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    This is so easy:

    City 1 in Austria, level 7, delivers Milk

    City 2 in Switzerland, level 33, delivers Watches

    City 3 in Germany, level 41, delivers Mobile phones

    FP-121 @ Black forest (comm301, I guess)

    Apparently, the oldest flea market in Germany is "Altstadt-Flohmarkt am Hohen Ufer". From Hannover.

    And the landmark is Hannover City Hall.

    This penultimate answer is Hannover, Germany.

    It seems that up to now we are missing Stuttgart :)

    The TV tower from Stuttgart is an important landmark for the city.

    Also worth to mention the 6 higher education institutions.

    Let the answer be

    Stuttgart, Germany

    A green city? There are many in the countries covered by Origin, especially in Germany.

    Interesting, but this city is not one of the top cities according to various standings, as all of the top cities were already identified with previous landmarks.

    We have now the Freiburger Münster, and the city is

    Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

    Braunschweig (Brunswick) is the city with a Lion statue as a landmark, it is on the main rail line between Frankfurt and Berlin, so it might be the correct answer.

    Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany

    This is an obvious hint, as you can find it unchanged on wikipedia :(

    Nothing challenging around this landmark.

    Monument to the Battle of Nations (Battle of Leipzig),

    Leipzig, Germany

    Nice and ambiguous hint :) My first choice was the beautiful Munster from Basel, but the number of towers is too low.

    Another guess, means... Mainz cathedral.

    So the correct answer is Mainz, Germany.

    East direction, from Zurich? There are few RABDe 500 routes, so the solution is quite simple.

    The landmark is Abbey of St Gall (Cathedral and Monastery).:thumbsup:

    St. Gallen (St. Gall), Switzerland.

    Difficult to find a correct answer based only on your hint.

    It could be the puppet theatre from Salzburg, but we already have Salzburg. Could be the Toone Theatre, but this is in Brussels. Could be the one from Geneve, but we already have this city, too.

    Luckily, there is a famous puppet theatre in Augsburg, and the landmark in image is the Augsburg City Hall.

    So the answer must be Augsburg, Germany.

    Expensive city? Then it is in Switzerland.

    Since some expensive cities are already on the list, we have few remaining :)

    Today we have a landmark (the Swiss Parliament Building) in Bern, Switzerland.

    Good hint: <<Neubrandenburg is nicknamed for its four medieval city gates - "Stadt der Vier Tore" ("City of Four Gates")>>

    So, it's about... Treptow, Stargard, Friedland and the New Gate.

    Neubrandenburg, Germany

    If the city does not exist, then the subject is for sure related with the Bielefeld conspiracy.

    Which means that the landmark is "not" the Sparrenburg Castle.

    Of course, this city is a fictional one, like many other in this thread, as

    a) I do not know anybody from this city (cities)

    b) I never visited the city (cities)

    c) I do not know anybody who claims that he/she visited the city (cities)

    And, of course, if there is anybody claiming that he/she visited the city, he/she is part of the big conspiracy :)

    Well, we are talking now about the city of Bielefeld, Germany, of course.