top right corner of the game.
    Based on your feedback we decided that starting on October 30th 12pm UTC another feature will be included. The package with the new price will award players who buy it two additional lottery tickets."

    But mentioned in the changelog of update 4.3.1 I cannot find a reference which says that only the new package will award 2 free lottery tickets.

    New features:

    • From 30th October 2017, players will receive two lottery tickets for free when purchasing a 7-day Plus Account. Lottery tickets come on purchase of PLUS Account, and are granted only once per purchase.

    Actually, when you go to purchase a Plus, it does say: "2 free tickets... - coming soon"

    @ Lord Ocryd: yes indeed, this is mentioned in the new interface or mobile app, not on the classic servers as they still run with the old interface.

    This might seem nitpicking but as I plan to buy 52 weeks of PLUS it will be 104 free lottery tickets.... sorry if I am pushing too much but I have just a few hours left to buy.....


    Today I planned to buy a lot of PLUS weeks because of the new price in 1 day.
    However the promised free lottery tickets (2) dont show up when purchasing...

    Is this a result of the techincal problems today? and can I wait until it has been resolved or should I creat a support ticket and hope they will be awarded later?

    This problem is also on another server I play on, NL01 - Stoomketel (Classic)

    Hope to hear from support soon!

    Ok thank you for the clarification! :)

    Although this might not be very expensive, its just that I dont think we get a lot in return.
    You considder the extra bonusvideo as a feature... but this is a very strange idea.. the bonusvideos serve one purpose and this is to give paid! advertisers a platform. In other words it is a source of income for Travian (which btw is no problem on itself ;))
    But then on top of it you charge people to watch more of them.... this is something I dont understand and thus I dont see as a feature with PLUS.
    A feature would be that with PLUS you would get the extra's of the second video already when watching the first

    So all that I see in return for the extra 50 gold is scheduling features... I would be happy to pay way more but then I would also like to see way more.

    Ps. I dont have currently acces to detailed prestige on my servers so I cannot judge this feature yet; but it seems not worth paying more for it.

    PLUS ideas:
    - setting schedules in advance
    - bid (not buy) on licences in advance for free/ no gold
    - plus on sitting account
    - spending research points on first train in next era when the coupling is achieved

    Wow, great idea!
    But wouldnt it be much greater if there were some benefit in working together? You speak about the tension it creates when this event suddenly starts in the middle of an upgrade ;);) , I agree, this would be hilrious.

    But some cities might develop strategies to fit these event in, maybe tere is a way to reward them or to drive them to work together (thinking about the citycomps right now) because in the end which city brought the most gold....

    I hope this will be send to the developers, a positive event would be a great new feature.


    Latest 4.3.1 changelogs might bring some comfort here :thumbsup:

    New features:

    • From 30th October 2017, players will receive two lottery tickets for free when purchasing a 7-day Plus Account.

    So this means every day?

    My thoughts on the new PLUS account, I use the schedule option a lot and makes playing a lot less tedious ;) however this one usefull feature doesnt make up for the 50 gold extra. The price was already high enough as it was. Aside from PLUS a lot of players will buy lottery tickets, bonus engines and different starterpackages also. There is enough money to be made for travian.

    So instead of letting you win more lotteries, just considder lowering te price again or find a way to give us much more PLUS features.