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    rn say bans aint discussed here for player protection....

    But in my case RN is wrong wrong wrong conclusion RN is only protection thereself

    this saying from me will be deleted in no time because they dont like it.

    Hello dear railroaders,

    Account related decisions made by Rail Nation team members, be it in support, chat, in private conversations or anywhere else are to be kept out from public forum.

    Why can't these things be shared in public?

    Well seems Rail nation almost killed the funplay now.
    Login is verry bad on all servers
    when you finaly logged in and wanted to add researchpoints you get a general error so you have to log in again looks like a vicious circle
    im nearly done with the game

    Verry interesting to read this all.
    Have to say with some parts I agree
    The players who decided to haul for the city should be rewarded for it.
    In the europe scenario theres a 100k prestige bonus for the winning region
    I would say connected to the winning city as 1 of the cities you have a x ammount of prestige (with the max of 2 cities due to transport pax), player with 3 connected cities (including the winning) a percentage of it and so on.

    Also during EndGame: it would be better that the possibility to connect an other city would be scrapped.
    The waiting time for pax should be lower at EG and also the prestige bonus for reducing waiting time during the whole game must be lowerd

    The hauling goods in tonnage should be the same
    for all cities
    Therefore all future megacities has to work for it in the 6 era s
    But reward the no1 city end era 6 & the winning megacity after endgame as a special bonus

    Overall seen the endgame is sometimes boring to play, due of waiting times and the time involved to get it all full.