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    I’m not a fan of this option. Licenses are the individual version of Workers, are similar changes going to be made to make Licenses “fair”? In the lower brackets, how many workers will be in effect if all it requires is a 10k bid made sometime during the auction?

    There are up to 5 licences at the same time avaiable, for the 5 Persons paying the most. No one said that there is improvement needed, or did i missed that?

    The workers could be "Golden", "Silver", "Bronze", occupying a worker slot, just as normal. At max there could be 3x3 worker Versions, thats a lot and true. It can also happen that a 10k bid brings a worker, but if you can get a worker that cheap, more people and companies would place bets, wouldnt they?

    D) Second and third Team in auction get the same Worker with an Handicap, to the effect of the worker, of 10 % for 2nd Team and 20 % for the 3rd Team.

    e.g. Trainspeed Epo 1:

    10 km/h Team that paid most

    9 km/h Team that paid 2nd most

    8 km/h Team that paid 3rd most

    this way probably more teams place bets in auctions. thats one of the problems: the eternal No. 1 Company on a server bets on a worker and all the smaller companies don´t even try to compete.

    We just leveled to 4 in Fulda on Bodensee, wood and grain still needed more then 4,7k tons to turn green. So no drop in needed amount even when it was green before.

    In some hours the Newbie time-bonus disappears, so probably no chance for other Cities to level up.

    I´m on Regulator in Landsbach and on Bodensee in Fulda.

    In Fulda we delivered around 3 hours wood in the City, up to 5k tons, the max amount in the City.

    Wood always went green around 4.7k tons, we couldnt lower the needed amount. Seems to me its much harder then on Regulator, a Klassikserver.

    On Regulator we pushed with the same amount of people the goods in the green. Ok, in Fulda are more people who own Bonusloks. On normal maps it makes the work easier.

    For me the consumption seems different to a Klassikserver, but i don´t know how and how to handle that. :-)