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    Started at new pre-registered Round at US102 Grand Central within 30 minutes of the server restart and despite a re-log, still do not have my Career Engine in the engine list. :?::!::?: Typically this loco is standing parked outside my starting city "ZZzzzz". This time - nothing! :thumbdown:

    After putting a lot of time and money into upgrading this aspect of gameplay, I would be highly disappointed if this is not a soon-to-be-corrected glitch.

    I noticed in logging onto DE05 this morning that the odd quirks and the lag seemed to have disappeared.

    When running HTML5, there was a different introduction/opening/welcome screen and the graphics had a certain sharpness. Today seems to be the previous welcome. Judging from the graphics and the restored performance, has DE05 been temporarily reverted to Flash while further improvements are being made to the HTML5 version?

    Just curious...:/

    Thank you for your explanations.

    Obviously I was not on Chrome when I got the Chrome recommendation, but had started DE05 on Microsoft Edge.

    Out of curiosity, I attempted to start my game on US102 on Chrome, since it was not already running on ME. Based on your explanations, US102 must have still been on Flash instead of HTML5, because I still got the annoying "OOoops!" screen.

    It was mostly because of this, and touch-screen issues when playing on my laptop vs desktop that I stopped using Chrome and deferred to ME. I run a cable Ethernet with a currently tested 166.49 Mbps download, 5.33 Mbps upload and a 100 ms network delay on the WIN10 quad-core desktop (wt Radeon RX590 GPU) I am on at the moment. I am playing on DE05, M22, and US102 from a location in the southeastern US Atlantic coast.

    I noted a couple of interesting things in comparing just now.

    All games have much more lag on Chrome. Since DE05 is on HTML5, I have to assume that the previous 'hardware acceleration' settings for FlashPlayer are not applicable. It is markedly slower to accept input, scroll the map, or change screens. Also, the locos have a unique psychedelic smoke that starts out black with a developing fuscia and blue border before turning white. Is that supposed to be normal? (It is not that way on ME).

    Since you apparently already played on HTML5 without even noticing, that should answer your question if anything changes ;)

    Actually, when I played DE05 on ME, I am noticing 'strobe' flashes - blitz white-screens. An example is when going to the research screen to apply points to locos. With each click on the screen page (to add points, complete research on a loco, change ERAs, etc) There is a quick flash of white as the screen updates the new info to current status.

    Despite this annoying flashing, DE05 is still much more responsive on ME than on Chrome.

    Thanks again for the clarification on the updates to RN.

    Glad to hear it is merely transitioning and not going extinct!

    I note that the DE05 Kurbelwelle Scenario has a new opening screen, that states that "RN recommends Google Chrome".

    Yet when opening my Chrome browser, I get a message banner from Chrome that "“Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 2020” .

    Since it is on FlashPlayer, that this game relies, if I use Chrome I have to respond to an annoying additional page on RN that requires me to validate my FlashPlayer every time I open RN through Chrome. If I use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, I can avoid the annoying "OOps! You Need to Download Adobe Flash Player" nonsense every time, but if Adobe and Flash are going extinct in Dec 2020 , the browser won't matter.

    Google claims that those who use Flash are developing alternatives. So despite Dec 2020 being 15 months away, I have to ask:

    1) Why recommend Chrome when it is even now acting in an adversarial manner toward its own Adobe product?


    2) Is Travian working on a Flash-alternative for RN and other Flash-based games, will the game format completely change, or will they end like TruckerNation?