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    Title: Orient-Express

    Scenario: Europa (SoE)

    Description: The famous Orient-Express is on the way through Europe. It can be seen in various European cities such as London, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Milan, Budapest and Istanbul, but also in Madrid, Amsterdam, Athens and Belgrade stop there. Even the cold road to the cold north to Scandinavia and the east to the Kremlin in Moscow is only headed for the Orient Express here in RN.

    - all special routes are unlocked
    - all tracks are laid and usable, but their use outside their own region costs a small fee (customs duty)
    - 25% more demand for people in all cities
    - Regions and cities request goods from other countries / regions
    - possibly (5 different stamps can be collected on the postwagon.
    - The 5 collected stamps can then only allow the epoch package once per round of play for free).
    - possibly (a dining car, post wagon are available and available)
    - The Trainspotters appear faster and more often, as they want to see the Orient Express too
    - A special achievement in the career system exists,

    Title: Electioneering

    Scenario: USA (maybe also classical and Europe)

    Description: It's campaigning in the US and the current president and railroad fan Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt is campaigning through the US but also abroad. Lukas is delighted and Lucy dines with him in the dining car and gets a small teddy bear from him

    - Toys need 20% more raw materials to produce, but produce 50% more toys
    - The Trainspotters appear faster, as they also want to see the President
    - event duration 2 days and per epoch 1 time
    - Each player receives a teddy bear outfit for his avatar
    - A special achievement in the career system exists.

    yes I know only one suggestion may be made but I could not decide which one I should post and it's just one for Europe (SoA) and one for USA (possibly for all).