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    Great, we will be very happy once this update will be ready to be implemented. Litterally can't wait ;)

    Today I decided to make it official and I reported it to the Dutch game support as spam, as you suggested a few posts before this, but unfortunately they can't do anything about it.. apparently game support doesn't have the tools to help us with this issue.

    But thanks for your help Samisu, much appreciated!

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    My two cents on the sitter changes.

    I am a little surprised that RN decided on a maximum amount of sitter days even before they introduce us the promised changes on the laboratory (a poll a while back); these would have made it possible not to log in more then once a day. For a lot of people this would be a real gamechanger.

    Now a suggestion.. with introducing a maximum amount of sitterdays it would be really!! helpfull if I could set my own time before someone could sit me. Now I notice that I run out of sitterdays really quick because people just see the sittericon when they login and have no clue how long it has been since I logged in; it requires extra steps to find that out. 12 hours is often too short for me, I would like to have the possibility to change this to 18 hours, or even 24...

    But I can imagine for others, they would like to make it shorter even, like 4 or 8 hours. The 12 hour minimum was originally set, I suppose, to prevent double accounts; now with the new maximum amount of days this doesnt apply anymore. So why not leave it fully open to the players themselves… just let them type in a number.

    Also with all the new options you can click to authorize your sitter to do things (really like it btw!!), even goldfunctions there are still some things I mis.

    For example on one server I removed my sitters just because they started spending my RP on the wrong trains, in the new research tree you have a lot of option to go either up or down.. how can they make those choices without me?? But I cant expect them to have a list with what each sitter wants, so it would be really nice if I can opt-out for sitters to spend my research points at all.. I rather miss 4 points for not logging in then see 30 points wasted on a train I will never use.

    Last one.. there is an error when someone decided to not let their sitters spend vouchers (i.e. for tracks), it means that I cant lay tracks at all until they decided to spend the voucher themselves...

    As I started with this post, Im a bit surprised about these changes, not because I cant imagine them being neccesary but because I think this required much more thought then just setting max amount of days… there are so many possibilities for RN to make this function even more interesting and helpfull; right now I feel you guys missed an opportunity by just blindly introducing a number.

    Really hope this, and all other thought, will be forwarded to the developers; I think this doesnt require much work to make it perfect.

    I prefer option A, as this is more in line with what a laboratory does, choose what you want to develop.
    I also think that this would give less advantage to the gold players as they can upgrade just one building instead of two (in terms of instant buildings etc)

    However, in the screenshots it looks like there are 60 or 50 possible levels, this should ofc be balanced out with the rest of the buildings, the lab is already epensive. With it being cheaper it might be very interesting to build for example speed to a high level and when you dont have a lot of money to spend choose a lowlevel capacity upgrade. Again option A seems best in achieving this.

    Great feature!!


    I would like to suggest a more adaptive EG system. There are a lot of RN servers, some have over 10k players some just a 1000.
    When playing on a less crowded server I notice that it is very easy to get your city into the endgame. This is because there arent just enough players to focus on 10 different cities.
    Therefore with just a low level city you will be able to play the EG without making too much effort.

    It would be very nice if this system would work based on the amount of (active) players in a round. For example if there are 10.000 players there will be 10 cities which will become megacity. If there are just 1000 players maybe change this number to 4 or 5; this way there will be a genuine competition again and we wont have to deal with this "lets not level the city anymore because then we have to work too hard in the EG" nonsens. Because that happens a lot, just now I am playing an EG where we didnt level the city since era 4 anymore… why is this fun?

    So who wants more competition and an exciting round leading towards the EG? I hope this suggestion will be forwarded to Germany so they can think about it ;)

    Thank you Samisu, your Dutch colleagues are in total silence unfortunately.. as usual. They either didnt know this serverstart or didnt bother to keep us updated (also on the why of this late restart). We asked though..

    The new interface doesnt let us copy our own messages anymore, only those of other players.
    This is a very important feature from the old interface that I would like to see back ingame.

    Right now you can copy only entire messages from other players as long as flash decides to cooperate, doesnt work that well too.

    So I'm suggesting a remade copy function that is similar to the old
    interface, copy whatever you want and als whatever PART you need, not
    just entire messages.

    Please upvote/ like my idea to show Germany how much we want this back

    Now as we have another major upgrade on the new interface I think the question of when this comes to the classic servers becomes much more relevant.
    I like a lot of things in the new interface but I'm missing out on all the good stuff on the servers I usually play on, these are all classic ones. More even because I would also like to get my careerpoints for the new trainspotters ;)

    Is there any news on this subject?

    These days it becomes more and more a problem indeed. Strategies focussing on finishing as low as you can on the cityrankinglist (top 10) are common and even neccesary to win the endgame.
    Its no longer a competition that takes the whole round to finsih but a competition to secure your low top 10 place; it actually starts during the EG. It would be great if we have to fight again for being the no1 city and having the last 6 goods open would be a reward instead of a punishment. It would give back so much more pleasure in the game and spirit amongst the players ;)

    Yes, we are sorry for the crashes and slow moments.

    Technicians are working on the issue, and it's not related to just USA and SoE scenarios or this 4.6.0 update.

    While waiting for the fix, you are welcome to try a new contest here: Cycle is the word!

    Somehow Railnation always forgets to inform their players of any technical issues... nowadays we have all kinds of social media to shout things into the world and keep your fanbase up to date.
    I thank you Samisu for mentioning this here but maybe you can forward this issue to headquarters, it should be possible to have a guy or girl there who just uses his/ her phone to make a tweet or post a FB message, takes 3 seconds and saves you a lot of angry people..... every company is doing this except travian..

    Trainspotter is a person who collects train series numbers and cycle information by taking pictures and writing notes at railway stations and other vantage points

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    I think there are definitely balancing issues with this idea but with the instant dispatch on specific trains nothing really changes in the gameplay; right now people have the same possibility but now you have to click each train seperately the moment it arrives at an industry. This would make gameplay just easier, not different. An option to considder is to make this "instant dispatch by train" a PLUS feature.

    The second idea you mentioned sounds just great! but.... here are some serious balancing issues to considder... if it is for one hour for example, just like the turbo feature, this option would be used by the so called gold players throughout the whole game; the result being that for them integration is not really neccesary anymore to cut waiting times, resulting in even higher waiting times for every other player. I think this would disrupt the gameplay and furthermore allow players with deeper pockets to have more possibilities then those who dont or wont. I dont think it would be much fun.
    Stil I like the idea of having a second coupon, but I think it would be more realistic to have one for 5 stops 50% off waiting time then one hour; this would make the feature far too expensive to use all the time.