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    My answer:

    Trainspotter is a person who collects train series numbers and cycle information by taking pictures and writing notes at railway stations and other vantage points.

    GDZLA on US01 Gameworld.

    How long have you played Rail Nation?
    About a year and a half

    Favorite goods to transport?
    All of them actually.

    Favorite Rail Nation scenario?

    Strangest / Coolest place I’ve ever player Rail Nation?
    On an Amtrak train.

    Favorite Rail Nation era?
    End Game.

    Favorite endgame snack or treat?
    Beef Jerky

    Any other railway themed hobbies?
    HO scale trains

    Pick local goods from your home country, that you would like to see in Rail Nation?
    Sex toys

    Favorite railway-related movie?
    "The Train" Burt Lancaster
    "Von Ryans Express" Frank Sinatra
    "The General" Buster Keaton

    Favorite railway-related song?
    "Midnite Special"

    Bonus: Caption this image
    "Rail Nation is up and running! All aboard!"