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    Because any well-organized city can win.

    Even if there are far fewer players.

    Sadly on some servers (e.g. Com2 and Com202 where I normally play), with the new targets the end-game is over with 24 hours. This means that as the lower ranked cities probably don't start until the end game is 10 hours old, they have zero chance to catch up.

    I'll never understand mid-week server starts. well over 50% of most team members is the average Corp are employed full time, in some it's pretty much the entire corp, with the VAST majority only being off work on weekends.

    just look at the numbers logged in at various times during these mid-week End Games, they speak for themselves.

    dumb, just dumb dumb dumb.

    don't even get me started on the communication issues from Travian. that's been a joke since the day i started RN.

    I understand mid-week starts, as it helps balance the server loads (remembering here the bad old days when servers had major performance issues in the EndGames).

    What I now don't understand is why a server is offline for over a week, when they are targeting a sub 24 hour end-game.

    "Some" confusion? No total failure to correctly communicate! As a matter of urgency, you need to communicate to every player on every server exactly what targets that server has, because not everyone reads these forums, and everyone has a right to know what is correct.

    Lets start with your published targets which were very clearly designed to INCREASE the end game length (as unless there were less than 100 players the target increases), combined with feedback from early servers to get the changes that end games were lasting many days. From era 1 we planned around those targets

    Next your objective that a shorter end game makes the big team less unbeatable - NO! a shorter end game gives less chance for the small city to catch the big one as by the time the small city starts (maybe 12 hours behind), it is impossible to catch up.

    It would be nice to know what you think is a good end-game length. Personally I think 36-48 hours is about right. You could ask this type of thing in the countless surveys you invite us to complete, but you are only interested in what we think about your latest new feature.

    Thank you very much for rising this important topic, and we are very sorry for not communicating this change in time. Our lack of communication has clearly affected your game, and for this we need to apologize.

    Your feedback has been forwarded and heard, and we are preparing communication now.

    Whilst the feedback might have been forwarded and heard, after reading the "communication", I am unconvinced that it will be listened to.

    I'll give you that different servers have different challenges, and I have experienced end games that lasted 18 hours (too short) and ones that lasted 6 days (too long). However the latest change was interpreted to be pushing the game longer, and give the smaller cities more chance. For a server like Com-202 - the little cities have no chance as by the time they have started the bigger cities are 50-60% finished and there is no hope to catch up.

    It would be very good to know what end game time the developers were aiming at.

    Like many, I have become increasingly disappointed in the value that this game has. Whilst I fully understand that the development team need to make a living, at the same time they need to understand that every change to the game in recent times (from increasing plus by 50% to the changes to the shop / daily bonuses) have decreased the value I put to the game.

    Happy new year all!

    Some interesting thoughts there @sacroima.

    I agree that the regions need to be balanced, however since com202 had ~3500 registered users 100-150 pre-registrations in a region is not an unreasonable number. The problem we have here is that by the time we realised there was a problem it would have been impossible to change to another region without displacing players who missed the message to change city, so we took the least worst option and split the team half to the nearest city outside the region (which arguably is worse for competition) and half to wait until they can sign in from scratch.

    What would help reduce the blow is if a player could change region ONCE during the game, and under certain circumstances (e.g. must be connected to all cities in the new region, must be done before the start of era 6) so that it isn't open to abuse.

    The other bit that doesn't feel right is that both classic servers I have played on in recent times (1500-3000 registered accounts), it has been perfectly ok to pre-register 2 associations in a city. From what you suggest, it is not ok to register more than 1 in a city (i.e. 4 per region, or less than 1 per city on average) on a SoE server.